Technology Tinder's Face to Face video chats launch globally

11:55  27 october  2020
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Face to Face differs from other video chat features in a few ways. Other dating apps already have video calling, including Tinder competitor Bumble. The company launched that feature last year and has seen an uptick in the number of people using it since the pandemic started.

Before a video call, Tinder ' s Face to Face feature prompts people to agree on some "ground rules," pulled from its community guidelines: "Keep it PG: No Tinder CEO Elie Seidman previously told CNN Business that the company's plans to roll out video chat capabilities are part of its broader vision to

After testing it in multiple countries and several US states, Tinder is rolling out its “Face to Face” one-on-one chat feature to users around the world, the company announced. The service will be helpful during the pandemic, as it will let you chat with a potential partner directly on Tinder without the need to meet in person or use an outside video chat service like Zoom.

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Such a service can also be fraught with risk, as anyone who has ever used Tinder can imagine. To that end, it has features that “ensure control along the way, prioritizing member’s safety,” Tinder’s Trust and Safety team said.

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✍ Tinder is starting to roll out its video chat feature called Face to Face across more than a dozen major markets.Starting this week agree to keep their chats free of anything sexually explicit, violence, or hate speech.The video call splits the screen into two equal halves unlike other video chat tools

In its announcement, Tinder explained Face to Face is currently being tested in thirteen countries, including the In explaining the reasoning behind the launch of the new feature, Tinder says an Tinder ' s Face to Face Puts Privacy First. Face to Face doesn't just randomly allow you to video call

Just as you can only text chat after a mutual match, Face to Face will only work if both you and your potential date have opted in. So, if you’re interested in a Face to Face, you just tap on the video icon and your match won’t know you’ve done so until they do the same. If you don’t feel like doing a video chat, you can toggle it off at any point.

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Both partners have to agree to Tinder’s ground rules, have video turned on and be clear in the frame. “Conversation is a two-way street, and it’s better when you’re together 50/50,” according to the press release. “Plus, this helps you make sure you’re putting your best face forward with your match.” At the end of the call, the app will ask for your opinion and let you send a report at any time once the call ends.

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Tinder is rolling out video chats to users in 13 markets. Select users will be able to use a feature called Face to Face . If available, both parties can choose agree to a video chat through the app. Tinder said calls can't include sexually explicit content or hate speech. Users are prompted to say if they would

A video call, of course — and Tinder ’ s Face to Face video chat feature, which is currently being tested in Virginia, Illinois, Georgia Seeing as numerous other dating apps have already launched video calling capabilities earlier this year (or prior), it might appear that Tinder is a little late to the party.

Tinder also gave some general advice, like starting slow on text before going to video and being flexible about times for video calls. It also suggested you have an interesting background or accessories, like a book case to show your interests or an unusual hat or piece of jewelry. To help calm any first-date nerves, it also recommended doing an activity like a Pictionary or cooking a dish.

Face to Face should be a useful feature, as it will bridge the gap between a text chat and a live date — a one-on-one conversation is simply a better way to tell if you’re compatible with someone. Just be aware that despite all the precautions and advice, Tinder won’t be able to prevent any harassment that happens during a call — it’ll be up to you to end it. The service is now rolling out across the US and UK, along with Brazil, Australia, Spain, Italy, France, Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Peru and Chile.

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