Technology iOS 14.5 won't actually let you change a default music service

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Apple closes security gaps

 Apple closes security gaps © DEFAULT_CREDIT iOS 14 (Image: Apple) Apple today released security updates for iOS to patch three zero-day vulnerabilities that were exploited in the wild. Apple reacted after three zero-day vulnerabilities in iOS were reported by an anonymous researcher. The Patches are available as part of iOS 14.4. The first zero-day concerns the kernel of the iOS operating system (CVE-2021-1782), the other two were discovered in the WebKit browser engine (CVE-2021-1870 and CVE-2021-1871).

Changing music defaults has not yet been fully fleshed out, but if you 're a beta user that prefers third-party music services , you can get them set as the Siri default after updating to iOS 14 . 5 . Note that if you 're not seeing the option to select a default music service , you may need to restart your device. Some users have also reported being unable to get the setting to surface, so it's possible not all users will see it in this beta.

Siri, say goodbye to Apple Music : iOS 14 . 5 beta lets you set Spotify as default . Siri's getting a little smarter, I guess. Image: screenshot / apple. First discovered by Reddit users (by way of MacRumors), the new feature is part of the developer and public betas for iOS 14 . 5 . So, it's not available for everyone just yet. If you have either of the betas downloaded to your iPhone , you 'll be given the chance to change your default music service the first time you ask Siri to play a song.

It turns out that Apple’s iOS 14.5 update won’t actually let you change your default music service that you use with Siri. Beta users had originally noticed that it appeared as if early versions of the update might allow you to change the default service that launches when you ask Siri to play a song.

  iOS 14.5 won't actually let you change a default music service

This meant that rather than specifying a third-party music app with each request, Siri would remember your preference and launch with the service you had originally specified. While all that still seems to be the case, TechCrunch reports that Apple has apparently “clarified” that it “doesn’t consider this feature the equivalent to ‘setting a default.’”

despite mask: iOS 14.5 enables unlocking via Apple Watch

 despite mask: iOS 14.5 enables unlocking via Apple Watch Unlock iPhone Apple brings with iOS 14.5 a solution to bypass the problem with the mask in front of the face when unlocking with face recognition. For this, however, you need an Apple Watch. © t3n Apple Watch Series 6. Owners of many iPhones have been faced with a problem for months: As soon as they are in places where a mask is required, the usually extremely convenient Face ID face recognition cannot be used. Instead, you have to use your PIN. With the upcoming update to iOS 14.5 and watchOS 7

Just this year with iOS 14 , users finally got the ability to change their default browser and email app. As spotted by some savvy Reddit users, Apple might be expanding that to include the default music app. The idea is that if you ask Siri to play a song, it will automatically do so in the service of your choosing. In our testing, the experience was the latter. It makes sense for the default to be decided that way, because as of right now, there doesn' t appear to be anything about a default music service in the Settings app. With the former method, shown in the screenshot, the only way to set the default

The iOS 14 . 5 beta lets you change your default music player from Apple Music to anything else. The iPhone 12 mini (Image credit: TechRadar). If you ’re one of the many people who owns an iPhone but doesn’ t use Apple Music , then iOS 14 . 5 looks set to have a feature you ’ll find useful – the ability to switch to a different default music player. It’s a feature that has been spotted by Reddit users in the iOS 14 . 5 beta, and specifically it will ask what app you want to use the first time you request a song from Siri, then whatever you select will be set as the default , meaning in future you can just ask Siri to

That’s because the feature relies on “Siri intelligence,” which can track your music-listening habits over time and predict which app you’re more likely to want at that moment. For users, that may certainly feel as if you’ve changed your default music player, but there’s still no way to do that on iOS.

All this may seem like a ridiculous distinction, but as TechCrunch notes there are some bigger implications to the issue. Namely that the company is currently facing multipleantitrust investigations that deal in part with whether or not the iPhone maker privileges its own services over competing ones. Giving users more control over defaults could be one way to address some of those concerns. But for now it seems Apple still isn’t quite ready to make that jump.

Popular music mobile apps are grouped on an iPad screen. Apps include Pandora, Spotify, and IHeart Radio. © NoDerog via Getty Images Popular music mobile apps are grouped on an iPad screen. Apps include Pandora, Spotify, and IHeart Radio.

Apple rolls out iOS 14.5 public beta 3 with new Find My Items tab .
Less than 24 hours after seeding the latest iOS 14.5 beta to app developers, the third iOS 14.5 public beta is now available. The most significant change in iOS 14.5 beta 3 appears to be the addition of an "Items" tab in the Find My app which will allow users to track even more devices from an iPhone or iPad. It also suggests that we're even closer to the debut of the AirTags, which should be featured at Apple's spring event this month. Previous betas have revealed that iOS 14.

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