Technology Police Are Using Drones to Yell at People for Being Outside

06:25  18 march  2020
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The U.S. Interior Department Grounds All of Its Chinese-Made Drones

  The U.S. Interior Department Grounds All of Its Chinese-Made Drones If it was made in China—or uses Chinese parts—it ain't flying.The grounding comes months after a DOI announcement in October stating that all drones in its fleet that were made in China, or made from Chinese parts, would soon be grounded. The DOI is now formalizing that initial cessation. It's unclear exactly how many drones have Chinese origins, but Interior Secretary David Bernhardt says the DOI should be "very able" to complete drone-assisted missions "without sacrifice," according to The Wall Street Journal.

Chinese state-run agency, Global Times, released video of a drone that is flying in the air and detecting people who are not wearing masks while outdoors. Coronavirus: Police use drones to reprimand public outdoors and not wearing face masks - Продолжительность: 1:22 The Telegraph 30 451

The drone flying overhead relays the message to the people who are breaking the quarantine. It may seem like a scene from a science fiction movie when police are using drones to yell at people to stay inside. However, following the quarantine guidelines and social distancing are some of the most

a close up of a basketball game: Some people still aren't listening. © Bruce Bennett - Getty Images Some people still aren't listening.
  • Despite public health officials recommending social distancing policies and governments outright banning large events and shuttering businesses to stop the spread of COVID-19, some people still aren't listening.
  • To keep people indoors, Spanish authorities are using drones, mounted with microphones, to scold people who aren't self-quarantining.
  • On Saturday evening, Spain officially placed its citizens on lockdown.

There's a new brand of finger-wagging all over social media in light of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic: public shaming for being in public spaces. To the ire of global citizens following public health officials' advice to stay inside, some people are still going about their normal lives as if thousands of people haven't already died.

The Pentagon wants to catch rogue drones in nets

  The Pentagon wants to catch rogue drones in nets The Pentagon already has permission to shoot drones out of the sky if they're deemed a threat, but it's not stopping there. The Department of Defense (DoD) has signed a contract with Fortem Technologies for what the company calls Drone Hunter, an AI-enabled drone that can chase down, catch and retrieve rogue drones using a net. Drone Hunter uses radar to track unauthorized drones. When the target is in range, Drone Hunter shoots it with a web-like net and a kind of Spider Man-style flair. According to Defense One, the Pentagon is spending millions on the system.

Police in Spain Are Using Drones to Tell People to Stay in Their Damn Homes During Coronavirus Crisis. In the video, you can see a Madrid police officer maneuvering the drone , handily equipped with a speaker. Police then proceed to tell the people in the area to only go outside only when it is

“UAVs have been used for surveillance to support missions related to kidnappings, search and “If someone ran down our local Main Street and started shooting at people , we could fly a drone Police should give the public meaningful notice of drone use . Use of drones by police should be subject to

In a bid to keep these people inside, and to prevent exponential spreading of the virus, Spanish authorities are using speaker-mounted drones to find and promptly yell at people still congregating in the streets.

With Spanish citizens on lockdown since Saturday, this is the only meaningful way to prevent more people from contracting COVID-19. The idea of "flattening the curve" proves hospitals will quickly exceed capacity–and more people will die—if we don't band together and avoid public spaces.

Back in January, the state-owned newspaper Global Times posted a video of a woman who appeared to be a police officer speaking into a walkie-talkie that broadcasted instructions urging Chinese citizens to wear face masks and stay home. Some speculation surrounding the video pointed to an influencer who may have posted the video. It's still unclear if China really did use drones to enforce quarantine measures.

This Is How a Laser Weapon Torches Drones Out of the Sky

  This Is How a Laser Weapon Torches Drones Out of the Sky This simple laser demonstration is actually a great crash course on how these anti-drone weapons work. This Drone Dome video, posted to YouTube, is an excellent example of how laser defense systems take down hostile drones.Drone Dome is a portable laser system designed to shoot down unmanned aerial systems, including swarms of drones.The entire system fits on the back of a Land Rover and is controlled by a single operator. At first glance, this video is just a simple promotional video for Rafael’s Drone Dome, an anti-drone laser weapon.

Spanish Police Using Drones to Yell at People Breaking Quarantine. In response to a sudden increase in confirmed cases of COVID-19, police in Spain are using drones to patrol towns and urge people to stay indoors.

Commonly, police departments use drones when searching for vulnerable people , to help in hostage situations or to monitor large demonstrations The drone zoomed in to show officers her condition and what she was doing inside the Kia. She looked calmer, was mumbling, and had her eyes closed

A video posted to the BBC's Twitter account does, however, show drones being used for this purpose in Spain. Still, it's more than doubtful that police would ever do this in the U.S. For one thing, state measures have been dictating the severity of quarantines, creating a patchwork of rules. And back in January, the U.S. Department of the Interior signed a no-fly order to officially ground all of its drones due to cybersecurity concerns with drones manufactured in China or made from Chinese parts.

Instead of pushing your luck and waiting for robo-choppers to come scold you, do the right thing and stay inside.

Rwanda uses drones to help catch lockdown transgressors .
Rwanda uses drones to help catch lockdown transgressorsWhile police stop cars and pedestrians on streets to ask why they are out, two drones buzz above them, one loudly broadcasting instructions and the other monitoring movements.

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