Technology Wow: What happens if you don't shower for two days

20:40  23 may  2020
20:40  23 may  2020 Source:   cosmopolitan.de

Andy Cohen Says the ‘Worst’ Part of His Coronavirus Recovery Is Being Away From His Son

  Andy Cohen Says the ‘Worst’ Part of His Coronavirus Recovery Is Being Away From His Son Andy Cohen: Being Away From My Son Is the ‘Worst’ Part of Coronavirus“I’ll tell you what I know from the nanny cam and from video,” Cohen, 51, said during an episode of Sirius XM’s Jeff Lewis Live on Tuesday, March 24. “I can’t see him, which is the very worst part.

Dusch-Fehler © provided by COSMOPOLITAN shower error You don't take a shower for a day or two? Therefore, you should definitely not do without washing! The third point is so disgusting!

For most of us, the daily shower is part of the morning ritual. But if you are tempted not to take a shower for two or three days - regardless of whether it is because of laziness or simply because there is no time - you should really think carefully! According to TwentyTwoWords , a number of pretty nasty things happen.

1. You can get sick

There are about on our body 1,000 different types of bacteria and 40 kinds of fungi. Even if some of these bacteria are necessary, we should get rid of others. After just two days, so many germs have accumulated that we can get sick .

Zuber: "That is already a brutal disadvantage for us"

 Zuber: © imago images sees a disadvantage due to the quarantine of his team: Hannover's sports director Gerhard Zuber. After a four-week break, Hannover 96 started training again on Monday. However, only with a dosed program and in small groups. It finally started again on Monday. After a four-week break, the Hannover 96 players returned to training healthy. "The joy is great. The boys came to the HDI Arena with a smile," said 96 sports director Gerhard Zuber.

2. You get pimples ... everywhere!

If dirt, talc and excess oil are not washed away regularly, they clog our pores. The result is unsightly pimples ... and not just on the face!

3. You smell unpleasant

The last (and no less nasty) reason to shower regularly: the smell! Bacteria release gases that we and our fellow human beings perceive as stink . In fact, you can smell like 30 different, unpleasant things. The most important thing is to keep yourself clean under your arms, face and genital area. Bacteria accumulate the fastest at these points.

Do you already know this bizarre shower trend?

Showering too often is also not good

If you have completely slept in the morning and simply have no time for the shower, you should at least put on clean laundry . Sleeping clothes, sports clothes or laundry that we wore the previous day are a breeding ground for bacteria. A fresh T-Shirt prevents the worst even without washing!

If you want to jump under the shower like we do now: Washing too often is not healthy either, as it will wash away the natural oil reserves and dry out the skin. How mans do ... Just get used to taking a shower once a day. You are not doing anything wrong.

Prison inmates with coronavirus told to shower outside .
An advocacy group made up of loved ones of incarcerated individuals is alleging conditions at Osborn Correctional Institution where 146 inmates tested positive for COVID-19 are deteriorating quickly. “I’m a nurse in New York state,” said Jennifer Rissinger, whose husband Carlos Ayala is incarcerated at Osborn in Somers. “I’m a COVID nurse, this is not OK, you need to be able to shower to stay clean.” Rissinger is now sleeping in a tent in her garage while a friend takes care of the couple’s son so that she doesn’t spread the disease to her child.

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