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12:26  05 march  2021
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Apple TV: 11 essential tips to master your streaming box

  Apple TV: 11 essential tips to master your streaming box The Apple TV is a seemingly simple device that's gained so many new features over the years. Here's the latest.Even though a new Apple TV is possibly on the horizon, the current Apple TV lineup is worth the investment for Apple fans and users. And once you get the shiny new box setup, there are some things you'll need to learn. For instance, getting around the Siri remote can feel simplistic, but there are some hidden shortcuts that will surely make your life easier.

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Please don't get me wrong: Apple stock (NYSE:

) can certainly still generate solid returns over the long term. After all, the ecosystem of the cult group from Cupertino is gigantic, as is the brand, of course. And the products have a very loyal following.

Nevertheless, key figures such as a market capitalization of 2 trillion (!) US dollars or a price-earnings ratio of approx. 36.8 make it clear that the valuation situation here is now not only ambitious. No, but also gigantic in size.

So today, let's take a look at two tech stocks that could be a better choice right now. As well as a younger, more dynamic and possibly with more prospect of a strong return. No question about it: these could be solid Apple alternatives.

Forget Apple! Zalando is just getting started! One first stock that may outperform Apple's now, in my opinion, is 's Zalando

Apple’s subscription business is about to explode

  Apple’s subscription business is about to explode A new analyst report suggests that Apple might soon add subscription tiers to a number of existing iPad and iPhone apps. Loup Ventures thinks that Apple might soon add services like Podcasts+, Stocks+, and Maps+ to the likes of Apple News+, Apple Music, and Apple TV+. Back in the fall, Apple launched the new Apple One subscription bundle that packages different iOS apps together, in various combinations, since paid subscription products are now so big a component of Apple’s overall business that it’s tantamount to the revenue of a Fortune 50 company all by itself.

(NASDAQ: ZAL111). But is this a tech stock? Basically yes. Of course, e-commerce is also a link to this segment. The tech focus could become even stronger in the future.

Zalando is not just profiting from COVID-19, which could lead to a long-term and lasting shift in the market situation in the fashion mail order business from offline to online. No, the management is also working on solutions to digitize trying on.

As well as to become more profitable in the long term and to raise the customer experience to a completely new dimension. This shows that there is actually a lot of tech in shipping fashion items. In logistics too, of course.

But back to the starting point: Zalando is currently valued at a market value of 21.49 billion US dollars, which is roughly equal to a share of just over one percent of the market value of Apple. That shows me: The Zalando share could still have a lot of potential with its overall intact growth stories. Yes, especially with a view to the valuation, but also to the megatrend of e-commerce.

Axon Enterprise: small but powerful! Also, a second stock that could be a really small tech alternative to Apple right now is Axon Enterprise

Apple hit record revenues of $111B in fall 2020, fueled by coronavirus pandemic

  Apple hit record revenues of $111B in fall 2020, fueled by coronavirus pandemic Apple earnings for the first quarter of 2021 were record-setting with new all-time highs for sales of iPhones, iPads and services such as Apple Music.The Cupertino tech giant posted record revenue of $111.4 billion during its 2021 fiscal first quarter, Apple announced during its earnings call Wednesday. That's a 21% increase from the same period a year ago.


). There is also more tech in this security company than is initially apparent. Of course, tasers and body cams also have to work. However, that is not all with this exciting share.

Axon Enterprise also has a cloud business, which now accounts for 25 to 30% of total sales.

This segment has an operating margin of over 77%, which shows that this is already a jewel within the company. Since police work could also be digitized and Axon Enterprise also sells body cameras, a gigantic ecosystem in the field of security technology could emerge here in the long term. Ecosystem? Admittedly, that sounds similar to Apple.

However, here it comes: The market value of Axon Enterprise is just 9.9 billion US dollars. That means: The company's market capitalization is not even 1% as large as the cult group from Cupertino. If you ask me, that could also speak for a more dynamic growth story in a potentially huge market.

Tech Stock? It doesn't always have to be Apple!

As I said: There can be reasons why, as a Foolisher investor, you want to rely on Apple. Nevertheless, there are attractive, young, dynamic tech alternatives. For me, Zalando and Axon Enterprise are one of them. And, who knows, maybe soon for you too? The post Forget Apple! These tech stocks are a better choice! appeared first on

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