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17:22  28 january  2021
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The early years of online gaming were rife with issues for players. Hacking was a constant problem, malware and trojans made any download a risk and almost anyone could use your connection to carry out illicit activity. However, things have changed for the better over the years and online gaming is without a doubt safer than ever before. So, for players who want to start enjoying online gaming, it’s no longer a risk every time you log on. So, what exactly has online technology done to make us safer over the years? We’ve taken a look to find out more.

Removal of risky software

One of the main uses of online gaming in recent years has been playing through browsers. Browser-based games have provided hundreds of hours of fun to millions of players all around the world. However, there were security issues. Some of the software that was used to offer browser-based games allowed access to the user’s computer. One of the biggest exploits around was Flash. Many players found themselves at risk by using Flash-based games in their browser.

This was a big issue at online casino sites in the early days because Flash was a major part of how the games were created. However, with the advent of HTML5 to create games and Flash becoming obsolete, it has created a highly secure online gaming environment for casino players. You’re able to find a range of safe online casino sites from BonusSeeker and it will help you find the most secure sites to play for real money at sweepstakes casinos. While online casinos are now one of the safest ways to play online, they weren’t always as safe and secure as they are now.

The security situation changed as Flash was slowly phased out, with it being removed completely at the start of 2021. That instantly made browser-based gaming sites safer. The introduction of HTML5 as a universal way to provide the games has meant gaming through a browser is significantly safer than it’s ever been.

It has managed to move into more than just free to play games as well. The use of HTML5 has also become the industry standard for online casino games. As these games require higher levels of security than most other browser-based games, it shows that removing Flash and other risky software can improve the levels of security.

SSL certificates

Most modern PC users will be aware of the difference between “http” and “https” in a web address. The “https” version will have a small padlock next to it in the address bar. This is a sign that the site has an SSL certificate. While it would take too long to fully explain what this entails, it essentially means that the site is protected from attacks from malicious software and hackers.

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It provides encryption to all incoming and outgoing connections. Even if a hacker is able to get hold of the player data, it will be fully encrypted and basically useless to them. This provides players with peace of mind when using sites that utilize this technology.

Obviously, this technology is used by a number of different sites, with any site that uses payments requiring one in order to be secure. That means that retail sites, bank sites, online casinos and more all need SSL certificates in order to be trusted by players. Obviously, this is something that has increased the levels of security for online browser games.

Payment methods

Payment methods are something that many players don’t think of when it comes to online gaming. However, with a number of high-profile hacks having taken place, it’s something that is needed in order to keep players safe. The Sony hack was probably the most damaging, with thousands of players not just being hacked but seeing their bank accounts emptied as well.

It meant that not only did gaming platforms have to tighten up their security, but so did banks and other payment methods. One of the biggest additions to the security protocols for payment methods is two-factor authentication. It means that for large payments or changes to a bank account, the customer has to authenticate it using two different methods. This is usually via a code that is sent to the customer’s mobile phone and a password that is already decided.

This has increased the level of security that’s in place on payment methods and has made sure that customers don’t have to worry about their bank accounts being emptied by criminals.

Of course, e-wallets have also added to security levels, with some of them providing tighter security than even the banks can offer.

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