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21:55  22 january  2021
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UK Will Ban the Installation of Huawei 5G Equipment After September 2021

  UK Will Ban the Installation of Huawei 5G Equipment After September 2021 The UK has taken another step towards removing Huawei from its 5G network. On Sunday, the British government announced that the country’s telecommunications companies would not be allowed to install new 5G equipment from Huawei after September 2021, Bloomberg reported. © Photo: Patricia de Melo Moreira / AFP (Getty Images) Trump Administration Forgets It’s Mad at Huawei and Reportedly Lets Qualcomm Sell It 4G Chips According to Bloomberg, although the UK announced in July that telecom providers would have to remove Huawei equipment from their networks by the end of 2027, the new restriction could accelerate the plans tele

In the United States , net neutrality , the principle that Internet service providers (ISPs) treat all data on the Internet the same, and not discriminate

Net neutrality is the concept that all data traffic on a network should be treated indiscriminately, where internet service providers (ISPs) would be restricted from blocking, slowing down or speeding up the delivery of online content at their discretion.

Jessica Rosenworcel has just been appointed interim head of the Federal Communications Commission by Joe Biden. It holds exactly the opposite positions to its predecessor on many issues.

Jessica Rosenworcel. © FCC Jessica Rosenworcel.

Ajit Pai has just been replaced by Jessica Rosenworcel as head of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) by Joe Biden. She occupies the post on an interim basis. She could be the architect of the return of net neutrality in the United States.

This 49-year-old Democratic lawyer is the second woman to be appointed head of this critical institution. She joined the FCC in 1999, left it for a while before being reinstated under Barack Obama for a first term as commissioner in 2012.

Net neutrality push coming under Biden, Republican FCC commissioner warns

  Net neutrality push coming under Biden, Republican FCC commissioner warns Net neutrality rules to regulate internet companies could return, thanks to Democrats taking back the majority at the Federal Communications Commission, a Republican at the commission said. © Provided by Washington Examiner “There are a significant number of Democrats who have made clear and public their goal is to regulate internet companies like a utility,” said Brendan Carr, a Republican commissioner. He said it seemed likely that Democrats at the commission will push for reinstating stronger regulations for internet companies.

Net Neutrality guarantees the right to distribute and receive ideas without limitation or discrimination via the internet. Without the protection of Net Neutrality , tiered access limits diversity and blocks ideas and opinions. Additionally, it creates an internet in which only the companies that can afford to pay more

The net neutrality debate today is mostly around video, but could pivot to IoT, which will increase its share of internet traffic in the future. Beyond provisioning traffic, a lot of computing services for IoT like image recognition can be provided on the edge equipment of telecom and network providers.

Fighting the digital divide

Very involved in the fight against the digital divide, she has campaigned for better access to broadband in rural areas. She is also a fervent supporter of net neutrality . In 2015, she pushed then-president Tom Wheeler to create more protective rules. The exact opposite of Ajit Pai, whom she had faced hard when buried net neutrality as Donald Trump wanted. Jessica Rosenworcel also never forgets to promote women in tech. She started a podcast for the regulator, Broadband Conversations, where she interviewed only women.

In her FCC featured bio, Jessica Rosenworcel says she works to promote greater opportunity and accessibility to communications services, to ensure that all Americans have a fair chance to succeed in the 21st century. The motto of his Twitter account? “The future belongs to the connected”.

Source: FCC

California's net neutrality law can go forward, judge rules .
A federal judge on Tuesday ruled that California can for the first time enforce its tough net neutrality law.Former Gov. Jerry Brown signed the bill in 2018, making California the first state to pass a net neutrality law. Open internet advocates hoped the law would spur Congress and other states to follow suit. The Trump administration quickly sued to block the law, which prevented it from taking effect for years while the case was tied up in court.

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