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19:17  30 june  2020
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Google Authenticator for Android can finally move accounts between devices

  Google Authenticator for Android can finally move accounts between devices Google hasn’t significantly tweaked Authenticator on Android for years (Android Policenotes the last big upgrade was in 2017), but it’s about to get a much-needed refresh. The company is rolling out an update that, most notably, lets you transfer accounts between devices. You’ll now find an export/import tool that moves accounts by creating a QR code you scan on the destination device. It should now be considerably easier to migrate a work email account or your social networks while keeping them locked down with two-factor authentication.

When Dark Sky announced it had been sold to Apple earlier this year, a million Android users cried out in... dismay, because their beloved weather app would soon become iOS-only. The Dark Sky app was pulled from Google Play immediately and the website shut down soon after. Tomorrow, installed Android versions will (reportedly) stop working. A bunch of you probably put off looking for a replacement and are now wondering where to get your precious weather info. Sure, Google can give you the basics, but what about maps and cool graphics? What about customizations? What if you’re just a geek for this stuff?

I downloaded a bunch of the highest-rated weather apps in Google Play and gave them a spin. I compared them to each other, taking note of their consistency and sources, as well as how well they presented their data. Which ones were the easiest to use, and which ones were the nicest to look at. These are my top five choices, ranked from best to worst.

Huawei skirts US trade bans with a 'new' P30 Pro

  Huawei skirts US trade bans with a 'new' P30 Pro Last year, Huawei released its flagship P30 Pro smartphone, which came with Android 9 Pie. The US government threw a wrench in the Chinese company’s plans though, by imposing trade restrictions that meant Huawei wouldn’t be able to use the American-made components or software that it had come to rely upon. But since the P30 Pro was released before Huawei was put on the “Entity List,” the company is able to re-release the phone with Android 10 pre-loaded. The phone, called the P30 Pro New Edition, will be out on June 1st -- at least in Germany -- and will cost €749 (about $815) for the 256GB model.

The best weather app for Android overall: AccuWeather

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It’s the big name in weather prediction for a reason: Accuweather offers tons of data, including wind speed, UV and humidity. But the most valuable piece of info is its “RealFeel” index, which tells you how hot or cold you’ll feel based on those factors. The interface is clean and puts all the important info at the top, and there are live maps so you can track incoming storms. The ads aren’t terribly intrusive, but you can upgrade to the ad-free version for $3.99. For the record, this is the one weather app whose notifications I didn’t turn off.

Download Accuweather for Android

When you want something simpler: Shadow Weather

a close up of a map © Provided by Engadget

It’s a very clean-looking app that puts far less info up top than other programs — just the temperature and precipitation — but a quick scroll will get you to the other data you need. You can customize what metrics appear, as well as choose from four different color schemes. It pulls its weather reports from more than one source, so you’re likely to see some variation from other apps (or even the built-in temperature listed on your phone). The map in the free tier is small and pokey, so you’ll need to upgrade for access to the full-screen interactive version by either paying $5 a year or watching a short ad every day.

The Android 11 beta launch event has been postponed

  The Android 11 beta launch event has been postponed The launch of the Android 11 beta had already been delayed after Google I/O was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, and now it’s getting pushed back again. A virtual launch event for the start of the beta release had been scheduled for Wednesday, but Google has postponed it noting that “now is not the time to celebrate.” You can take your pick of reasons why not to be in a party mood for the event Google had planned, including an hour-long keynote speech, Q&A and developer sessions. For now, the team says they’ll be back with more information “soon.”We are excited to tell you more about Android 11, but now is not the time to celebrate.

Download Shadow Weather for Android

The best looking (and best bargain): Overdrop

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If you’re a fan of clean graphics, Overdrop is the weather app for you. The top banner is incredibly pleasing to the eye thanks to bright colors and subtle animations, and each weather metric has its own cute graphic. And remember widgets? Upgrading to the premium version for $9 grants access to plenty for your lock screen, from ones that will just give you time and temperature to ones that also track battery level. (You can also try it for just a month for $0.99, or a year at $2.49.) The premium level also unlocks more themes, though the free ones are nice enough that you might not need to upgrade.

