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02:05  21 october  2020
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Several ‌ Apple Watch SE ‌ owners in South Korea have run into problems, as noted in a Reddit post chronicling the complaints. The owner received the product on October 8. The owner slept with the watch on the wrist on October 9 night. Woke up on October 10 just to find the wrist is very hot.

A number of Apple Watch SE users in South Korea are allegedly reporting overheating issues with their While some discovered the issue when the Apple Watch was left on the charger, others wearing Of the six cases, the owner got a refund or exchange from Apple in three instances, with a

a cellphone screenshot of a cell phone: Apple Watch SE overheating © Provided by BGR Apple Watch SE overheating
  • Some Apple Watch SE owners have encountered overheating issues that have left marks on their arms.
  • Six Apple Watch SE overheating incidents have been reported in South Korea to date, but all of them resulted in a burnt patch in the same corner of the device.
  • In the hours since the original report, MacRumors reported on another incident taking place in the US.

On September 15th, Apple hosted its first fall hardware reveal event of the season, primarily to announce the Apple Watch Series 6 as well as the more affordable Apple Watch SE. Reviews were positive for both devices, but a highly concerning issue with the SE is being reported. According to a Reddit post, there have been six confirmed instances of Apple Watch SE models overheating between October 10th and October 19th, all in South Korea.

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My Apple Watch 2 just stopped working, the other day it ran out of battery and beacuse I didn’t have the charger with me it stayed like 18 hours off. When I got home and wanted to charge it I foud out it was overheating , I disconnected from the charger and let it cool. When it cooled down I intended to

The owner bought [ Apple Watch SE 40mm GPS version Space Gray] from an official retailer. If you happen to have an Apple Watch SE and experienced these problems, please leave your experience in the comment below. There are several sources.

As the Reddit post explains, the reported incidents all occurred with 40mm Apple Watch SE models, including Silver, Space Gray, and Nike. Everyone who was allegedly affected by this overheating issue points to the same spot, which an iFixit teardown reveals is above the display connectors and between the Taptic Engine and digital crown. Notably, the spot that appears to be overheating on the Apple Watch SE is not near the battery.

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All six of these cases have commonalities, including the time between acquiring the Apple Watch and the first sign of overheating. For example, one person bought an Apple Watch Nike SE on the night of October 16th, set it up, used it for a few hours, and then put it on the charger and went to bed. The next morning, that user put it back on, but 75-80 minutes later felt a sudden cold sensation followed by heat on their wrist. They removed the watch and found that their wrist had been burned. Apple reportedly said it would have a response by Thursday.

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Question: Q: IPhone SE Overheating Issue . I have sent my IPhone in for them check it out due to it overheating and the heat sensor has never gone off to I'm afraid that no-one here can tell you what Apple will decide. Depending on the nature of any identified issue , your iPhone may be repaired or

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There are a number of caveats that you should be aware of, the most important of which is that we can’t confirm any of these cases beyond the photos and accounts provided in the Reddit post. It’s also worth noting that all of the cases were relegated to one region, which suggests it might have just been a bad batch.

That said, MacRumors covered the story on Monday and later issued an update noting that they had heard about a similar issue from an Apple Watch SE owner in the US. The user noticed that his watch began heating up while it was charging and had a burnt patch in the same corner as all of the other reports. This could be all we ever hear about the problem, but the Apple Watch SE has only been out for the month, so we’ll keep an eye out for more incidents.

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