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16:41  01 august  2020
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Adobe's new Photoshop Camera app suggests how to edit and enhance photos

  Adobe's new Photoshop Camera app suggests how to edit and enhance photos Adobe has launched the highly-anticipated Photoshop Camera app, a free camera application that uses smart technology to intelligently suggest to users which filters, effects and edits would best improve their picture. The Photoshop-powered camera application first announced last year, which utilizes intelligent technology to decide "the best lenses and filters for your photos," finally launched this week on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

This list of Internet top - level domains ( TLD ) contains top - level domains , which are those domains in the DNS root zone of the Domain Name System of the Internet.

These are few common top level domains . Every top level domain has certain rules & guidelines, but commonly Unlimited registrations under the previously structured existing zones are also allowed Choices between top level domains are pretty wide and choosing a TLD with right extension would

Screenshot: Google whats.new © Google whats.new screenshot: Google whats.new

Google has its own top-level domains called ".new" and collects under it Shortcuts to all kinds of web services. This is not only practical, but also a treasure trove.

About a year ago, Google set up an top-level domain with the extension ".new" . The idea behind it: collect all sorts of shortcuts to various websites and services. An example: If you want to sell something on Ebay, you usually go to Ebay and then click on the amazingly small "Sell" link. However, anyone who simply calls sell.new in the browser also ends up in the same place.

seems superfluous at first glance, since this can be solved quite easily with bookmarks and, above all, there is no possibility to create your own shortcuts. Nevertheless, you quickly get used to simply calling pdf.new in the browser if you want to convert an existing document to PDF instead of googling a converter for the umpteenth time or rummaging in old bookmarks.

browser spyware: Massive monitoring via Chrome extension discovered

 browser spyware: Massive monitoring via Chrome extension discovered © Illustration New spyware break-in in the Google Chrome Web Store. A new spyware incident shakes confidence in the security of the Google Chrome browser. Unsuspecting users downloaded malware from the Chrome web store around 32 million times. More than 70 different Chrome extensions are suspected of having tapped sensitive user data from the Google browser and sent it to unauthorized third parties.

A top - level domain is the last level of every fully qualified domain name. They are called generic for The establishment of new gTLDs under this program required the management of registrar Unrestricted generic top - level domains are those domains that are available for registrations by any person Of the technology giants, Google has filed for 101 new gTLDs, Amazon comes 2nd with 76

I know that domain extensions are registered through corporations like IANA, but what physically stops anybody with the technical know how simply making their own .whatever extension? I have little knowledge of networking and DNS, but why can’t someone just set up their own server and host

Of course, a service from Google has all possible shortcuts to Google services such as doc.new to create a new Google Doc or cal.new to open the Google calendar, but the vast majority of shortcuts come from other providers. So excel.new opens a new table in the Microsoft service and post.new automatically redirects to the page for a new blog post, at least if you have a blog at wordpress.com.

A treasure trove of useful services

There are now more than 200 of these shortcuts and the complete list can be found at whats.new . If you can not or do not want to remember them, you should still have a look, because there are services in the list that you may not have known yet.

If you want to be present with your own .new domain, you can simply register it. Google has set up an page , on which it can be checked whether a domain is still available, and from there forwards to partner companies with which the desired domain can be registered. With registration prices beyond $ 500, that's not exactly cheap, and you should also make sure to really link a useful service behind the shortcut that can be used directly. Otherwise, Google reserves the right to simply delete the domain after a while.

Google says it's getting better at updating phones, a persistent problem for Android .
The search giant said it rolled out its COVID-19 contact tracing tools to 2 billion devices over the span of a month. Android is the most dominant mobile operating system in the world, powering almost nine out of 10 smartphones shipped globally. But Google's biggest challenge with new versions of Android is actually getting them on people's phones -- a problem the industry calls "fragmentation" -- since wireless carriers and handset makers can slow down the process. The problem highlights one of Google's biggest obstacles when it comes to competing with Apple.

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