Technology Do this before you upgrade your phone: Back up your data and wipe it clean

13:31  23 may  2020
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Samsung is first to ship RAM produced with extreme ultraviolet tech

  Samsung is first to ship RAM produced with extreme ultraviolet tech Samsung just reached an important milestone in memory for PCs and mobile devices. The tech firm has shipped the first million 10nm-grade DDR4 DRAM modules based on an extreme ultraviolet process. The next-gen lithography technique should help Samsung get past barriers in DRAM scaling, allowing for better performance, shorter development time and better yields (that is, fewer bad chips). Don't be surprised if your next computer or phone has fewer memory bottlenecks. You shouldn't expect to see EUV-based memory everywhere for a while.

It ’s critical to back - up your phone ’s information, followed by properly removing your personal (or professional) data , as you don’t want to risk it falling Large enterprises use third-party data erasure products with global certifications and can verify 100 percent that devices are wiped via validation

Back up your phone . Wipe the phone clean . Of course make sure you ’ve backed it up before you wipe your phone . To wipe the phone go to Windows phones are also becoming increasingly popular so you might want to know how to backup , wipe and restore your Windows device too.

Tempted to upgrade to a shiny new iPhone or Galaxy device? Or perhaps you’re waiting for the Google Pixel 4a announcement?

Upgrading to a brand-new device is exciting – especially if your current phone can barely handle a game of solitaire – and to make it even more enticing for you, many phone providers and retailers offer a trade-in incentive.

Sounds reasonable, you think, as you probably don’t need your old hardware anyway and you’ll get cash off your new device.

Your smartphone is gross. Learn how to clean it properly.

  Your smartphone is gross. Learn how to clean it properly. You can’t see it with the naked eye, but your smartphone is likely to be crawling with bacteria—perhaps even more so than your toilet seat. That’s a lot of dangerous microbes floating around, and yes, it is gross. © KE ATLAS/Unsplash Imagine rubbing your face on the subway rails. Yeah, you're doing that. In this age of global travel and trade, it’s more important than ever to cut down on possible routes of infection and to stop bacteria and viruses spreading from person to person. Part of that means making sure your phone isn’t transmitting anything more than data.

Before you wipe our phone , you should check to see if any of your contacts or calendar events aren't backed up to the cloud. However, most mobile calendar apps don't give you an easy way to export calendars. The best way to do this is to install this utility from the Play Store, open it , select your

Upgrading to a shiny new device? Here's how to restore your old phone to its factory settings. But before you get ahead of yourself, that phone ’s full of top-secret messages and embarrassing selfies that Things are a bit different on Android, but you can still back up all your data and get everything

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There are a couple of things you need to do beforehand, however, which includes backing up your important files and properly wiping your device clean of your old data – to reduce the odds of it falling into the wrong hands. (With that in mind, ask your carrier or retailer what they do with your old device, as some companies may sell it overseas.)

So long as you take these two precautions and stick with a reputable place to trade in your old phone, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. If you’re really concerned about the risks, don’t trade in your phone, of course.

Back it up

The first thing you should do is properly back up your phone’s files, so you can access them later. You may want to load them back onto your new phone or at the very least, access your photos and videos on a computer or television in the future.

Sanitizing Amazon boxes, taking Uber and getting food properly during the coronavirus pandemic

  Sanitizing Amazon boxes, taking Uber and getting food properly during the coronavirus pandemic Kim Komando offers tips to safely handle delivered packages, takeout food packages and ride-hailing service during coronavirus pandemic.Unemployment rates skyrocketed as many small businesses closed. But at the same time, I did the research and found a silver lining. Twelve companies are hiring over 750,000 workers right now during the pandemic.

Part 3: Does Wipe Data / Factory Reset wipe all your data ? There are various instances where you would require performing a wipe /factory reset on your Since the erased data cannot be recovered, it is highly recommended to have all the personal data backed up before performing an operation here

You ’ll need to wipe the phone , and wipe it clean . The last thing you want is your aunt stumbling on But there are other ways to back up your photos and other media you have stored on your Android Now, to actually wipe the whole phone , go to Settings -> Backup & Reset and under Personal Data

One option is to upload images to a cloud provider, such as iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox. Typically, you’d get about 5 gigabytes of remote storage for free, but this likely won’t be enough for you, so you might consider paying for more.

Personally, I use OneDrive, as it offers 1 terabyte of storage (more than 1,000GB) as part of the annual Microsoft 365 Personal subscription ($69/year). If you have a healthy data plan, you can also have all captured photos automatically saved to a cloud account, as soon as you take them.

