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01:35  20 october  2020
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Google Nest Hub is compatible with more than 5,000 smart devices - lights, cameras, TVs - from over 400 brands. Nest Hub automatically displays the best shots from Google Photos of your favorite people and Play songs and music videos and get new music recommendations , just by asking.

Google ’ s Nest Hub has other ideas, and though it’s tiny, it has some powerful While the Nest Hub ’s small size makes it more versatile — most smart displays are designed for primary use in the kitchen — it feels like a missed opportunity, given the device comes with six months of free YouTube Premium.

Google's Nest Hub video displays are getting a new look today, adding more recommendation features to help people with their day.

graphical user interface, application: Google Assistant new look on smart display © Google Google Assistant new look on smart display

Most use cases for the display units revolve around people using them to play music via voice commands or operate their smart home. Google execs say they wanted to showcase different things people could do by showcasing them in discovery, and to offer more personalized recommendations on music to listen to, videos to watch and news to read.

Beyond the Google Nest Hub and Hub Max, the Google Assistant lives on other displays made by others, including the Lenovo Smart Display.

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You can stream video from the following security cameras to your Nest display . After you’ve linked a camera manufacturer to your Google Home app, use the following voice commands with your Nest display to add an additional camera

The Google Nest Hub Max is the choice to go with if you care about sound quality. Armed with dual 10W tweeters and a 30W subwoofer, the Next Hub These are without question the most dazzling smart displays you’ll find in the market. We mean it when we say that they’re the best digital photo

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The display units had always had a "Your Day" feature which showed you scheduled appointments and the like in the morning. Now, Google is adding a second dose for the afternoon and evening, "so that the recommendations you see changes as your day does." Beyond appointments, the Google Assistant will suggest music to listen to, videos to watch, and the like.

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Another new addition: multiple accounts in one place. Instead of having to switch back and forth between personal and work accounts, you can set up multiple accounts on the devices to have all your meetings and events displayed in one place.

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  New Google Nest Audio speaker packs a huge punch for $99 Two Google Nest Audio speakers combined sound fantastic and are better paired together. But shouldn't Google have figured out how to read e-mails by now?Now known as Nest Audio, the new editions look more like a tiny, traditional speaker, this time in a multitude of colors (pink, blue, green, white and black), sell for less than the original Home ($99.99 versus $129.99) and the big news is a major sound upgrade.

The small, affordable Google Assistant-powered Nest Hub smart display is functional and convenient, but won't impress anyone with its sound quality. In addition, the Nest Hub is Google Cast compatible, so you can stream video or music to it from a smartphone, tablet, or Chrome tab just as if

The Google Nest Hub Max is a big, bright smart display with Google Assistant, and you can even use it as a home security camera. However, swiping left from the right edge of the screen will load tiles full of recommendations for music, news, videos , and any other information Google Assistant considers

"For example, on your Google Nest Hub Max, you can now quickly tap or ask to join your next meeting (“Hey, Google, join my next meeting”), whether it’s a personal yoga class or a conference call."

Google has added a dark theme to adapt to the different times of the day, relaxing sound effects (ocean waves and the like) to fall asleep to and a new sunrise alarm that gets brighter 30 minutes before the alarm goes off.

The Google displays are going to be more versatile by the end of the year, for folks who spend their days on video meetings. Beyond offering access via Google's Meet and Duo video apps, Google is adding support for Zoom, the No. 1 video meeting service "later this year."

The new features are rolling out to users and will be fully available within a few weeks, Google says.

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