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01:10  15 february  2020
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Latest iPhone 12 leak might’ve just revealed Apple’s 2020 flagship iPhone design

  Latest iPhone 12 leak might’ve just revealed Apple’s 2020 flagship iPhone design Rumors and leaks regarding the upgraded specifications and design changes of the 2020 flagship iPhone have been popping up with increasing regularity, but over the weekend, one of the first 3D-printed mockups made its way online. Japan-based Apple blog Mac Otakara claims that it received the mockup from industry sources and that the device features a 6.5-inch display. The credibility of the leak is even questioned by Mac Otakara, so take all of this with a grain of salt, but it certainly wouldn’t be the most preposterous iPhone leak we’ve ever seen.

Apple and 5 G antenna design . The first reports of Apple working on a team dedicated to producing its own 5 G modem started to emerge in February 2019. At the time, job listings for the department, said to be under Johny Srouji, included one role seeking a cellular systems architect in San Diego, which is

Apple 's 5 G iPhone may ditch Qualcomm's 5 G antenna in favor of its own to keep the design slimmer, but there's a big risk. The reason for this move is pretty simple. Apple doesn’t want to bloat the design of the iPhone 12 and Qualcomm’s QTM 525 millimeter-wave antenna module antenna is

The saga involving Apple’s iPhone 12 and its support for 5G has been interesting, to say the least. For a while, there were even rumors that the iPhone 12 might not ship with 5G on account of Apple’s fierce patent and royalty dispute with Qualcomm. Ultimately, though, Apple realized that Qualcomm’s 5G offering was best in class, a realization that prompted Apple to reach a settlement agreement with Qualcomm in April of last year.

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In light of that, a new report from Fast Company relays that Apple is working on its own antenna design after concluding that Qualcomm’s QTM 525 millimeter-wave antenna “doesn’t fit into the sleek industrial design Apple wants for the new phone.”

New video imagines Apple’s iPhone 12 with a huge redesign that looks stunning

  New video imagines Apple’s iPhone 12 with a huge redesign that looks stunning Several new smartphones have already been unveiled at CES 2020, the year's biggest consumer tech trade show. On top of that, Samsung has already sent invitation to a big press conference on February 11th, during which the company is expected to unveil its new Galaxy S11 series smartphones (or Galaxy S20, as they're rumored to be called) as well as the Galaxy Fold 2, the second-generation version of its foldable smartphone with a much better design we recently saw showcased in a video.

Beyond Apple wanting to keep its 2020 iPhones from becoming thicker due to Qualcomm’s 5 G antenna , another reason it may be wanting to make its own could be some bad blood left over from its lawsuit with Qualcomm. Apple doesn’t just want to use its own antenna for industrial design reasons.

Apple is reportedly working on its own antenna instead of using Qualcomm. Qualcomm's 5 G antenna apparently did not fit in the housing of the new iPhone . " Apple balked at the QTM 525 millimeter-wave antenna module offered to it by Qualcomm because it doesn't fit into the sleek industrial design

Per usual, nothing is set in stone just yet and the report notes that Apple may be forced to use Qualcomm’s antenna module if its own efforts fall short.

However, Apple typically designs on several tracks, and it’s concurrently working on another design that uses both the Qualcomm modem and antenna. It could default to this option later this year, our source said. But that would require Apple to settle for a slightly thicker iPhone than it wants. Qualcomm has said that its QTM 525 antenna module will “support 5G smartphone designs sleeker than 8 millimeters thick.”

Notably, previous reports have indicated that the iPhone 12 hasn’t reached the DVT phase of development yet, which is to say the company hasn’t yet finalized the device’s feature set.

Behold: This could be our first good look at Apple’s massive iPhone 12 redesign

  Behold: This could be our first good look at Apple’s massive iPhone 12 redesign After a few years of trying to swim against the tide, Apple finally relented back in 2014 and released new iPhone models with larger displays. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus marked the start of a new era for Apple's iPhone lineup, and people couldn't wait to get their hands on those new larger iPhones. But 2014 also marked the start of a different kind of change for Apple, one that Apple fans still have mixed feelings about: Instead of reusing iPhone designs for just two years, Apple began to use the same iPhone designs for three years in a row.© Provided by BGR iphone-12-pro-concept-2 On one hand, a three-year design cycle makes sense.

Apple is designing the antenna module that will be used in its 5 G iPhones in-house because it was unhappy with the version Creating 5 G antennas for mmWave networks is harder than creating other kinds of antennas because they send and receive higher frequency signals, leaving less room for error.

The iPhone 12 may be the first iPhone to use USB-C after the European Union voted in favor of requiring device manufacturers to use a universal Now that Apple bought Intel’s modem business, it ' s expected that Apple will eventually stop getting its 5 G modems from Qualcomm and will design its

The report adds that designing a 5G antenna poses a fair number of technical challenges. Compounding matters, of course, is that Apple has had a handful of missteps in the realm of antenna design over the past few years, with the iPhone 4 antenna design being the most well-known example.

Interestingly enough, the report adds that Apple is keen on using own antenna design as a way to lessen its overall reliance on Qualcomm.

Apple doesn’t just want to use its own antenna for industrial design reasons. In general, the company wants as few Qualcomm parts in the iPhone as possible. As our source put it, Apple still feels it’s “getting screwed on royalties” by Qualcomm.

Apple is stuck with Qualcomm for now, but it’s no secret that the company eventually wants to kick Qualcomm to the curb and utilize an in-house 5G modem design. To this end, recall that Apple last summer acquired the majority of Intel’s smartphone modem business.

On a related note, we’ve seen reports indicating that Apple has accelerated its 5G chip development in recent months. In turn, there have been rumblings that Apple is hoping to have a 5G alternative to Qualcomm as soon as 2021.

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