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06:40  19 august  2020
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Charging Various Tesla Models. In a charging station, you get to charge a maximum of 120 kW per car The time it takes to fully charge your Tesla model will be determined by the charging system that This can be improved, of course, BUT why the fuel cell when conventional internal combustion

How much energy consumption is required to charge a Tesla ? In the UK, there is a government grant which covers most of the cost of a wall charger and its installation (the scheme is operated through registered electricians, so you choose a tradesman and they apply for the grant).

Since Tesla's charging stations, the Supercharger, were first introduced in Europe in 2013, more than 5,000 charging points have been put into operation at more than 525 locations across Europe. The Supercharger version 3 should enable a charging capacity of 250 kW.

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• Maximum loading capacity is no longer achieved

• This significantly increases loading time

• Phenomenon occurs across Europe

InsideEV, a news platform especially for electrically powered vehicles, is bustling about several, consistent reports from Tesla owners complaining about a much lower charging power on the superchargers than the 250 kW. These come from most European countries, including Great Britain, Spain and Sweden. They say that Tesla is blocking Supercharger charging in Europe at 120 kW and that a higher charging capacity is no longer possible. What's it all about?

Why Tesla has weathered the corona crisis better than other automakers

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How much does it cost to charge a Tesla Model 3? , the new 250 Kw charger should be able to take a long -range Model 3 from 8% to 90% charged in about 40 minutes . These new charging stations will take awhile to proliferate on long -haul routes, but they show what Tesla Model 3’s can do.

My Tesla Model 3 Long Range will take 170–180 miles of range in 15 minutes from a V3 supercharger….this on a 75kWh battery that starts at 40% or below. My car’s total range is 310 miles. In the below test by VegasModel3 published at Cleantechnica, a Model 3 Long Range at a V3 charger

Only Supercharger affected

Many of those affected assert that even if no other car is being charged at the same time, the charging capacity does not exceed 120 kW, sometimes even 117 kW. An experience report from Finland shows that this has increased the charging time of the Tesla enormously, from normally 15-20 minutes to up to 35-40 minutes. Another person affected describes that he was able to observe the slower charging performance of superchargers in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and France.

According to InsideEV, however, one cause in the Tesla vehicle itself can be ruled out. As tests at other charging stations such as those from Ionity have shown, the vehicles could be charged with higher charging powers in the range of 200 kW without any problems. So the problem clearly seems to be due to Tesla's superchargers.

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Charging slowly allows more time for heat dissipation caused by X amount of electrons moving around. Think of it like this, x electrons create Now, Teslas does have active battery cooling compared to the likes of Nissan leaf, you would find that Nissan Leaf batteries degrade much faster especially in hot

Still, charging a Tesla costs much less than paying for gas. The rates utilities charge for electricity vary wildly across different parts of the world, just as gas prices do. The cheapest place to charge on the list is Chile, which is blessed with abundant hydro and geothermal power.

This is what Tesla says about the allegations

Many of those affected and the platform itself made corresponding inquiries to Tesla. However, the company has so far covered itself in the cloak of silence and apparently refused the inquirers information. This further heats the mood among vehicle owners and encourages the emergence of theories about the background.

According to InsideEV, for example, there is the thesis in the room that Tesla wants to protect the supercharger from overheating, which at first glance seems logical due to the hot temperatures of the last few days. However, this would mean that heat waves that occurred in the past would have caused a similar or even the same adjustment in the loading capacity - which, according to InsideEV, was not the case. Another thesis expressed at InsideEV says that Tesla can earn more money thanks to the lower charging capacity and the associated longer charging time.

Only Tesla itself can dispel any theories in this regard and explain what exactly prompted the company to adjust the charging performance. An official, public statement by Tesla on the matter is still missing.

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