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23:47  28 may  2020
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Xbox Series X: First look at the games next Wednesday

 Xbox Series X: First look at the games next Wednesday © Provided by Dr. Windows Xbox Series X We already know what the Xbox Series X will look like. We also know the technical specifications. The answer to the most important of all questions is still pending: No, not the price, it will be bought anyway. The main question is: what will the games look like on the new console? According to Microsoft's marketing, our upper and lower jaws will say goodbye to each other for a long time when looking at the gameplay.

Xbox Series X © Provided by Dr. Windows Xbox Series X

Since it is the strategy of Xbox not to present the new console generation and its features in a big show as before, but to spoil us bit by bit with news until November, there is a new treat today.

Jason Ronald, Partner Director of Program Management for the Xbox Platform Team (I'd like to see the business card with the job title), posted a blog post today. In this, he explains what the upcoming flagship Xbox Series X can do for the existing and older game generations.

Since over 500 Xbox 360 games are already backwards compatible, thousands of games of the current generation, including the latest accessories, will run on the new console.

Xbox Series S aka Lockhart shows up in the developer kit for the new console generation

 Xbox Series S aka Lockhart shows up in the developer kit for the new console generation © provided by Dr. Windows fan concept of the Xbox Series S There have been persistent rumors for a long time that Microsoft would provide the Xbox Series X with a “light version”. The console will therefore be called Xbox Series S and will be developed under the working title Lockhart. Highly unofficial information says that the Xbox Series S would deliver four teraflops and be equipped with an NVMe SSD, which would greatly reduce the loading times.

Jason Ronald says that more than 100,000 hours of compatibility testing have been used so far and it is estimated that more than 200,000 hours will be spent preparing the game library before launch.

The time spent in existing titles seems to be paying off, because the additional functions look promising:

More performance: backwards compatible games run natively on the Xbox Series X hardware and use the full power of CPU, GPU and SSD - no boost mode, no downclocking. Higher resolution as well as improved frame rate and quality: In many cases, the performance of the titles increases many times compared to the original version. Techniques such as the Heutchy method enable high-resolution rendering up to 4K quality. The integration of anisotropic filtering serves to improve the image quality and brings old classics to a modern standard. In addition, a number of selected titles support doubling the frame rate from 30 fps to 60 fps or from 60 fps to 120 fps. NVME-SSD: The massive leap in performance of the bespoke NVME-SSD that powers the Xbox Velocity Architecture significantly reduces the loading times of backward-compatible titles. HDR reconstruction technology: New functions directly at the platform level further increase the performance of the games, including the innovative HDR reconstruction technology with which games automatically receive HDR support. Quick Resume: The new Quick Resume feature not only use new titles, but also beloved classics with downward compatibility. With Quick Resume, you can resume games at the push of a button and jump back to where you left off - with several titles at the same time.

Personally, I'm most looking forward to the HDR functions, the 4K upscaling and the frame rate upgrade. Since I have a QLED from Samsung with a variable refresh rate, I think that the Xbox Series X has some graphics surprises for me from old titles (Fable 3!).

For those who want to see the possibilities of the Xbox Series X compactly, this English video is recommended:

From minute 20, the above-mentioned HDR reconstruction using Halo 5 is even presented.

I am all the more excited about the July edition of the Inside Xbox Home Office Show when the new 1st Party Games Line Up is presented.

This is everything we know (so far) about Xbox Series X .
Here's everything you need to know about the next-generation Xbox console from Microsoft: Xbox Series X. The Xbox Series X was unveiled at The Game Awards on December 13, 2019. The beastly, monolithic device represents "Project Scarlett," as a flagship console set to power the next-generation of console games. While official details are still relatively limited, various interviews, rumors, leaks, and trailers help us begin to paint a picture of what next-gen looks like for Xbox fans and Microsoft in general.Here's everything we know so far about the Xbox Series X.

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