Technology Oneplus: Through plastic and clothing: Smartphone manufacturer accidentally installed camera with X-ray vision

13:01  18 may  2020
13:01  18 may  2020 Source:   stern.de

Latest OnePlus 8 leaks reveal “Interstellar Glow” and other colors

  Latest OnePlus 8 leaks reveal “Interstellar Glow” and other colors The new phones are expected next month#OnePlus8 Official Renders have leaked! I know what the marketing name for these colours will be:

OnePlus Accidentally Adds X - Ray Vision For See- through Effect To OnePlus 8 Pro. OnePlus 8 Pro camera can see through some plastic and clothesDigit NewsDesk. The OnePlus 8 Pro's colour filter camera is unexpectedly capable of seeing through some plastic objects and even clothes .

The OnePlus 8 Pro has a capable quad- camera setup with a 5MP color sensor too. However, that same color sensor is capable of seeing through objects, almost

Ein iPhone sieht den Deckel der Nagellackflasche in solidem Schwarz - wie das menschliche Auge auch. Das Oneplus 8 kann aber teilweise hindurchsehen © stern.de/Malte Mansholt An iPhone sees the lid of the nail polish bottle in solid black - just like the human eye. The Oneplus 8 can partially see through it.

Otherwise only superheroes can do that: The Oneplus 8 smartphone can take photos with its camera through plastic - and even make clothing transparent. But it is probably a mistake.

It looks a bit unreal: The black plastic of the remote control just shimmered in your hand, everything looks completely normal. The picture on the smartphone is completely different. The back shimmers milky, the batteries and contacts inside are clearly visible. It really works: The Oneplus 8 can see through solids. In the photo gallery below you can see sample pictures.

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OnePlus has accidentally added an X - ray vision for a see- through effect to its OnePlus 8 Pro camera . Here is what we know about this. As spotted by multiple people on social media it appears that a new feature called Photochrom on the OnePlus 8 Pro is actually functioning as a form of X - Ray .

OnePlus 8 Pro X - Ray Vision feature. According to a tweet by popular leakster Ben Geskin, OnePlus 8 It tends to work on really thin black plastic and clothes and at times, it doesn't even work on For those who don't know, there are various devices and smartphones that can capture infrared radiation

This is probably not an intention. The X-ray view is not advertised as such, it is hidden behind a classic filter effect in the camera app of the smartphone. It was discovered by accident. Smartphone expert Ben Geskin was the first to post pictures of suddenly transparent plastic cases on Twitter after playing around with a test device from the Oneplus 8 Pro.

With infrared light for an X-ray view

His clips also explain how the X-ray effect is created. The monochrome filter of the Oneplus camera simply seems to capture infrared radiation. This can be seen, for example, when Geskin also makes the dot grids of the iPhone face recognition Face ID visible. That also worked in the test of the stern. Apple's technology uses invisible infrared grids to match depth data for the 3D scan of the face.

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OnePlus 8 Pro is already having lots of hype going on nowadays. Now twitter and other posts are flooded with the X - Ray Vision On OnePlus 8 Pro The imagery that user sees from this camera is made by hardware and software combinations. if you got any plastic device that doesn’t have any IR

The OnePlus 8 Pro Camera can see through some materials. Reports are flooding in that the OnePlus 8 Pro has the ability to see through certain materials, including plastics and even thin layers of clothing , resulting in a crude form of ‘ X - ray vision .’

If you then point the infrared camera at thin, dark to black plastic objects that have not been isolated from infrared radiation, this suddenly makes it possible to make the infrared radiation passing through the housing visible - and thus the view inside. The fact that some manufacturers do without insulation has cost reasons on the one hand, but on the other hand it can help to let the heat escape better inside the device.

Face ID Unlock & Memoji via

# OnePlus8Pro 'Color Filter' camera pic.twitter.com/6xemKuZ1El - Ben Geskin (@BenGeskin)

May 13, 2020

No risk of tensioning

The application is actually manageable. Especially with technical devices such as remote controls, the X-ray view allows interesting insights, but most plastic objects could not be seen through when searching in a normal apartment. Although we - as partially reported - actually succeeded in using black textiles to make the writing visible on a postcard that was actually not visible through clothing, the contours of the body or underwear remained hidden. Fortunately, the Oneplus 8 is not suitable for tensioners.

How long the effect will work will have to be seen. Most manufacturers deliberately avoid using their cameras to make the infrared data visible. It is quite possible that Oneplus will also add an update soon. However, an episode like Sony is not to be expected: At the end of the nineties, the company released a video with night mode, in which it was only noticed in retrospect that he also filmed through clothing. Sony had to take the camera off the market.

Source: Twitter

OnePlus will disable a filter that lets the 8 Pro see through some materials .
OnePlus has started rolling out a software update that temporarily disables the 8 Pro’s controversial Color Filter camera function. In an announcement posted on Chinese social media platform Weibo, the manufacturer said it noticed that the camera may “cause a subtle see-through effect” when it’s in very close proximity to specific materials. The phone’s Color Filter camera has a filter called Photochrom that uses the phone’s infrared sensors to give a specific effect. Users found that the feature could see through thin or tinted plastic, such as electronic cases — and some claimed that it could even see through clothes.

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