Technology charging stations: Mastercard promotes payment infrastructure with 1 million euros

18:15  26 october  2020
18:15  26 october  2020 Source:   t3n.de

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Mastercard promotes an open payment system that is intended to enable consumer-friendly payment at e-charging stations. The program has now started in Germany and is to be gradually rolled out across Europe.

Elektroautos laden. © Shutterstock Charging electric cars.

payment service provider Mastercard wants to promote consumer-friendly and sustainable payment solutions at charging stations for e-cars. The “Sustainable Mobility Program” that the payment service has now announced is aimed at operators and providers of charging stations, acquirers, payment service providers, fintechs, cities and municipalities as well as third-party providers in the field of e-mobility. The company is offering its partners a total of one million euros in funding by the end of 2022 and intends to roll out the program across Europe.

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Mastercard explains that they see e-cars as a critical factor in the implementation of emission-free and environmentally friendly mobility and want to start the Sustainable Mobility Program right now at a time when e-mobility and the range of charging stations in Germany are growing continuously. For this year alone, the Center of Automotive Management (CAM) expects sales of 250,000 e-cars in Germany. That would correspond to a market share of 8.9 percent.

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Pay contactless with card or app at the charging station

But billing with a variety of payment methods at the public charging stations is a major hurdle for consumers. That means: Mastercard tries to set standards here and naturally wants to play a leading role as one of the major payment providers. The average driver, as the company demonstrates using an study , uses up to six different charging apps, five charging cards and other electronic means of payment such as their debit or credit card. The comparison portal Verivox also came to the conclusion that charging an electric car while on the move requires significantly more advance planning and commitment from customers than a car with a combustion engine. This is exactly where Mastercard's Sustainable Mobility Program wants to start by establishing uniform payment systems at charging stations. Because, especially when traveling, refueling and paying must become easier, says Mastercard to the operators and manufacturers of e-charging stations.

Mastercard wants to implement open payment systems at the charging stations together with partners so that users can charge electricity easily and without restrictions or provider ties. When it comes to "operator-independent systems with an infrastructure that users already have", the company naturally also thinks of its own cards and payment systems, such as contactless cards or a mobile payment app in smartphones or smartwatches, ideally based on NFC or without entering a PIN, depending on the amount.

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