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15:40  03 july  2020
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"Lost" recently celebrated the 10 years of its controversial end as well as the arrival of the integral on Amazon Prime. Its co-creator Damon Lindelof recently unveiled how the final was thought, what were their references ...

Lost (Amazon Prime) : comment les créateurs ont pensé la fin controversée dès la saison 3 © ABC Studios Lost (Amazon Prime): how the creators thought the controversial end from season 3

10 years after the end of Lost , co-creator Damon Lindelof , who had not spoken much about the series since, has just made new revelations on the site Collider which allow to better understand the progress of his sidekick Carlton Cuse and him towards the final episode, which aroused sharp criticism and many misunderstandings at the time and even today. We learned a few days ago that they originally wanted to stop the series after 3 seasons, but that the ABC chain asked for 10, before finally agreeing on 6. He explains this time that the very end of the series was imagined in season 3. ATTENTION SPOILERS if you have not yet finished the series.

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Ansi the idea to finish on the death of Jack had been decided for a long time: " One of the things that we knew for a very long time, was that we would finish on the death of Jack. It would be the end of his narrative arc , with a perfect symmetry between opening his eyes in the pilot and closing them in the end. We liked this idea "he says. " But since Lost is a series that did not take place in a linear way and which made jumps in time regularly, we started to fall in love with the idea of ​​showing the post-mortem experience of Jack too, one way or another. "

This is how purgatory, the starting theory for many fans on the very meaning of the mysterious island, came back on the carpet. " How could we integrate this idea of ​​purgatory that the public seemed to have been demanding from the start? Are they all dead? Because in my opinion, when you keep repeating the same question over and over, it is a way of express what we want . " As a reminder, no, the characters are not all dead when they are on the island. Everything that happened to them on the island is real and went well during their lifetime. What takes place in the church, on the other hand, is life after death.

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Still very much linked to spirituality and philosophy, the series was inspired by several works ranging from The fourth dimension to Sixth Sense through The Tibetan Book of Life and Death . " There is a tradition around the human spirit which truly grows after death. The idea that, freed from the carnal envelope, we can finally understand who we are before being sent somewhere else. "The church thus represents" this place where we go when we die, without yet knowing that we are dead. Like Bruce Willis who does not know that he died in the film and who ends up in this place where nobody is allowed to tell him. A bit like the Truman Show too. "

Why Lost was not that improvised ...

The idea of ​​the flash-sideways of the last season comes from there: " We didn't want the public to understand too quickly what we were preparing so we sort of disguised the flashes as time paradoxes ". This is why the incident at the end of season 5 was imagined. And that is why, before that, they introduced time travel and parallel universes into the series using Dharma. " Everything has been imagined to go towards this final idea. We started from season 6 to logically organize seasons 4 and 5. These general ideas, we established them between season 3 and season 4, then between season 4 and season 5 . "

We can easily understand that the writers were indeed more interested in the characters, their destinies, their spiritualities, as a group or society and as an individual, as they have always claimed, than by the mysteries themselves of the island who were accessories to reach the emotional conclusion that interested them. It also allows us to understand that if the first three seasons were partly built on the water, the following three, which paradoxically were less convincing, were thought of in a more structured way, with much less improvisation, since 'they knew how much time they had left to complete it with dignity.

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