Download Overdrop for Android

For meteorology nerds: The Weather Channel

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You won’t find the Weather Channel’s app lacking for info; in fact, its biggest flaw is that there might be too much going on. It’s seeded with news stories, and there’s even a separate tab for video (which autoplays, ugh). Once the ads are removed by subscribing for $0.99 a month or $9.99 a year though, the app becomes a lot easier to navigate, with more nitty-gritty info like air quality prominently displayed. Two interesting features that the Weather Channel offers are “health & activities” and “outdoor conditions.” The former tells you whether it’s safe to take a boat out or go for a run, while the latter gives you an idea of what to expect — whether you need an umbrella, or to put on bug spray to ward off mosquitoes.

Leak offers an early look at Google's rumored Android TV dongle

  Leak offers an early look at Google's rumored Android TV dongle Google’s rumored Android TV dongle just got a bit more tangible. XDA-Developers has obtained what it says are early renders of the media hub, codenamed “Sabrina.” Sure enough, the device (reportedly Nest-branded) is very much in keeping with Google’s modern aesthetic with a smooth, rounded look in a variety of colors. Think of it as a friendlier-looking alternative to Amazon’s Fire TV pendant. For some, though, the device itself may be less interesting than the rest of the setup.

Download The Weather Channel for Android

The most fun: CARROT

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There are quite a few apps that try to take a lighter approach to reporting the weather. CARROT is probably the best because it actually lets you customize its humor to your tastes. You decide if the in-app takes a nasty or nice tone, and what political angle the jokes go with, including liberal, conservative or even communist. (You can also go apolitical.) But underneath the humor is a beautifully designed app that cleanly presents the hourly forecast with the weekly just a tap away. The premium option removes ads, but they weren’t that obtrusive in the first place so you don’t really need to dish out the $3.99 a year — but the upgrade will add widgets, allow you to see historical weather data and uh, apparently save a poor defenseless kitten from bring murdered by the developers. (I believe that last one is a joke, but do you really want to take that chance?)

Download CARROT for Android

If you’re just going to ignore all my above suggestions: Google

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The built-in weather app on your phone is actually decent. But you remember that Apple commercial with Zooey Deschanel where she asks, “Siri, is that rain?” I used to make fun of that ad, because she could just look outside. But then I actually started doing it myself, because I couldn’t be bothered to open a window. And sadly, it’ll tell me “no” even as I hear drops hitting my air conditioner and see them rolling down the glass. Google falls down hard when you need information for a specific location. But for general weather reports it’s fine. Plus, the mobile version has adorable frog graphics.

‘Teen Wolf’ Cast: Where Are They Now? .
Don’t mess with the pack! Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien and Holland Roden made names for themselves on Teen Wolf, and since the show ended, the cast has kept busy. The MTV series — a reboot of the 1985 film with Michael J. Fox — followed a group of teenagers made up of werewolves, hunters, humans and more as they navigated high school with supernatural abilities and an endless stream of adversaries. Posey (Scott McCall), O’Brien (Stiles Stilinski), Roden (Lydia Martin), Crystal Reed (Allison Argent), Tyler Hoechlin (Derek Hale), Colton Haynes (Jackson Whittemore), Shelley Hennig (Malia Tate), Arden Cho (Kira Yukimura) and Dylan Sprayberry (Liam Dunbar) starred in the drama, which ran from June 2011 to September 2017. Teen Wolf featured a rotating cast of young actors during its six seasons, offering opportunities for fans to fall in love with new characters at every turn. Rumors of a revival have persisted since before the series finale aired. Posey, for one, revealed in December 2019 that he is willing to return to Beacon Hills in the future. “Oh, f—k yeah! I’ve always been [open to the idea],” the actor exclusively told Us Weekly at the time. “I’ve always said that I would love to come back to Teen Wolf if it ever comes back. In a movie or something. I don’t know.” Posey believes the characters’ stories are unfinished, as he always dreamed of filming a movie with his costars.

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