Technology Reorganization: what was negotiated under the glass roof of the Gare du Nord

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Vitry: the new station at the theater offers a welcome to authors

 Vitry: the new station at the theater offers a welcome to authors © LP / F.D. Vitry, Friday September 25. At Gare au théâtre, a new space now exists to allow authors (drama and others) to work in peace, free of charge. They have a mission: to completely fill the library with texts that they will have written themselves, in the room where it has been arranged. Will they rise to the challenge? In Vitry, the new Gare au théâtre will inaugurate a space entirely dedicated to authors in the coming days.

Gare du Nord revamp ‘indecent’, say leading French architects. About 30,000 sq metres are to be added to the arrivals and departures halls, while a 1-hectare planted roof terrace is planned with a view of the Sacré-Coeur basilica. “But the Gare du Nord should be a railway station before all else, not

Paris Nord is one of the six large terminus stations of the SNCF mainline network for Paris, France. Located not far from Gare de l'Est in the 10th arrondissement, the Gare du Nord offers connections with several urban transportation lines, including Paris Métro, RER and Buses.

La gare du Nord en janvier 2020. © Gonzalo Fuentes The Gare du Nord in January 2020. Each week, a story of cities, architectures and urban issues. Today, return to the agreement concluded Monday between the city of Paris and the SNCF.

Who gave in? Between the city of Paris, the SNCF and Ceetrus, real estate company of the Auchan group, which released something substantial enough to achieve the signing of a memorandum of understanding on Monday on the redevelopment of the Gare du Nord? It all depends on who is talking. And what are we talking about. In the city of Paris, no one has been able to read the contract between Gares & Connexions, a SNCF department, and Ceetrus, the real estate company of the Auchan distribution group. Not even the mayor, Anne Hidalgo.

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Gare du Nord is a Dutch-Belgian jazz band, originally consisting of Doc (Ferdi Lancee) and Inca (Barend Fransen). Doc played guitar and Inca played saxophone, while both performed vocal duties. After the pair split in 2013, the band continues working and touring with a different lineup.

Leading French architects have attacked the planned glass renovation of the Gare du Nord rail station in Paris, warning that the project to create a vast shopping space is Although France has spent millions on small-scale changes to the Gare du Nord in recent years, rail authorities warning the

In 2017, Ceetrus obtained a majority stake in Stationord, the company that would lead the renovation of the largest station in Europe: 66% of the capital for the property company, 33% for the rail operator. In exchange for this unusual takeover, the Auchan subsidiary agreed to finance the entire 600 million euros of works and to pay SNCF an annual fee for the forty-six years of the concession. The public company won a free renovation of Paris-Nord and an annual return to renovate its suburban stations. Such was the justification for this Faustian pact.


In July 2019, Stationord presented a project in line with its interests. The 35,000 m2 pier swells with an additional 88,000 m2 of shops, offices, performance halls, among others. A new building is stuck on the side of the station. New, arrivals and departures are separate, just like at the airport. Three footbridges must be built under the historic glass roof in order to achieve this separation. Departing travelers will have to walk past the shops.

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The Gare du Nord expansion will treble the station’s capacity to accommodate an extra 100,000 passengers a day This will be translated into a reinterpretation of the new departure terminal in 19th century style, featuring an 18m-wide gallery and a 300m-long passageway covered by a glazed roof .

Gare Du Nord - It's In The Mind, Not In The Eye Album: Club Gare Du Nord Year: 2005 Label: Play It Again Sam Add &fmt=18 to url for better (stereo) sound

It is an understatement to say that this project has sparked controversy. It appears like a shopping center stuck to a train station, making life more difficult for travelers. But, rare, the Parisian municipality takes the lead of the bronca. Jean-Louis Missika, urban planning deputy, supports architects, town planners and historians who petition against the operation and promises war.

A municipal election later, change of tone. Missika has retired, town planning is in the hands of Emmanuel Grégoire, the first deputy. But in the face also, there has been change. Jean-Pierre Farandou became president of SNCF, succeeding Guillaume Pepy. Grégoire and Farandou are entering into negotiations with December 31, 2020, the deadline for filing an amending building permit. In the case of major Parisian train stations, it is the State that issues it.

"Like dogs"

So who gave in? "They negotiated like dogs, they didn't want to let go," said one of the meeting attendees of Stationord. The company still agreed to blow up a floor and a half of the new building (the performance hall), to let travelers access the trains by the way they want, to finance the study of a northern access, in makes a second transverse station. This large equipment will be financed by the SNCF. Farandou has released this lock.

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Paris Nord (or Gare du Nord , "North Station", pronounced: [ɡaʁ dy nɔːʁ]) is one of the six large terminus railway stations of the SNCF mainline network for Paris Construction lasted from May 1861 to December 1865, but the new station opened for service while still under construction in 1864.

The Gare du Nord , designed by the Second French Empire architect Jacques Hittorff, opened in 1864 in the heart of the 10th arrondissement. You can eat well for under €15, daily for lunch and dinner. • 170 rue Du Faubourg Saint Denis, +33 1 40 05 01 01, saravanabhavan.com.

In a way, the clever flow system Ceetrus has drawn around its stores is seriously shaken. But on the other hand, not a square meter of commercial space has disappeared. And the three problematic walkways under the glass roof are still there. “The city of Paris has given in to everything,” laments one of the September petitioners. In particular, it noted in the protocol that it undertook "not to provide any support for appeals brought forward, if necessary, by associations, residents or others". However, the filing of a modifying building permit opens the way to appeals.

They won't be missing. The RN2GN (Retrouvons le Nord de la Gare du Nord) association announced that it would "soon make known the actions it intends to carry out in Paris, in Ile-de-France, in Hauts-de-France. This file has a national character, ”she believes. France nature environment denounces it "a hasty agreement" which "only reviews the initial project at the margin". She is asking for a moratorium.

But perhaps the laws of the market will have the last word. Auchan, Ceetrus’s parent company, is no longer the flamboyant success it was in 2017. The lead years follow one another with the group's losses exceeding one billion euros. After the first confinement, 1,500 job cuts were decided.

In addition, textile brands, the backbone of urban shopping centers, are struggling. What will happen if rental income decreases? "If the commercialization does not work, it will be messy," notes a municipal source. SNCF has an interest in Auchan being able to pay its royalties for forty-six years… The penalties are surely provided for in the contract.

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