Technology Researchers made a medical wearable using a pencil and paper

02:05  14 july  2020
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  Coronavirus live updates: CDC chief issues stark warning on possible second wave and more lockdowns as global cases top 5 million CDC director has second wave, lockdown warning. Michael Cohen to be released. Ohio, West Virginia open restaurants. Latest coronavirus news Thursday.

Korean researchers have recently found a way to make touchscreens using just pencil and paper . The research team at Yonsei University say, as evidenced by the required materials, that "The paper was made with special fibers so that it can endure the friction created when written on with a pencil .

A paper describing their findings, " Pencil Drawn Strain Gauges and Chemiresistors on Paper ," was In creating chemiresistors, researchers often use more expensive materials, such as networks of "Perhaps one can make 'smart' and interactive drawings, in which the art itself is the circuitry and can

Looking back at some of the most significant technologies humans have invented, the humble pencil is likely at the top of the list. For centuries, it has allowed people to record their thoughts and ideas and share them with the rest of the world. For its latest act, the pencil could also enable people to monitor their health. A team of researchers at the University of Missouri has published a study that details how they used the tool to create bioelectric monitoring wearables.

a close up of a logo: Paper and pencil-based medical wearable Paper and pencil-based medical wearable

It turns out pencils with cores made from more than 90 percent graphite conduct a significant amount of energy when you use them to write on office supply paper. The graphite can double as a sensing electrode, while the paper provides a flexible supporting structure. The team found pencils with 93 percent graphite content worked the best.

Coronavirus live updates: US hits 100,000 deaths from coronavirus as states continue to cautiously reopen

  Coronavirus live updates: US hits 100,000 deaths from coronavirus as states continue to cautiously reopen There are more than 5.6 million confirmed cases around the globe, with nearly 1.7 million in the United States, according to Johns Hopkins University.As of the end of March, the U.S. had registered about 4,000 deaths. But the figure took a drastic upward turn in April, when the disease killed nearly 60,000 Americans, and has continued at a slower but still devastating pace.

The researchers made the ultra-thin solar cells from the semiconductor gallium arsenide. They stamped the cells directly onto a flexible substrate without using an adhesive that would add to the material's thickness. The cells were then "cold welded" to the electrode on the substrate by applying

This building, designed in the English neo-gothic architectural style, was in fact built in 1885 by Robert McGill and is St. Andrew’s Anglican Church, which was used as a recording studio in Soviet times.

Moreover, the fact they used paper doesn't seem to have limited the type of wearables they could create. The team says there's the potential to make devices that monitor things like a person's temperature and glucose level. What's more, the sensors can work in real-time and provide robust data.

The benefits of a pencil and paper-based health monitors are two-fold. The first is that the materials needed to create them are inexpensive and readily accessible. Unlike plastic and some of the other things we currently make medical wearables from, they also degrade quickly. The researchers see a future in which people use the technology to get personalized home care. It could also help with remote research, especially during a crisis like we see now with the coronavirus pandemic.

The usual caveats that accompany any recent research project apply here. It could be years before the team that invented the technology finds a way to commercialize it. They say their next step is to do more testing of the biomedical components.

One Phillies coach, one clubhouse staffer test positive for COVID-19 .
The plan had been for the Phillies to resume play on Saturday. Whether that is now in jeopardy isn’t known. The organization has already dealt with some infections earlier this year, but managed to avoid further spread within the club.This is worrisome news on several levels. First and foremost, it’s concerning to see two more individuals in the game carrying this disease. Hopefully they’ll both make a swift and full recovery.Beyond that, it’s obviously concerning to see that spread (presumably) occurred between the teams.

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