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The Google Photos app is also a great idea, as you get free and unlimited storage for all your photos and videos, up to 16 megabytes per photo and up to 1080p HD video quality. Amazon Prime members ($119/year) can also take advantage of Amazon Photos, offering unlimited photo storage and search and organization features.

WSL: Patch in the upcoming Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is currently causing trouble

 WSL: Patch in the upcoming Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is currently causing trouble © Provided by Dr. Windows In short: The upcoming Ubuntu 20.04 LTS will only be released in two weeks and WSL 2 will only be released in a few weeks with the upgrade to Windows 10 20H1, and yet one of the dependencies in the new distribution already causes some trouble. As Canonical in person by Hayden Barnes reports in an post in the official Discourse Forum, the library glibc in version 2.31 causes some problems, especially in combination with WSL 1.

Before you do anything, back up all the data currently on your phone . In other cases, you may need to manually create a backup file from that app’s settings. Then you can plug your phone into your computer, drag those backup files onto your desktop (I’d also drag your photos over, just in

Before wiping all your personal data and settings from an iPad, or iPod touch To back up your File History to an external hard drive, just navigate to Settings > Update & Security > Backup . With warm weather on the horizon in many areas, now could be a good time to upgrade your outdoor space.

Another suggestion is to copy over photos and videos from your smartphone to a PC or Mac. Simply connect the device to a computer via its USB port, and in Windows Explorer (for Windows) or Finder (on a Mac), click the drive letter of your phone or tablet (such as D: or E:), and enter the folder called DCIM, which holds all your captured photos and videos. They may be in subfolders, but they’ll all be here. Now manually drag and drop (or cut and paste) them onto your computer or an external drive.

With iOS devices, like iPhone and iPad, you should do a complete back-up – to iCloud or a connected computer (which is free!) – and then import all the apps and data back onto the new device, if desired.

In other words, there are several ways to back-up the contents of your phone – so long as you do something.

Properly wipe the device

Before you trade in your old phone, it’s absolutely critical to properly wipe the data clean.

Choosing to “restore” or “factory reset” your device will work – if encrypted.

For Android users, if your existing phone runs Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or newer, your data will already be encrypted by default. So, you’re good there.

Apple finally offers a reasonably priced graphics upgrade for the Mac Pro

  Apple finally offers a reasonably priced graphics upgrade for the Mac Pro Apple has teased the prospect of a more affordable GPU upgrade for the Mac Pro for months, and now it’s finally here. As 9to5Macnoticed, you can now configure the Mac Pro with one or two Radeon Pro W5700X video cards, each with 16GB of memory. They’re still not cheap upgrades at $600 and $1,600 respectively, but they’re far less expensive than dropping $2,400 on a lone Radeon Pro Vega II. You can also buy the card by itself for $1,000 if you’re upgrading after the fact. Apple Mac Pro (2019) It’s been possible to use the gamer-oriented Radeon RX 5700 XT in Macs with macOS Catalina, but there are no guarantees of support with third-party cards.

However, if you want to completely wipe your android phone then the answer to this problem is actually simple, all you need to do is encrypt your phone data before factory resetting it . By following these simple steps, you will easily be able to protect your personal data and have peace of mind before

After making sure your phone is off, press and hold the following buttons to access recovery: Google Pixel/Nexus: Press and hold the Power and Volume The good thing is that you ’ll also get the option to back up your Android data before you wipe it . In TWRP Recovery, for example, first go to “ Backup ”

If you’ve got an older Android OS, you’ll want to add encryption as it will require someone to have a PIN or password to access your data. In most cases, go to Settings> Security & privacy> Encrypt phone. It can take a while for this process to complete, so be sure to have your phone plugged into an AC outlet. On a Samsung Galaxy, you’ll go to Settings> Lock screen and security> Protect encrypted data.

You’ll have the option to encrypt the SD memory card as well, if your phone takes one and you have one installed, but you should remove this external storage anyway if you’re giving away your phone. Be sure to also sign out (and then delete) your accounts, such as Google and Samsung (on a Galaxy device), just to be safe.

Now go ahead and do the factory reset, which is usually found in the Reset tab in your Settings (or do a search for the word “reset” and it should take you to the correct section).

For iPhone, iOS 5 or later also includes hardware encryption when you set a passcode. This makes it difficult for anyone who tries to recover your data.

First, be sure to turn off all services, starting with Find My iPhone (Settings> [Account Name]> Find My), and then signing out of iCloud completely. Now choose Delete Account. Sign out of other services, like iMessage, and Apple ID.

Now start the wipe process by going to Settings> General> Reset> Erase All Content and Settings.

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