Technology Curious patent: Sony wants to turn bananas into Playstation controllers

22:56  07 march  2021
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The United States Patent and Trademark Office recently published a bizarre request from video game firm Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. to patent a system that turns ordinary household objects and food products into PlayStation controllers , Entrepreneur reports. "The system comprises an input unit operable to obtain images of a non-luminous passive object held by a user as a video game controller ," the patent says. In the patent , Sony uses an illustrated banana to visualise their new system. Oranges are among one of the other examples the company uses. "E.g. a player may hold two bananas - one

Sony filed a patent for technology that can turn almost anything into a PlayStation controller , even a banana . The patent was filed with the US Patent & Trademark Office on Feb. “Terrible marketing scheme by Sony even tho at this point it’s oddly expected from a Sony who are completely past their prime.” Another pointed out the hypothetical temptation of getting your daily dose of potassium when playing with a banana controller . “Better hope you don’t get hungry in the middle of a boss!” the user tweeted.

Sony-System könnte bald Bananen zu Playstation-Controllern machen. © USPTO / Sony Sony system could soon turn bananas into Playstation controllers.

Sony is currently having some issues with the PS5 controllers. Now a patent from the Japanese company has emerged, thanks to which the Playstation can be controlled with a banana.

In the past few weeks, many PS-5 players have complained about defects in the dualsense controllers in the new console. An class action lawsuit against Sony is already underway in the USA because of the drifting criticized by the players. The handicraft professionals from iFixit had recently identified the reason for the controller problems , which apparently also appear with the controllers of Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and the PS4. Sony now wants to turn bananas into controllers.

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Sony is developing new technology that is likely to drive gamers bananas . According to gamesindustry.biz, the gaming company behind the PlayStation is developing tech that will turn household objects such as mugs, glasses and, yes, bananas into game controllers . "The present disclosure seeks to address or at least alleviate some of the above-identified problems." The patent also has a section dedicated to "Two-Object Controller ," indicating that the company is looking into duel-wielding banana or mug controllers . Motion control possibilities are also being examined.

Patent direct link. Sony Interactive Entertainment just patented a way to turn a banana into a So what does a banana remind you of? Personally it reminds me of apes, what ape game comes up to My uncle who works at Playstation told me it was the other controller who was against the new

Everyday objects as PS controller

According to a patent that has just emerged, the banana is just one example of the objects designed by Sony for future control of the Playstation. According to of the description it concerns a system for the generation of inputs for video games. Passive and non-luminous objects should be used. At another point you can read that it should (also) be about simple, inexpensive and non-electronic devices, as Gamesindustry writes .

In addition to fruit, this could be a cup or a pen, maybe also a pillow or a wooden spoon. These are recognized and scanned by the patented system via a camera. An artificial intelligence then calculates possible areas for the Playstation buttons in the background and assigns the corresponding functions to these positions.

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Per Business Insider, Sony turned in a request to patent the ability to turn household items and food products into PlayStation controllers . The request was paired with an illustration of a banana being used to play the video game console. It's the NBA All-Star Game almost no one seemed to want . Certainly not the players, who scoffed at the notion of playing an exhibition game in the midst of a pandemic. The NBA's best will take the court Sunday in a one-night-only, hastily arranged event at mostly empty State Farm Arena, where only a limited number of invited guests will be allowed to

We can all agree on one thing, gaming is an expensive hobby to get into . Besides the usually prohibitive costs of gaming hardware, especially gaming PCs, players have to worry about controllers . Do you want to play with more than one person at a time? That’s another entire game’s worth of cash you have to spend just for another controller . There’s clearly a problem here, and Sony wants to solve it. Just not in the way you would think. Instead of making cheaper controllers , the company has filed a patent for tech that would let players make a controller out of anything. © Provided by GamePur.

In addition to being used as a controller, the input system should also be able to be used for other purposes, for example when special objects are to be explored in a certain game. The aim is to make the game experience even more immersive. It should also be possible to use two objects, such as bananas, together. A steering wheel is given here as an example.

Sony has Playstation VR users in mind.

Sony could target users of its virtual reality headset with the system described in the patent. The Japanese company is currently working on a new version of the Playstation VR launched four years ago, despite statements made differently by the head of the video game division. The current Playstation VR , which was actually developed for the PS4, can also be used on the PS5 via an adapter. Whether and when the above-described Sony patent will be implemented and bananas can become PS controllers is in the stars.

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