Technology Shopify retailers can now advertise directly on Tiktok.

18:10  23 february  2021
18:10  23 february  2021 Source:   t3n.de

Shopify removed accounts associated with President Trump, including his official campaign store

  Shopify removed accounts associated with President Trump, including his official campaign store Shopify follows other tech companies, like Twitter and Facebook, in suspending Trump's online accounts.Shopify's decision follows a siege of the US Capitol building yesterday, where pro-Trump rioters shattered windows and destroyed property. The mob aimed to stop Congress from counting electoral votes in the 2020 election and certifying President-elect Joe Biden's victory. Four people died during the attack, including a woman shot by a US Capitol police officer.

Shopify's Tiktok integration is finally available in Germany. At the start, shop operators are to be lured with advertising credits.

Tiktok-Anzeigen können jetzt direkt aus Shopify heraus erstellt werden. © JHVEPhoto / Shutterstock.com Tiktok ads can now be created directly from Shopify.

In October 2020, Tiktok announced a cooperation with Shopify . The deal is intended to make it easier for users of the e-commerce platform to advertise their range of goods on Tiktok. Now, for the first time, the corresponding function is also available to dealers from Germany.

Without having to leave the Shopify dashboard, merchants can access all core functions of the Tiktok Admanager. This means that advertising campaigns including target group selection can be planned directly via the interface of the e-commerce platform. A tracking pixel from Tiktok can be stored in Shopify to record the conversions.

Gen Z is using TikTok to encourage youth voter turnout in Georgia's runoffs

  Gen Z is using TikTok to encourage youth voter turnout in Georgia's runoffs Of the four candidates running in the Georgia runoff elections, only Democrat Jon Ossoff has created an official TikTok account.Carthron, 19, of Marietta, couldn't help but notice during the hour he spent waiting to vote Dec. 17 that he was one of only a handful of young people in line.

Advertise on Tiktok: Shopify merchants are lured in with ad credits.

To encourage merchants to expand their advertising efforts to Tiktok, the video network and Shopify are currently giving away a limited amount of ad credits. If you have a test account or a basic account with Shopify, you can secure an ad credit of 82 euros. To do this, however, merchants must first connect a new Tiktok for Business account to Shopify and spend 20 euros on advertising on the video platform within two weeks.

Professional, Unlimited and Shopify Plus customers should in turn receive advertising credit of 270 euros for registering a Tiktok business account. For every additional euro spent on Tiktok advertising, you will also receive an additional euro as a credit. That should work up to a maximum value of 1,800 euros.

Shopify grows in the Corona year

lockdown-related, many German retailers switched to online sales in 2020. Shopify apparently also benefited from this. As the company announced, the number of online stores opened via the platform in Germany rose by 126 percent compared to 2019. The turnover generated in Germany rose by a total of 186 percent.

A fufu TikTok trend introduces millions to a West African staple .
“Foodie TikTok,” as it’s called, has rallied around a West African dish called fufu — a soft, spongy, stretchy dough that's one of the most common foods in the region. Related: Meet Nigeria's small but growing vegetarian and vegan community “Fufu goes with any soup — with okra, with vegetable soup and even with spinach,” Etim told The World.The carb can be made from cassava, white yams or plantain and is eaten with lunch or dinner. But making it can be a laborious task.“It’s elbow work. ... Whether you’re using cassava or plantain or a combination of both, they have to be steamed. And then, you have to work the dough.

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