Technology Election night on November 3, an unprecedented challenge for American TVs

12:20  25 october  2020
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Fact check: States don't have more than 100% voter turnout in an election

  Fact check: States don't have more than 100% voter turnout in an election A post uses outdated data to argue there are more votes than registered voters in key battleground states. Data shows no state exceeds 100% turnout.“Huh. It just so happened that we are on track to have more votes than registered voters in every single state that could potentially win Trump the election,” claims an image posted to Facebook on Nov. 4. “You’ve been caught Dems.

The 2020 United States presidential election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 3 , 2020. It will be the 59th quadrennial presidential election .

Election Day is November 3 , 2020. View the latest US election news, polls, results and voter information. Let CNN be your guide to the 2020 election . From tracking the campaigns to where Trump and Biden each stand on the issues, CNN has everything you need to make an informed

Les chaînes américaines se préparent à une soirée électorale sans précédent et sans doute à rallonge le 3 novembre © TARIK KIZILKAYA / iStock.com American channels are preparing for an unprecedented election night and no doubt extending on November 3

American channels are preparing for an unprecedented and undoubtedly long election night on November 3, complicated by the scale of postal voting and growing mistrust of the media, with the risk of announcing a winner too soon.

The channels all have in mind November 7, 2000 and the about-face that had to be done after the premature announcement of a victory for Democrat Al Gore in the decisive state of Florida. A nightmare for their credibility.

As in every election, the pressure will be on the "decision desks", teams of statisticians and analysts assembled by each major channel and who feed the antenna with estimates and results.

Fact check: Federal Election Commission chair has no role in election integrity

  Fact check: Federal Election Commission chair has no role in election integrity In the past week, comments by Federal Election Commission Chair Trey Trainor have spread online as purported evidence over voter fraud.RecentlyHeard.com, a news website, wrote that "The Chief Electoral Officer of the Federal Election Commission made a Bombshell statement, saying that, from what he saw in Pennsylvania, and news that he had come from elsewhere in the world, this election was unconstitutional.

The US political system is dominated by just two parties, so the president always belongs to one of them. The Republicans are the conservative political party in the US and their candidate in this year’s election is President Donald Trump, who is hoping to secure another four years in power.

I'm rewriting this and all of my other election pages, so I apologise if this looks messy. Also, this is not what I think will happen, it is only designed to be interesting. The United States presidential election of 2020 was the 59th quadrennial American presidential election , held on Tuesday, November 3 , 2020.

For a long time, these teams essentially relied on exit polls to project a winner with reliability.

But "this is no longer the case," warns Costas Panagopoulos, professor of political science at Northeastern University, who works with the teams of the NBC channel. Because according to most estimates, at least half of voters will have already expressed themselves before election day, against around 14% in 2000.

Votes by correspondence or by anticipation in person, which were already growing in popularity before the pandemic , were accelerated by the health context.

"We are ready to count for days, even weeks. That's what we did for the primaries," announces Joe Lenski, managing director of Edison Research, which supplies channels ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN polls, projections and counts, the raw material for their "decision desks".

Puerto Rico unearths over 100 briefcases with uncounted ballots a week after election

  Puerto Rico unearths over 100 briefcases with uncounted ballots a week after election Puerto Rico’s elections commission said it has found over 100 briefcases with uncounted ballots a week after the U.S. territory held its election.Francisco Rosado, the commission’s new president, said the briefcases were found in a secured vault and blamed the situation on what he said was an underfunded and understaffed administrative board responsible for counting a record number of absentee and early votes.

The United States presidential election , 2020 will take place on November 3 , 2020. Voters will select presidential electors who will then vote on December 14, 2020 to either elect a new President and Vice President or re- elect the incumbents.

CNN Election Night Coverage 2016 - All CNN Projections & Key Race Alerts (State Calls). Includes Exit Polls and Entrance Polls Compilation from Election

Joe Lenski, who will have 3,000 people mobilized on November 3, recalls that several states, including the key states of Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, cannot legally begin to count the early votes before the very day of the election.

"Will the American media announce the correct winner on election night? Don't count on it," wrote in a column for the Guardian, several former presidents of the American Political Science Association.

"Despite the uncertainty associated with a large number of bulletins, the media will compete to give the result and grab the attention of viewers on election night," they worry.

"We are not racing," said Sam Feist, chief of the Washington bureau of CNN, during a round table organized by the association PEN America. "It would be counterproductive for all of us. We know we have to wait for the numbers to come out."

- "Be transparent" -

Big boss at the Fox News desk, Arnon Mishkin knows that over the course of the evening, statements could be made on the provisional results, by either campaign team, " that would complicate our lives, "he said at the roundtable.

Raiders' Trent Brown set to return to practice

  Raiders' Trent Brown set to return to practice Trent Brown has played just 73 offensive snaps in his second Raiders season, but the Pro Bowl right tackle may be on the verge of suiting up again. The sixth-year blocker is set to resuming practicing next week, Vic Tafur of The Athletic tweets. An injury initially sidelined Brown, but coronavirus complications have shelved the mammoth offensive lineman for the past several weeks.Brown, whose positive COVID-19 test led to the rest of the Raiders starting O-line missing a full week of practice in Week 7, was on the verge of returning from his bout with the virus in Week 8 against the Browns.

Got a TV Licence? You need one to watch live TV on any channel or device, and BBC President Trump and Joe Biden return to the campaign trail after a calmer final election debate. The reports from Reuters and Politico raise alarm over foreign interference ahead of the 3 November election .

Americans are used to a certain routine with presidential elections – but this year might be different. With millions of Americans casting their ballots by mail during the pandemic, The Guardian and ProPublica are tracking the votes in critical states.

In such a case, "you focus on what the numbers show", without listening to the noise in the media, he says.

Vanita Gupta, president of the association for the defense of human rights Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, is even publicly concerned that Fox News, the most watched news channel in the United States and with a conservative tendency, is not giving in to the Trump team and not prematurely announce a victory.

"The integrity of our desk is flawless," Fox News told AFP, which since 2018 has had its own statistical system, designed in collaboration with the Associated Press agency.

Like the platform designed by Edison Research, the channel has integrated into its models extensive surveys of voters who voted in advance, a necessity this year especially as these ballots are geared massively towards the Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Despite these efforts, the channels are aware that this pandemic election comes against a backdrop of growing mistrust of the media, and after months of statements by the Trump camp about the supposed - but never documented - risk. advance poll fraud.

In this context, the mainstream media in general all have "an obligation to be transparent" and educational, according to Sam Feist.

"If there is no winner on election night, that doesn't mean something is wrong," he said.

"Not all elections give their result on election night, even in normal times", Joe Lenski says, recalling that in 2004, George Bush was not declared the winner until the day after the election.

"This year," he said, "it's going to take even more patience."

Trump says the battleground states saw election fraud. Republican officials running those states disagree. .
Republican officials in swings states have responded by assuring voters there have been no signs of fraud.State leaders and election officials – many of them Republican – in those crucial swings states have responded by assuring voters there have been no signs of widespread fraud despite what Trump and his supporters have alleged.

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