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09:05  08 april  2021
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CBS HQ AM template: For February 9

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Telemedicine in Germany is growing rapidly. "Corona has catapulted us for five years in this area," says the managing director of Münchner Teleclinic GmbH, Katharina younger. In your industry are five years a long time.

Immer häufiger werden bei Hausärzten Videosprechstunden nachgefragt. © Monika Skolimowska / ZB / DPA / Symbolic Photo More and more frequently in-house videosPrecht lessons are requested.

Your company operating one of the large platforms for telemedicine in Germany has discarded younger six years ago. Additional thrust hopes the Teleclinic boss from a law reform, with the Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) wants to further facilitate online treatments. Thus, physiotherapists and midwives should be able to support patients about computers and smartphones.

Democrats plan crackdown on rising drug costs

  Democrats plan crackdown on rising drug costs Democrats are hoping 2021 will be the year they accomplish their long-held goal of reigning in rising prescription drug costs by allowing the government to negotiate directly with pharmaceutical companies.The proposal is largely opposed by Republicans and loathed by the pharmaceutical industry, but Democrats think they have a chance of getting it done with control of the White House and Congress. Price negotiations could be included later this year in a reconciliation bill, a fast-track budgetary move that only needs 51 votes to pass the Senate and can't be filibustered.

also the central institute for the Kassenärztliche supply (ZI) has observed a sudden increase in videos language hours after the outbreak of the Corona Pandemic - about 1.7 million was the institute between March and September 2020. "In the same period of 2019, it was virtually zero," says The Zi Managing Director Dominik of Stillfried. However, he considers the time and organizational expenses to have physicians with video patrons, often for a considerable obstacle. "For the practices, online contacts are very inefficient compared to the normal consultations."

According to a survey by the Digital Business Association Bitkom, around 17 percent of the practical physicians offer video language hours. Another 40 percent can imagine such an offer. "We see an extremely strong openness here," says Bitkom-General Managing Director Bernhard Rohlededer.

Lessons learned from my first year as a youth basketball referee

  Lessons learned from my first year as a youth basketball referee Sporting News college sports writer Bill Bender is coming off his first season reffing youth basketball. Here are the lessons he learned.This was minutes into my first scrimmage as a basketball official last December. Two seventh-grade boys were tangled up 80 feet away from the basketball, and they whipped their heads around to get the call.

to the medical professionals who were open very early for videosPrecht hours, the Munich family doctor is Markus of Specht. When he started six years ago to treat his patients from afar online, he was still an exot in the medical profession. Demand of patients have just been enough to fill a video hour in the week. Now he has a daily online pad hour. "And that's always fully booked," he says. As a technical service provider, he has commissioned the German subsidiary of the French company Doctolib.

The Internet platform, which also focuses on the appointment, is visited by more than four million users each month after own data in Germany. Doctolib wants to use the tailwind of the pandemic for further growth, as well as the German subsidiary of the Swedish provider Kry.

Already at the beginning of 2020, Sweden had announced that they have collected $ 140 million for further expansion by investors. The Medical Director of Kry Germany, Monika Gratzke, says: "With the money we can implement technologies that lead to better care of patients in German healthcare.»

Sea level rise is impacting populous coastal areas four times faster than global average, study says

  Sea level rise is impacting populous coastal areas four times faster than global average, study says Coastal communities are experiencing sea level rise four times worse than global water rise, according to a new study released Monday. © ARYA/AFP/Getty Images This aerial picture shows people rowing a raft over a flooded road in Jakarta on February 20, 2021, following heavy overnight rains. The combination of so many people and the multitude of rivers has made this city especially prone to relative sea level rise.

great growth opportunities for his company also sees the managing director of the Munich Telemedicine company Jameda, Florian White. The company, which has become known as a doctoralating portal, has changed its business with the digitization of medical treatment now on several building blocks. White says, it's not about a mechanization of medicine. "The relationship between doctor and patient is the focus."

In the medical profession, the initiatives come to an expansion of telemedicine on a shared echo. The President of the Association Chamber, Klaus Reinhardt, is sure: "We will be able to experience interesting models." He adds, however, "Abdominal pain can not be treated online." With skepticism, Reinhardt sees that large companies are increasingly engaged in telemedicine. Jameda was taken over by the Media Group Burda in 2015. The group of companies also includes the Portal DocMorris, which operates online distribution of medicines.

Medical President Reinhardt fears goal conflicts when physicians cooperate with a company that has an economic interest in selling as many medicines as possible. "I see the highly critical," says Reinhardt. The Medical Association checks if this construction can be legally inventory. Teleclinic managing director Katharina disciple shows: "Of course we fit up."

Not only from the top of the Federal Medical Association there is reservations about the fact that larger alliances are formed in online medicine. The Munich family doctor of Specht sees a danger: "That financial interests take the largest room and that it is not about better patient care."

Canada faces ‘very serious third wave’ of pandemic: Trudeau .
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s comments come as largest province sees rise in hospitalisations as variants spread.During a news conference in Ottawa, Trudeau warned that hospitalisations are increasing, intensive care units are filling up, and coronavirus variants are spreading.

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