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22:25  15 june  2020
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Coronavirus: The second round of municipal elections will take place "surely after the summer", according to Jacqueline Gourault

 Coronavirus: The second round of municipal elections will take place The government had raised the hypothesis of the end of June, which now seems compromised © Fabien Dupoux / SIPA Before the election posters organized on March 15 in Marseille, April 16, 2020.

L’équipe de campagne de Christian Fautré se déplace désormais à vélo dans la commune. © DR The campaign team of Christian Fautré now travels by bike in the town.

Final straight line for candidates still in the running for municipal elections in Val-de-Marne. Overview of the municipalities where the countryside is intensifying.

Champigny: Christian Fautré's team (PCF) is traveling by bike…

This weekend was sporty for the candidates on the left list for this second round in Champigny. The campaign team of Christian Fautré, outgoing PCF mayor candidate for his re-election, is now traveling by bicycle. One way to talk about the subject of travel, but not only. "In these cycling initiatives, we stop with several stages in each district," says a list member. This is an opportunity to discuss the enhancement and development of soft voices on the banks of the Marne, but also the Maison de la Marne project, the creation of the green and blue network between the Marne and the Haut de Champigny, the development of "know-how in cycling" on the same model as "knowing how to swim", the creation of a participative workshop for the use and repair of bicycles and the creation of new bicycle parking lots in town, especially in the city center. »

Val-de-Marne: 30,000 FFP2 masks for carers in Paris Est Marne and Bois

 Val-de-Marne: 30,000 FFP2 masks for carers in Paris Est Marne and Bois © DR Saint-Maur, this Monday afternoon. The Paris Est Marne and Bois region distributes FFP2 masks for caregivers to the cities that participated in the joint order. Here Jacques JP Martin, president LR of the T10 and Sylvain Berrios, mayor LR of Saint-Maur. After individuals, here is a new allocation for health professionals. Since Saturday, the Paris East Marne and Bois territory has been distributing large boxes of masks to the municipalities of the 13 municipalities that make it up.

… and Laurent Jeanne regrets that the outgoing mayor refuses a debate

Informed by the editorial staff of France 3 Paris Ile-de-France of Christian Fautré's refusal to participate in a televised debate between the two candidates in the second round, Laurent Jeanne, Free candidate !, regrets this position of his opponent. “His predecessor had always accepted the debates during the municipal elections, recalls the candidate from the right. What contempt for democracy, the Campinese and public service on the part of the candidate mayor extended. I invite him to review his position, to ask his advisers to prepare him for this democratic exercise in a project-to-project debate. "

Christian Fautré, outgoing PCF mayor, replies that he" does not even want to respond to Mr. Jeanne ". “He only criticizes, caricatures with defamatory remarks, regrets the elected official. From the start a real debate is not possible, he attacks me but has no plans and above all he takes everyone high! "

Municipales in Paris: No LR-LREM merger in the 5th arrondissement, says Rachida Dati

 Municipales in Paris: No LR-LREM merger in the 5th arrondissement, says Rachida Dati A unique application around Florence Berthout, outgoing mayor ex-LR and today LREM, had been advanced © Jacques Witt / SIPA Rachida Dati, here during his speech after the first round, refused an alliance with LREM.

The Kremlin-Bicêtre: Jean-Luc Laurent (MRC) offers a" public debate "...

To his opponents of June 28 - the outgoing DVG Jean-Marc Nicolle (22.52%) and the LREM candidate Lionel Zinciroglu (12 , 93%) - the former MRC mayor Jean-Luc Laurent (19.28%) proposes a "public debate". This is what he wrote to them on June 9.

“The second round campaign is part of a particular context with the Covid-19 pandemic, poses one who hopes to get a 5th mandate. Many activist activities are not recommended, such as door-to-door or public meetings. I therefore suggest that we be able to debate publicly […] to confront our ideas, our projects and our visions for the future. "

Jean-Luc Laurent says he is aware that" this exercise is not usual "at the Kremlin-Bicêtre. But "the crisis we are going through forces us [...] to reinvent ourselves", he believes, suggesting that "the modalities of this debate be fixed by the three candidates".

