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20:27  14 may  2020
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Verschlüsselung (Bild: Shutterstock) © DEFAULT_CREDIT encryption (Image: Shutterstock) The function is currently only available to Windows insiders. It must also be activated via the registry editor. Microsoft supports DNS servers from Cloudflare, Google and Quad9 ex works. However, the list can be expanded with services from other providers.

Microsoft has implemented the announcement from November 2019 and now offers users the option to encrypt DNS queries with DNS over HTTPS (DoH) under Windows 10 . The function is available for the first time with the Build 19628.1 , which has been distributed via the Fast Ring of the Insider program since yesterday. However, DNS over HTTPS is deactivated at the factory.

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 Windows 10: KB4535996 causes problems with VPN connections © DEFAULT_CREDIT Windows 10 logo (Image: ZDNet.de) All Windows versions that have been released since autumn 2017 are affected. A restart should temporarily fix the problem. Microsoft plans to release a patch in early April. Once again, an update causes problems with Windows 10 . According to Microsoft , KB4535996 causes problems when connecting via VPN or proxies.

Verschlüsselung (Bild: Shutterstock) © Provided by ZDNet Encryption (Image: Shutterstock) Even though the vast majority of data traffic on the Internet is now encrypted, requests to the Domain Name System (DNS) are always transmitted in plain text. Under certain circumstances, they can also be read by unauthorized persons. DoH can also help to ensure that requests only end up with legitimate DNS servers or that requests are not redirected to harmful DNS servers.

Interest in DoH recently increased, among other things because the browser providers

Google and Mozilla have already integrated the protocol into their browsers - much to the displeasure of some developers and system administrators. Because up to now the operating system was always responsible for the DNS settings of all applications. With the integration of DoH in their browsers, however, they removed this responsibility from the operating system, which posed problems especially for administrators in companies. With the development of a DoH client for Windows, Microsoft restores the usual conditions. HIGHLIGHT

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Safer Internet Day: Protecting identity and privacy As part of the Safer Internet Day, ZDNet explains six measures on how to increase security on the Internet and improve the protection of privacy.

... to the article. users who want to test DNS over HTTPS in build 19628.1 must activate the function in the registration database. The option can be found in the key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ Dnscache \ Parameters", which is called up via the registry editor. In the right part of the window, a new DWORD entry with the name "EnableAutoDoh" can be created with a right mouse click. Its value must be set to "2".

However, DoH only works if a DNS service has also been configured for Windows that supports the encryption of DNS queries. Microsoft cites the services of Cloudflare, Google and Quad9 as examples in an

v .

In the blog entry you will also find instructions on how to preset these DNS providers. In an

comment , the company also points out that other providers can also be registered - since this is an early implementation of DoH in build 19628.1, further providers would have to be added manually to the list of supported DNS services. The blog entry also provides instructions for this.

If you want to encrypt DNS queries under the regular Windows 10 version, you can install the tool SimpleDNSCrypt


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