Technology The T in the Tesla logo does not stand for the brand name - that's actually behind it

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That makes logo design a very important task. Tesla ' s logo is certainly not anonymous, but it turns Repeating the Tesla logo in a circle, with the top of each " T " facing outward, does indeed create a Last year, it acquired the rights to the domain name " Tesla .com" after roughly 10 years of trying, and

The logo was designed by RO::studio that also designed the logo for SpaceX and logos for their Falcon (rocket family) including Falcon V Represented by a stylish capital “ T ” bearing its name at the top on special fonts, and in the armor shield frame, the logo shows along with other fueled car logos .

Tesla Logo Store © Provided by Business Insider Germany Tesla Logo Store Humphery / Shutterstock

Elon Musk is always happy to provide new surprises - even with the explanation What the logo of his well-known electric car brand actually stands for, he ensures a real "Aha" moment for all Tesla fans. Contrary to expectations, this does not stand for the brand name Tesla, but is intended to represent the cross-section of the electric motor , which the original inventor Nikola Tesla had already recorded at the very beginning of Tesla history. revelation by Elon Musk himself

After the mystery had been discussed within the Tesla community and on the Quora online forum since 2013, the current

Tesla boss Musk finally confirmed in a post on Twitter at the beginning of last year, was it's all about the strange T.

Tesla hits the stock market ceiling, when will the bubble explode?

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And they do so in the simplest, most appropriate way that makes them just burn into your mind in Tesla ’ s logo is certainly not anonymous, but it turns out there’ s more to it than may be immediately What looks like a fancy T is actually a reference to the company’ s products, Tesla CEO Elon Musk

But the idea that the electric (and robotic) future of vehicle tech isn' t a technology story is something that multiple tech sites that cover Tesla seem to disagree with. I was curious if this was just the whim of a single moderator, or a larger r/technology policy, so I looked for recent Tesla stories on r/technology.

The logo was designed by the company RO Studio, which was also responsible for the

design of the logo of SpaceX, the space company founded by Musk, reports the official online platform of the car manufacturer called "TeslaMag.de " .

The assumptions regarding the connection between the logo and the

, the heart of all Tesla vehicles - namely the electric motor - seem plausible. This is what Daniel Fourie thought, who also puzzled on Quora in 2013 and gave the community the correct answer without any reliable confirmation. Why the logo has an error

When Fourie did his own research, however, he found that instead of the cross-section of an AC motor, that of a DC motor was shown, which, strictly speaking,

is not installed in Tesla's electric cars .

Before Tesla's Battery Day: Musk teases batteries with more energy density

 Before Tesla's Battery Day: Musk teases batteries with more energy density © t3n.de Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla. In the run-up to the planned Battery Day event, Tesla boss Elon Musk indicated that the electric car manufacturer could produce batteries with 50 percent more energy density in three to four years. The development of batteries for electric cars seems to have started moving. The waiver of expensive and controversial materials such as cobalt is supposed to make the batteries cheaper and cleaner.

How to design a successful logo ? How to build a famous brand for your business? Some of the most well-known logos in the world were purposefully designed to indicate something much more than simple beauty. In fact, it seems that in some cases, every line, curve, and color has meaning behind it .

Check out these 13 famous logos that you may not have realized actually have a hidden double meaning. The shipping company' s logo is probably one of the best-known in the world of "hidden image" Famously founded by Dave Thomas, the Wendy' s brand identity highlights a personal and

This small design flaw does not prevent Tesla fans in the least from buying the manufacturer's elegant electric vehicles. Although

Tesla nearly went bankrupt in 2008, is one of the most successful electric vehicle manufacturers today.

This article was published by Business Insider in November 2019. It has now been reviewed and updated.

  Das T im Logo von Tesla steht nicht für den Markennamen — das steckt tatsächlich dahinter © Provided by Business Insider Germany

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