Municipales 2020 in Paris: Hidalgo, Dati and Buzyn will debate on BFMTV on June 24

 Municipales 2020 in Paris: Hidalgo, Dati and Buzyn will debate on BFMTV on June 24 The two channels had planned to organize this “decisive debate” between the two towers in March, but the event had been postponed © N. MESSYASZ / SIPA / R. Meigneux / SIPA / N. Revelli Beaumont / SIPA Agnès Buzyn, Anne Hidalgo and Rachida Dati, candidates for mayor of Paris. ELECTIONS - The two channels had planned to organize this "decisive debate" between the two rounds in March, but the event had been postponed The debate between the two rounds will take place.

"It still has to be constructive," says Lionel Zinciroglu. The Walker refuses the exchange proposed by Jean-Luc Laurent on the grounds that "he is very likely to be monopolized by [his] fratricidal war with the outgoing mayor. I have every confidence in the Kremlin residents' ability to make an informed and thoughtful choice. "And the candidate to opt, on a daily basis, for the" debate with the citizens on the ground. "

… And Lionel Zinciroglu (LREM) presents" 10 key actions for the first 100 days "

The list" Together Let's Change the KB "led by Walker Lionel Zinciroglu (12.93%) is the result of a merger between two towers. The former head of the Free list! Enguerrand Delannoy (11.23%) and DVG candidate Jean-Pierre Ruggieri (9.89%) officially joined his team last week.

It is therefore a self-qualified trio of "history" who unveiled this weekend in the form of a leaflet their "10 key actions for the first 100 days" at the town hall of the Kremlin-Bicêtre. Three objectives here: Make the management of the Kremlin-Bicêtre "more efficient and transparent", make local life "more pleasant" and the city overall "more dynamic".

Municipales: irregular proxies established in a Marseille Ehpad

 Municipales: irregular proxies established in a Marseille Ehpad © Copyright 2020, L'Obs While suspected proxy fraud is already spoiling the election race in Marseille, a new scandal has just broken out in the Marseille city. Proxies have been established for residents of an Ehpad in the first round of municipal elections without identity check, which makes them irregular, according to information from France 2 , published on Wednesday June 17. The elderly would not know the people who voted for them.

Among the "key actions" just unveiled include in particular "the end of concrete construction", the pre-emption of commercial premises to diversify the offer, the launch of a vast municipal management audit or of a study before creation of 'a nursing home.

Valenton, dimanche 14 juin. Metin Yavuz, soutenu par Valérie Pécresse, prévoit de bâtir un grand complexe sportif sur le site de la Fontaine-Saint-Martin. DR © Supplied by Le Parisien Valenton, Sunday June 14. Metin Yavuz, supported by Valérie Pécresse, plans to build a large sports complex on the Fontaine-Saint-Martin site. DR

Valérie Pécresse to Valenton

A figure on the right in Communist land. Valérie Pécresse (Libres!), President of the Ile-de-France region, went Sunday morning to Valenton to support Metin Yavuz (LR), candidate of a diverse right list in the municipal elections. The elected representative had already come during the campaign for the first round, during a meeting of the candidate.

The meeting place was not chosen at random: the Fontaine-Saint-Martin, where Metin Yavuz wishes to build a large sports complex eagerly awaited by the population and the clubs. It will include an approved football field, athletics track, tennis courts, boxing hall and multi-purpose hall. "The region will be the first financial supporter of the project," he announced.

City Council in Marseille LIVE: Four candidates for the third round and Samia Ghali as arbiter ... Who will be elected mayor? .
The municipal elections are not over in Marseille. Michèle Rubirola (left union), Guy Teissier (LR), Lionel Royer-Perreaut (LR) and Stéphane Ravier (RN) attempt to conquer the town hall of Marseille © Gérard Julien / AFP The town hall of Marseille LIVE - Les municipal are not finished in Marseille.

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