Technology What Did We Say About AT&T Being Allowed to Own HBO?

01:25  03 june  2020
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Butts County woman in 'extreme danger' with wanted murder suspect

  Butts County woman in 'extreme danger' with wanted murder suspect A Butts County woman is believed to be in "extreme danger" with a wanted murder suspect, according to the Butts County Sheriff's Office. Authorities said that 21-year-old Autumn Keara Finlay is believed to be with 21-year-old Cody Bryce Matthews. They believe she is being "held against her will.

Change is coming to HBO , now that it is part of the AT & T corporate family. That much was clear to the 150 employees who attended a recent town hall Why are more hours of engagement important? Because you get more data and information about a customer that then allows you to do things like

What does the easing of restrictions mean for the over-70s? This depends on whether they have been self-isolating or not. Some people over the age of 70 While Deputy First Minister Michelle O'Neill says there are no restrictions on travel distance, this only applies to occasions when people are now

Remember when we said killing Net Neutrality could lead to internet service providers charging more for specific content? Paid-prioritization or internet ‘fast lanes’ were and still are a major concern for Net Neutrality supporters. With good reason, too. We’re starting to see that concern manifest into reality. As reported by The Verge, AT&T will not count the data its subscribers use streaming HBO Max toward their data caps—but it will count other platforms like Netflix and Disney Plus. Consumers already deal with arbitrary data caps, overage fees, limited or no choice of broadband service providers, and 20 states that have laws against municipal broadband. Zero-rating schemes, like AT&T is offering here, only creates more problems for consumers.

Coronavirus: Singapore is preparing to soften health measures

 Coronavirus: Singapore is preparing to soften health measures SANITE-CORONAVIRUS-SINGAPORE: Coronavirus: Singapore is preparing to relax health measures © Reuters / Edgar Su CORONAVIRUS: SINGAPORE IS PREPARING TO MIX SANITARY MEASURES SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Singapore will begin to relax certain measures it has put in place to contain the spread of the coronavirus in the coming weeks, Singaporean Minister of Health Gan Kim Yong said on Saturday. Certain industries such as home businesses, laundries or hairdressers will be allowed to operate from May 12.

AT & T is now following closely in Verizon's footsteps in the wake of its billion merger with Time Warner (and HBO ). The company this week made According to people familiar with the matter, this is an issue of autonomy. Plepler wanted to run HBO , and new WarnerMedia CEO John Stankey, an AT

“A [telecom company] owning content is something that was expressly prohibited for a century” by the government, Moffett said , “and even now, it raises all kinds of unique questions.” It could also benefit from all the subscription revenue from HBO , the most profitable cable subscription business in history

a sign on the side of a building © Photo: Bruce Bennett (Getty Images)

Since the FCC repealed Net Neutrality in 2017, there’s been plenty of evidence to show that ‘free’ streaming will eventually lead to ISPs increasing their internet package prices. Zero-rating, or when an ISP offers preferential treatment toward one of its services by not counting its use toward their subscribers’ data caps, was banned for a brief period of time, between 2015 and 2017 before the FCC repealed Net Neutrality. Zero-rating schemes ‘distort’ the normal effects of ISP competition because it only focuses on data volume and speed, not other services offered

“This is what we have been saying since the beginning,” said Katharine Trendacosta, lead policy analyst for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (and former deputy editor of io9). “The consequences of repealing Net Neutrality wouldn’t have happened immediately because acquisitions like this take time to finalize.” Once the legislation was out of the way, it cleared a path for ISPs to participate in unethical practices like zero-rating. We should expect to see more zero-rating as times goes on if nothing is done to bring back Net Neutrality.

Erdogan has a four-day curfew in major Turkish cities

 Erdogan has a four-day curfew in major Turkish cities © Ozan KOSE People over 65 years of age are now allowed to go outside every Sunday between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. The Turkish head of state Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced another curfew limited to a few days to combat the corona pandemic. From Saturday to May 19, people in Istanbul and other major cities in the country would have to stay at home, Erdogan said in a speech to the nation on Monday after the weekly cabinet meeting.

His was hardly a lone voice. Throughout January, as Mr. Trump repeatedly played down the seriousness of the virus and focused on other issues, an array of figures inside his government — from top White House advisers to experts deep in the cabinet departments and intelligence agencies

HBO was already thinking about adapting HBO content for mobile devices more than a year before the merger was approved and finalized. "Think about things like Game of Thrones," AT & T CEO Randall Stephenson said at a telecom conference in May 2017. "In a mobile environment, a

Not only that, these kind of consumer ‘deals’ make quarterly profits to telecom investors look better than they might actually be. It’s not about getting more subscribers or investing in broadband infrastructure, said Trendocosta. It’s about making ISPs look more profitable only in the short term to appease investors.

Speaking to The Verge, an AT&T representative said HBO Max is using AT&T’s “sponsored data” system, which allows any company to pay to excuse its services from data caps. Netflix, Hulu, or any other streaming service could pay ISPs to do this. (Except Spectrum, which isn’t allowed to have data caps at all until seven years from Charter Communications’ 2016 acquisition of Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks. This was imposed by the FCC.) However, since AT&T owns HBO Max, there’s nothing to pay. But, as The Verge posits, AT&T can still count it as revenue and HBO Max can count it as an expense, which seems like a loophole come tax season.

Trump threatens to find new GOP convention site if North Carolina governor won't allow full attendance

  Trump threatens to find new GOP convention site if North Carolina governor won't allow full attendance President Trump warned Monday that planners would be "reluctantly forced" to find a new site for the Republican National Convention if North Carolina's governor can't guarantee the party will be allowed "full attendance" at the event currently planned in the state's largest city.The convention has been planned for the week of Aug. 24 in Charlotte.

The spokesperson also noted that only 10 people were allowed to sit together at a pub or restaurant, “similar to a gathering in a public space, or if “From an outbreak management perspective, if we say you can have as many people to your home as you have space for, there is concern that you might

In 2003, China was badly stung by criticism of its response to SARS, another coronavirus epidemic; it has also been embroiled in a trade war with the United States Some experts also say that outsiders could discover aspects of the outbreak that are embarrassing to China: for example, the country has

AT&T acquired WarnerMedia in 2018, which owns HBO. It launched HBO Max streaming service last month, May 2020. AT&T has not responded to Gizmodo’s request for comment.

Zero-rating effectively leads to de facto ISP monopolies, which is exactly what Net Neutrality tried to prevent in the first place, and ends up creating “less competition and less consumer choice,” said Trendocosta. It’s also further proof that data caps are arbitrary restrictions placed on consumers as a means to charge them extra for going over their data limit. As we’ve seeing throughout the course of the current covid-19 pandemic, it was super easy for ISPs to suspend data caps or waive overage fees.

If nothing else is done from here, it’s likely we’ll see more of the same happening from other ISPs too. The streaming wars have only begun.

Ozone pollution: "differentiated traffic" Thursday in the Paris conurbation .
"Only vehicles with a Crit'Air class 0, 1 and 2 sticker will be allowed to circulate," announced the police headquarters. © REUTERS / Charles Platiau An exhaust pipe in Paris, in 2014 Only cars with a "Crit'Air" sticker from 0 to 2 will be allowed to circulate in the Paris area on Thursday, due to the establishment of the "differentiated circulation" due to ozone pollution, said the police headquarters.

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