Technology Singapore’s New City of the Future Is Its Greenest Project Yet

03:15  21 october  2020
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This giant glowing orb is the world’s first floating Apple Store

  This giant glowing orb is the world’s first floating Apple Store Located on the bayfront in SingaporeThe location, part of the luxury hotel and resort of the same name, is Singapore’s third Apple Store following Orchard Road, which opened as Singapore’s first in 2017, and Apple Jewel Changi Airport, located in the world-famous retail sector of Singapore’s transportation hub that also features the world’s tallest waterfall.

Singapore ' s gleaming modern architecture rivals Dubai and Hong Kong and steals the headlines and cover photos. But you'll find these new -world skyscrapers also You'd expect trees to look like this in the city of the future . But would you also expect them to generate solar power and collect rainwater?

Also known as The Lion City , The Garden City and the Little Red Dot, Singapore is famous for its significant achievements in innovation, favorable tax We discussed Singapore ’ s energy situation and how his work at NTU involves running EcoCampus, the soon-to-be world’s greenest campus where

(Bloomberg) -- Giant solar-powered air-conditioners, vacuum garbage collection, subterranean roads for electric vehicles, urban farms and green architecture. Put them all together and you have Tengah, Singapore’s most ambitious project yet to build the city of the future.

Tengah, which means ‘center’ in the local Malay language, is part of Singapore’s effort to reduce a carbon footprint that’s bigger than some countries that are 50 times its size, and to promote sustainability in energy, water and waste. The Southeast Asian nation, which is smaller than New York City, has set a target of capping its emissions by around 2030 and then halving them by 2050.

Flight Suspensions, New Rules Threaten Singapore Travel to China

  Flight Suspensions, New Rules Threaten Singapore Travel to China Dozens of Chinese nationals gathered outside their embassy in Singapore on Tuesday in frustration over new rules requiring them to get tested for Covid-19 before they can board their upcoming flights home, something Singapore doesn’t generally offer to those without symptoms. © Bloomberg A medic removes a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) swab test from packaging at the Covid-19 test center at Schiphol Airport, operated by the Royal Schiphol Group NV, in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on Monday, Aug. 17, 2020.

Singapore is a smart city known for its autonomous systems on security and maintenance, its forthcoming driverless taxis, and soon enough, it’ s going to get even more complex. Due to the nature of the technology, issues on privacy and security are concerns yet to be addressed, but the

This article shows the notable future developments in Singapore . Most developments are found in the Downtown Core of Singapore . Majority of them are currently under construction with most to be completed within the next five years.

map: Model Green City Rises as Tropical Singapore Tries to Stay Cool © Bloomberg Model Green City Rises as Tropical Singapore Tries to Stay Cool

A model of the new district, where car parks and access roads would be underground, giving more space for gardens and cycleways. Photographer: Lauryn Ishak/Bloomberg

Key to reaching that goal will be to tackle the city’s debilitating tropical heat and humidity, while cutting the nation’s ever-rising energy bill for air-conditioning.

Once described by founding prime minister Lee Kuan Yew as the greatest invention of the 20th century, air-con is now widespread in homes and offices. The nation has more cooling units per capita than anywhere else in Southeast Asia. With tropical temperatures averaging around 27 Celsius (81 Fahrenheit) year-round and rising, the amount of power needed to cool Singapore is projected to grow 73% between 2010 and 2030, according to local research.

Singapore's world-first face scan plan sparks privacy fears

  Singapore's world-first face scan plan sparks privacy fears Singapore will become the world's first country to use facial verification in its national ID scheme, but privacy advocates are alarmed by what they say is an intrusive system vulnerable to abuse. From next year, millions of people living in the city-state will be able to access government agencies, banking services and other amenities with a quick face scan. This biometric check will do away with the need to remember a password or security dongle when performing many everyday tasks, its creators say.It is part of the financial hub's drive to harness technology, from ramping up the use of electronic payments to research on driverless transport.

City of the Future : Singapore – Full Episode | National Geographic. Vehicles Of The Future - Future Transportation System 2050. Singapore transformation and its future MEGA PROJECTS . enrigue8. 🇸🇬 earthrise - Singapore : Asia' s Greenest City - earthrise (feature). Al Jazeera English.

Singapore has its very own micro- city to test autonomous vehicles and a new program for delivering baggage at the city ’ s award-winning international airport -- two symbols As a major financial center, one of the focuses of innovation is fintech, and the Monetary Authority of Singapore is doing its part.

To slow the increase, the new town will use a district cooling network based on a commercial system in Singapore’s Marina Bay Financial District, where refrigeration plants and pipes were laid underground before the offices were built.

In Tengah, the cooling units will be solar powered and installed on rooftops of public-housing blocks, with chilled water piped through the buildings. The system’s operator, SP Group, says the network can cut energy use by 30% -- an emissions saving equivalent to 4,500 gasoline-powered cars. Residents have the option of connecting to the centralized cooling, or buying and running their own traditional air-con units.

