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13:25  14 august  2020
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Japan is pouring money into the development of flying cars with aims of commercializing the futuristic mode of transportation as soon as 2023. The dream of covering smaller distances in vehicles capable of vertical take off and landing (VTOL) is very much alive — and that’s especially true in

japan ’s government has set its eyes on the sky, announcing big investment plans into the developing of flying cars . aiming to have them roaring around the sky in three years — by 2023 — the japanese government’s goal is to solve mobility problems by using airspace to transport people in big cities, in

Les voitures volantes seront bientôt une réalité au Japon © MARHARYTA MARKO / Getty Images Flying cars will soon be a reality in Japan A Japanese start-up is betting that it will be able to launch a flying car in 2023.

Some in Japan are sure: a new revolution in the automotive field is looming ... It could even land in three years with the arrival on the commercial market of flying taxis. At least, that's the vision of Japan, for whom by 2023, the flying car will become a reality. Tokyo-based start-up SkyDrive is in the starting blocks. Its CEO, Tomohiro Fukuzawa is convinced that by 2050, any inhabitant of the Japanese city will be able to reach any place in ten minutes aboard one of these machines, according to information from Japan Times . At Morgan Stanley, which has looked into the subject extensively, some analysts believe that if the flying car could first be a niche market, which would be added to already existing transport infrastructure, it would quickly become a means more economical, in terms of time and money, to make short trips.

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While flying cars have regularly made appearances in science fiction films, they could soon become reality . A group of Japanese inventors is working on Despite Cartivator's reservations, Japan has a history of being the first to roll out world-class innovations in transport. The first high-speed bullet train

In a recent Japan Times article , which comes via Futurism , SkyDrive’s CEO Tomohiro Fukuzawa discussed the road map his company is using to make flying cars a reality . It all begins with a manned flight that could happen as soon as this summer.

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flying car soon And the flying taxi in development at SkyDrive is one of the most promising and advanced, among the hundred flying vehicle projects that exist today. According to the Japanese daily, this car, called SD-XX, is unique because it is the smallest in the world of its kind and it can be parked almost anywhere. It can reach 100 km / h and can travel several tens of kilometers in autonomy. Last December, a first flight test was also a success.

The interest of the Japanese government awakened

And the Japanese government is closely monitoring the issue, hoping that these flying cars can be marketed from 2023. Because for the authorities, these vehicles represent a significant advantage: use taxis carrying passengers by air would notably make it possible to drastically reduce traffic and traffic jams in large agglomerations and to open up inhabited regions that are a little too isolated or mountainous.

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  Flying Tigers: These Americans mercenaries were the heroes of China during World War II A few hundred of Americans became the heroes of China in 1941-- flying warplanes featured a tooth-filled shark on their nose, destroying nearly 500 Japanese planes during World War II.A one-year contract to live and work in China, flying, repairing and making airplanes. Pay is as much as $13,700 a month with 30 days off a year. Housing is included and you'll get an extra $550 a month for food. On top of that, there's an extra $9,000 for every Japanese airplane you destroy -- no limit.

On Friday, Japan announced its partnership with Uber, Boeing, and Airbus to make flying cars a reality over the streets of Tokyo and Osaka by 2028. Other countries will soon start to create their own initiatives to meet Japan ’s standard.

#HangoutwithBI | Israel-based Urban Aeronautics is developing flying cars called the CityHawk powered by hydrogen fuel cells. The company has been working on the project⁠— in which India’s Tata Group has a small investment⁠— for the last two decades and is currently looking to raise money and

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SkyDrive project seems to interest more than one since the company benefits from the help of more than a hundred sponsors including Panasonic, specifies the Japan Times. The company is in the process of finishing its preparations for a new flight test which should take place by the end of the summer. Objective stated: to put a flying taxi into service in 2023, in cities such as Tokyo and Osaka, and to offer a perfectly autonomous flying car for sale to everyone in 2028.

Japan, Australia and India to Launch Supply Chain Initiative .
The trade ministers of Japan, India and Australia agreed Tuesday to work toward achieving supply chain resilience in the Indo-Pacific region, following reports that the three nations are looking to work together to counter China’s dominance on trade. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.getMedianetNativeAds(true); }); The ministers instructed their officials to promptly hammer out details for an initiative to strengthen supply chains for launch later this year, according to a joint statement.

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