Technology HMD Global launches Nokia C, G, X series, plots wireless service, simplification

19:30  08 april  2021
19:30  08 april  2021 Source:   zdnet.com

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HMD Global is launching six new Nokia Android devices, launching a 5G service to go with the phones in the UK and stepping up its enterprise push.

The company is simplifying its lineup into three categories leading up to midmarket smartphones, honing its direct-to-consumer game and prepping services to go with its devices, said HMD CEO Florian Seiche.

HMD took over the Nokia smartphone business in 2016 from Microsoft and has steadily grown the brand while building out its strategy as a service provider.

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The launch of new Nokia devices with bundled HMD wireless service moves the plan along. Here's a quick overview:

  • Nokia is launching Nokia C-Series, which are introductory devices that will cost as little as $60, the G-Series starting at $110 and the X-Series going for $250 and up. Most of the devices are 4G, but the X-Series is 5G.
  • HMD will become a virtual mobile wireless carrier with data, voice and SMS bundled with a new Nokia device. Seiche said UK will be the first market for HMD via a partnership with a top 5G carrier.
  • HMD's Nokia brand is built on a longevity promise with up to 3 years of Android updates.
  • And HMD and Nokia are leveraging the Android Enterprise Recommended program to gain enterprise share. Seiche said the "enterprise segment is working well for us." "Our customer base is still very strong in international companies with EU headquarters with a presence in the US," he said.

Make no mistake, HMD realizes that Nokia is the lead smartphone and device brand, but additional services such as connectivity and extended warranties will be HMD branded, said Seiche.

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Add it up and HMD is using Nokia to bridge the price gap between feature and smartphones, leverage the demand for digital connectivity across all price points and move up into higher margin services. The plan makes sense and gives HMD a good structure to iterate with in the future.

As for the phones, here's a look at the new Nokia lineup.

  • The C-Series has 2 years of security upgrades and the devices are engineered for all-day battery life as well as an Android version suited to use less memory.
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  • The G-Series will run from $110 to $300. HMD is launching the Nokia G10 and G20. The devices have full Android and 2 years OS and 3 years of monthly security upgrades. The G20 runs on the MediaTek Helio G35 and has a 6.5-inch HD+ display. Memory is 4GB with storage options of 64GB and 128GB. The G20 has a 48MP quad camera.
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  • Nokia's X-Series is led by the Nokia X20. The device runs on Android 11 but has three upgrades ahead as well as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 480 5G mobile platform. RAM ranges from 6GB to 8GB with storage of 64GB and 128GB.  Nokia added a 64MP Dual Sight camera that can shoot different angles at the same time.
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Nokia phones will get their own budget 5G wireless service .
HMD Mobile will launch in late April, first in the UK and then in other countries.HMD Global, the maker of Nokia phones , is launching its very own network in the UK that it's hoping to gradually roll out to other countries too. It means that now when you buy a Nokia phone from HMD, you'll have the option of also choosing to sign up for its network. (You can sign up even if you don't have a Nokia phone, but it feels like they're built to go together.

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