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09:05  08 april  2021
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Apple latest exec shuffle is further evidence of its VR headset

  Apple latest exec shuffle is further evidence of its VR headset It might just be clear what Apple senior VP Dan Riccio’s mysterious “new project” will be. As 9to5Macreports, Bloombergtipsters claim Riccio (pictured at right) will oversee the team building Apple’s mixed reality headsets. The company reportedly ran into obstacles it hoped the executive would overcome. It’s not certain just what those problems are, although they’re not enough for engineering team lead Mike Rockwell to leave his post. Apple isApple is also said to be transitioning its camera and display technology teams to senior VP Johny Srouji, who currently handles the processor and modem teams.

Buy or rent

is still worthwhile to buy a new smartphone or tablet in times of steady electronic change or is the trend right towards leasing?

Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images © Provided by finanzen.net Ralph Orlowski / Getty Images Leasing at reasonable rates

The latest smartphone, the latest laptop or a recent generation tablet? You can hardly buy his hardware as fast as a new, overtaken version conquers the market. The model, which was still considered an innovative highlight of the technology when published, is already part of the old iron in just a few years. Therefore, the question depends on whether it is still worthwhile today to make a new acquisition. Instead, renting a device could be the better solution. About this alternative, one should think about the aspect that a new device is often associated with ever higher costs. Because even if the technique became significantly affordable in relation to the performance over the years, especially high-end devices remain an expensive purchase. The providers have also recognized this problem, so many of them are increasingly specializing in the rental of hardware at reasonable terms.

Quantum computing: Quantum annealing versus gate-based quantum computers

  Quantum computing: Quantum annealing versus gate-based quantum computers Researchers from pharmaceutical company GSK investigated whether existing quantum computers could already assist with drug discovery.The conclusion? The method used by D-Wave, called quantum annealing, can already compete against classical computers and start addressing realistic problems; on the other hand, gate-based quantum computers, such as the one that IBM is building, remain short of enough qubits to run problems that are relevant to the real world.

Small rates instead of high one-time payment

is therefore worth the hardware leasing or do you use a well-considered purchase long term the better deal? At first glance, the monthly rates of the companies attract, as already from about 20 euros per month you will receive a notebook of the latest generation for a term of 36 months. However, in such offerings, you should always take into account the purchase price of the device and look closely if the leasing offer ultimately does not devour much more money.

In addition, it is advisable to take a look at the terms offered and to compare them if necessary. So there are vendors who offer 12, 18, 24 or 36 months. The minimum rental period is not insignificant. Although some offers contain a minimum rental period of only one month, they may be associated with a high premium on the monthly installments. This is especially important in top devices such as current smartphones. In general, the monthly installments are significantly more expensive at a lower term. Offers With a term of 36 months, therefore, often have the cheapest monthly conditions, with the total rental costs exceeding the purchase price for high terms possibly significantly exceed. For customers who can not do high one-time payments, renting a device will still be an attractive alternative.

Buy the laptop best for you: Windows 10 or MacOS, plus 10 more things to consider

  Buy the laptop best for you: Windows 10 or MacOS, plus 10 more things to consider If you've gone shopping for a portable PC lately, you know that the sheer number of choices can be overwhelming. How do you narrow your options? Use my checklist to assemble the specs that match your preferences. The best laptops: Our recommended models for every use case and platform

advantages and disadvantages for corporate customers

in terms of hardware leasing is recommended in individual cases to decide whether it is worthwhile or not. Especially with providers specializing in corporate clients, the rates are low and the rental times are correspondingly high. Nevertheless, the advantages predominate as most companies exchange their hardware anyway after 36 months at the latest. Another advantage of the hardware rent is that the effort for a further marketing is eliminated. At the end of the rental period, the laptop or tablet is simply returned to it instead and can additionally assert the monthly rates tax. From the advantages of hardware leasing, young companies and startups can benefit. For them, the acquisition of hardware often means a high financial burden. Instead of turning a lot of money for the purchase of multiple laptops, tablets or smartphones, the killings can save the cash and cash equivalents.

System on a chip is the new motherboard, says Google. Here's what that actually means

  System on a chip is the new motherboard, says Google. Here's what that actually means The cloud computing giant has unveiled plans to go one step further in the design of new custom chips.Circuit board. Electronic computer hardware technology. Motherboard digital chip. Tech science EDA background. Integrated communication processor.

Advantages and Disadvantages for Private Consumers

All the benefits of which companies and self-employed in hardware leasing, however, is attributable to the private consumer. Because on the one hand, these laptops or smartphones often uses more than 36 months and on the other hand, the further marketing of the used equipment in the private environment is less expensive, as a smartphone can sell much faster than hundreds. However, there are also providers specializing in the needs of private consumers and adapted the conditions accordingly.

General should be considered if a well-considered purchase is more sensible than the device to rent. However, if you are interested in receiving regular new hardware, you should compare the offers from extensively and choose one that does not exceed the actual purchase price by several hundred euros and complies with your requirements. Editorial Finanzen.net

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