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22:09  03 march  2021
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GitHub has big plans for Indian developers, startups, students

  GitHub has big plans for Indian developers, startups, students "Indian companies such as Infosys, InMobi, Udaan, ShareChat, Capillary Technologies, Swiggy, ArisGlobal, and many others have chosen GitHub to collaborate and build the software that powers their businesses."Over the last year, the software development website has seen over 1.8 million new Indian developers join its platform, taking its community size in the country to 5.8 million. India has also become the fastest-growing market for GitHub with over one million developers having created their first repository on the platform in the last year.

GitHub has presented version 12 of its Javascript framework Electron. The innovations are manageable. There are still breaking changes.

Electron 12 ist da. © Source: Github Electron 12 is here.

Electron 12 carries out the update from Node.js 12 to 14 internally and brings a new API with it, which seems particularly suitable for the developers of Electron extensions. With the new webframe API, developers can now access web content in the main process and not just when rendering. This makes testing extensions much easier and an extension developer noticed that this was not the case. The new API is already provided with of a documentation .

Fired because of Nazi warning: GitHub apologizes to affected employee

 Fired because of Nazi warning: GitHub apologizes to affected employee Last week, GitHub fired an employee who warned his Washington colleagues about Nazis on a Slack channel on the day of the Capitol riots. Now the responsible HR person has resigned. © Sundry Photography / Shutterstock An employee at GitHub was fired for using the word Nazi in a company chat. Concerned about his colleagues, the employee wrote in an internal company chat on the day of the Capitol riots: “Stay where you are, friends. Nazis are in the area.

New standard values, new and changed APIs

Electron 12 is screwing on various interfaces and expanding the possibilities of API release. In version 12, Electron sets the default values ​​of ContextIsolation and WorldSafeExecuteJavascript from the previous “false” to “true”. These are two of the different breaking changes, i.e. changes that are so clear that they can make existing software inoperable if the changes required by the innovations are not expressly incorporated. Standard values ​​change in various other places.

Anyone who has previously relied on the remote module should use @ electron / remote in the future. The migration is described here . Obviously, Github has also removed the Flash Support from Electron.

Framework Laptop is an easily upgradeable 13.5-inch notebook coming this summer

  Framework Laptop is an easily upgradeable 13.5-inch notebook coming this summer Tired of laptops that won't even let you replace their batteries, much less anything else inside? Framwork looks to remedy that issue with its forthcoming portable, which is the latest attempt to bring the modular concept to the laptop space.Framework is the latest company to try its hand at the modular laptop concept, recently announcing a 13.5-inch system that it claims will be shipping by this summer. While some previous attempts at modularity allowed for limited upgrades, Framework is promising that nearly everything can be swapped from its base specs, including 11th-generation Intel Core processors and a 55Wh battery.

Another change results from the Chromium roadmap. Since version 87, Chromium under Х- $ requires a processor that supports the SSE3 instruction set. This is the case with all modern computers. However, if you still have a 15-year-old device in operation, you might see an error message when starting Chromium. Electron 12 is now pulling the same here. In addition, it comes with changes to the stack and now supports V8 in version 8.9 and Chromium 89.

Tip on the side: If you absolutely need a browser for your old darling, you can use Firefox for the time being. The browser only requires SSE2 support.

Several breaking changes affect the display. The interfaces for the browser window and apps have received a number of changes. These concern, for example, the rendering process and addressing different display sizes. In addition, Electron 12 introduces a tablet mode for the browser window and brings adjustments to the Windows refresh rate. Extensions can now be reloaded more easily and can be equipped with file access.

How to get Electron 12

In a detailed blog post the developers explain all changes. Electron 12.0 can be downloaded from the project website . First impressions of the timetable for the next major version 13.0 are also available.

With the start of version 12 of the Electron framework, Github is giving up support for Electron 9. Users of the old version should now seriously consider an update.

By the way: Several well-known desktop applications are already based on Electron. Including Discord and Skype, but also editors such as Atom and Microsoft's Visual Studio Code.

Microsoft president Brad Smith candidly confesses politics are pay-to-play in response to criticism over the company's donations to lawmakers who objected to US election results .
Smith said donations get Microsoft access to lawmakers' events, where it builds relationships that come in handy when it needs favors, CNBC reported."It plays an important role. Not because the checks are big, but because the way the political process works," Smith said, according to CNBC. "Politicians in the United States have events, they have weekend retreats, you have to write a check and then you're invited and participate.

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