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04:00  24 march  2021
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Whilst the EU has flourished when it comes to gambling, the US still gives the topic the cold shoulder, with lawmakers avoiding the subject, and gamblers flocking to offshore sites to settle their gambling itch. It is quite funny really, as when one talks about gambling, and when I say one, I mean anyone across the world. When one talks about gambling, there is only one place that comes to mind: Las Vegas. Sin City, and the place when we all chant: ‘’what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’’ Yet, the US is quite primitive when it comes to gambling.

If we compare the old American gambling scene today, one cannot deny that some progress has been made. A significant one actually. With the Indian Gambling Regulatory Act of 1988, many card room and land-based casino were launched, all owned by Indigenous tribes that sought to expand the gambling scene. Many sites were opened, and all of these outside the traditional Atlantic City, New Jersey or Vegas. The spread and launch was a nationwide strategy.

How other markets inspired the US to push for a legal gambling scene

The UK market, the German Market, the Scandinavian Markets and also the Latam markets were turning points for the US regulator. The million and billion-dollar profits that these countries made out of gambling went back to the people via pensions, country reforms and modernisation of the country. This is one key point that could help and be the catalyst for the US is seeking to finally regulate and legalise gambling. Many states want a portion of the cake. After all, when a gambling site operates in a certain state, part of the revenue goes back to the state or country.

According to best50casino.com, another reason why the US needs to hurry up and legalise gambling is to safeguard the US gamblers. Not having gambling legal does not mean that gamblers are not gambling. Actually, gamblers are heading over to offshore sites, some unregulated and the lack of laws that dominates such site will always have a bad ripple effect on the player. Not being paid any winnings, illegal marketing contact and much more activities that are deemed illegal in today’s modern regulated gambling world.

Whilst many states are pushing for the legalisation of gambling all across the US, other states prefer not to bring up the topic altogether. Such states include conservative Utah and also the state of Hawaii. Both of these states have made it quite clear: gambling is not on the agenda for them, and they prefer to keep it that way.

On the other hand, the US gambler is not all about visiting land-based casino sites. With a pandemic looming, many players are seeking the thrills of online gambling sites. Online is a different ball game. Players can enjoy any game that they like from the comfort of their own home, along with lucrative events, tournaments and bonuses targeted to keep the online gambler engaged. Also, the competition is fierce, with the online player having a great number of sites to compare, choose from and play at. Keeping the player in mind, along with the revenues that states could benefit from, many US states are pushing to legalise online gambling.

The Trump and the Biden views on gambling in the US

When it comes to gambling, Trump was definitely not a supporter. On the contrary, Joe Biden had spoken, that he seeks to promote gambling and seek approval from states to state legalisations. At the start of his presidency, Mr Trump was all about promoting the land-based resort casinos, but that seemed to fizzle out like the rest of his campaign promises. With Biden on board, it seems that things in the gambling arena will soon start to shift across the US.

Whilst Joe Biden tackles the US Covid pandemic, there is still no discussion on gambling on the table as yet. Having said that, the new US President’s first month in office seems to be a promising one for gambling. Joe Biden’s way of politics is not about micromanaging the country, he is more about having all the cards on the table, and letting the citizen choose what is best for him or her, legally.

Mr Trump being a businessman, saw much more interest and a booming economy if the land-based casinos stayed operational. People would seek to travel to resorts, spend a buck or twice, and the economy wagon keeps on spinning. Promotion online and legalising would only cause harm to the land-based offering. At least, this is what the Trump administration believed.

How could Biden kick-off online gambling in the US?

Whilst many talks have been held about gambling in the US by many presidents, nobody wants to be ‘that’ president that start the talk that legalises the game. Having said that, Biden is fair enough not to stand in the way if US states come forward wanting to legalise gambling. With the US being a conservative country when it comes to any form of gambling, legalising the online markets would be a massive weight to carry.

The current president and the former one had totally different stances on the matter. Biden will support a state that wants to legalise gambling, whilst Donald Trump would definitely oppose any form of discussions being held. Simple.

How is the US Wire Act the missing puzzle piece?

For those of you who are not familiar with the US Wire Act, let’s talk about some history. IThe Act passed in 1961 and was always the main force behind legalizing online gambling in the US. Whilst the Trump Era did not promote this, the Biden administration wants to work closely with the Us Department of Justice to talk about online gambling making sure that each state seeking to legalise gambling is supported in all ways and means.

Just like his ex- Boss Barack Obama, Biden is more a people person, a President that wants citizens to live freely, and not having too many restrictions imposed. The Wire Act could be the backbone for each state to kick off talks about online gambling, and making sure that a safe online gambling arena is promoted legally and also via regulations.

So what does gambling currently look like in the US?

Whilst many states have shows interest, there are 3 states that have legalized gambling statewide. These are New Jersey, Pennsylvania and also Delaware (the hometown of President Joe Biden). This means that both you and I could head over to any of these states, register and play at sites in the markets. Online casino sites can also seek to extend their operation in these states, obviously after meeting all legal and regulatory requirements.

Other states that are looking to legalising online gambling include the states of Michigan and also West Virginia. Keeping in mind that the US is quite sizeable, the best way to go about it is to leave the decision to legalise or not legalise gambling to the respective state. This is not a nationwide decision, this is a state decision, and the country is quite happy with that.

Were there any gambling discussions post the 2021 US elections?

With the 2021 Presidential Election in the US is done and dusted, Trump exiled and Biden was sworn in, talks on online gambling have started across the US. Many states are looking at how they could implement such a massive project state wide safeguarding the player along the way, whilst others are still closing all doors to discussions. We have witnessed all-out bans on gambling, and some laws being drafted in some states. This is the current situation that the US is currently in.

The industry could boom if laws and regulations are set in stone. All America could benefit from having online gambling introduced. Yet, it will be the individual state to decide on the fate of gambling in their home towns.

What does the future hold?

Now that the Trump days are over, there is no more tarnishing the gambling industry across the US. The new era and the new President bring new hope, and with an economy affected by one of the worst pandemics of our time, online gambling could indeed be the saviour that indeed saves the US economy.

The vision of Joe Biden and the lassie -fair attitude to introduce gambling could see many online casinos and sportsbook operators setting up home across the US. This means that annually each site could a small % of the earnings and give back to the same state of operation. The money could be used by states to better-living conditions and states nationwide, attracting more sites in the process. The job market would also be affected positively with online casinos being given the green light in the US. Imagine the number of people that could find online jobs in such a promising and ever-growing market.

With many lockdowns and more looming on the world, the land-based casinos could suffer the most, yet we are all confident that Joe Biden, the president of the people is helping in the matter. In the meantime, the online market is set to make record amounts in revenue this year, surpassing all previous years across all markets. The gambler that once made it to the land-based casino is happier to self isolate and play online staying safe at home. This is the future, this is the new normal, and it is high time that the US caught up.

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The president’s first address to Congress had 26.9 million viewers, not 11.6 million as claimed in a social media post.An April 29 Facebook post from James T. Harris, a conservative radio host and social media personality, lists television ratings for five past presidential addresses — four from former President Donald Trump and one from Biden. The post says Biden’s address to Congress had only 11.6 million viewers, compared to 37.2 million viewers for Trump’s 2020 State of the Union speech.

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