“The biggest challenge that we face is to get residents to sign up,” said S Harsha, Singapore managing director of sustainable energy solutions at SP Group. The key is to show residents how the energy-efficient system can save them money, he said.

Singapore, Germany to Start Green Lane for Business Travel

  Singapore, Germany to Start Green Lane for Business Travel Singapore and Germany have agreed to start a reciprocal green lane allowing travel for business or official reasons, the latest step by governments to prise open borders largely sealed by the coronavirus. © Bloomberg Travelers walk towards immigration clearance counters stand in the arrival hall at Terminal 4 (T4) of Changi Airport in Singapore, on Thursday, Dec. 13, 2018. Singapore's Changi Airport, voted the world's best for the past six years by Skytrax, is pursuing that goal of extensive automation with such vigor that it built Terminal 4 to help test the airport bots of the future.

Singapore is not famed as a land of environmental activism. But even so, the conservative city -state is said to be more environmentally woke than many of its Southeast Asian “But it’ s not—not yet .” Mayur Singh is founder of The Green Collective, a group of green living stores that launched last year.

Singapore is the only island city state in the world. As such, a constant redevelopment and Key projects that he has worked on includes unmanned aerial vehicles “BioMindTM is excited to be part of the Future City Programme (FCP) whereby learning journeys are curated to prepare the new

Model Green City Rises as Tropical Singapore Tries to Stay Cool © Bloomberg Model Green City Rises as Tropical Singapore Tries to Stay Cool

A model of Tengah shows a blend of solar energy, vertical gardens and rooftop cooling plants. Photographer: Lauryn Ishak/Bloomberg

Since the government’s Housing and Development Board began offering 8,000 flats in the new estate in 2018, close to 1,000 buyers have signed up for the centralized cooling, which Harsha said would be cheaper to install than a normal system. Homes in Singapore’s new public housing projects are sold at a subsidized price to citizens -- mostly young married couples -- based on a ballot before construction begins. The first batch of Tengah’s planned 42,000 flats will be ready by late 2022 or in 2023.

Young couple Shaun Wong and Beverly Tan said it was the project’s green credentials that made them decide to apply for one of the homes.

“We’re merely perpetuating a practice that we’ve adopted,” said 23-year-old Tan, who runs an e-commerce business and said she favors eco-friendly clothes and household products and prefers to use a fan rather than air-con. “Practice what you preach.”

Singapore government continues to make progress on its shift to the cloud

  Singapore government continues to make progress on its shift to the cloud The government of the lion city is also training its public servants on how to use data and is working with industry to build a pipeline of tech talent.Latest data breach involving a government agency may have been the result of human error, but it should still be deemed a security breach and treated as a risk that needs to be addressed, rather than dismissed.

Singapore transformation and its future MEGA PROJECTS - Продолжительность: 7:50 enrigue8 Recommended for you. Hamburg: Green City of the Future ?

Its Dockside Green project brings that goal closer to realization. And if these projects make the jump from paper to reality successfully, they might even earn a spot on our list The Green Mountain Sustainable Development Area is a new eco-friendly project in a remote coastal region of the country.

Once the site of brickworks and pepper plantations, the new town will have five districts with community farming, garden and forest themes. A 100 meter-wide, 5 kilometer-long corridor of trees will run through the district, connecting it with the island’s central nature reserve.

Each of the 42,000 government-built apartments will have a ‘smart’ dashboard that allows homeowners to monitor energy consumption.

Model Green City Rises as Tropical Singapore Tries to Stay Cool © Bloomberg Model Green City Rises as Tropical Singapore Tries to Stay Cool

Residents will be able to control appliances and home systems remotely via a smartphone app. Photographer: Lauryn Ishak/Bloomberg

Rail networks, access roads and car parks will mostly be below ground, freeing space for gardens, urban farming and for walking and cycling. Singapore is turning its attention to electric vehicles following Hyundai Motor Group’s investment in a new innovation center that may produce up to 30,000 vehicles a year by 2025. Charging stations will be installed in the new town’s car parks.

Smart Design

The HDB used 3-D environmental modeling software to create the blueprint for Tengah, simulating the effects of changes in wind, temperature and sunlight on buildings and their surroundings. The aim was to find the best way to design and orientate buildings, vegetation, water and open spaces to promote shade and natural ventilation and mitigate the urban heat-island effect.

An automatic pneumatic waste conveyance system will collect trash through underground pipes. “It helps create a cleaner and more hygienic living environment by reducing odor and spillages associated with manual collection, and minimizing pest infestation,” the HDB said on its website.

SP Group is developing a waste management system that will turn the garbage into energy using a gasification plant -- a more efficient way of producing fuel than an incinerator.

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