Technology MinIO adds key management tools to its Kubernetes object storage product

23:40  08 april  2021
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MinIO's open-source Kubernetes object storage product has been beefed up with a trio of new tools that should make it easier to manage. On Wednesday, MinIO announced the new Operator, Console, and SUBNET Health tools for enterprise customers. The company said the new features are designed to help organizations who want to simplify the deployment of multi-tenant, object storage using Kubernetes. The tools should also offer customers greater automation as they ramp up their cloud-based deployments and workloads.

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The new MinIO Kubernetes Operator allows administrators to deploy and manage their large object storage infrastructure regardless of whether it's housed in the public or private cloud. By incorporating all the key DevOps tasks, the Operator provides the necessary capabilities for tenant creation, tenant expansion and tenant management.

The MinIO Operator is available on all major Kubernetes distributions including Red Hat OpenShift, VMware vSphere 7.0U1, SUSE Rancher, HPE Ezmeral and stock upstream, the company said. It will also be accessible through all the major cloud providers, including Amazon's Elastic Kubernetes Engine, Azure Kubernetes Service, Google Kubernetes Engine and Anthos.

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The new MinIO Console offers a GUI-based platform through which organizations can manage and monitor the various clusters using all the advanced features. The Console allows admins and users to provision multi-tenant object storage as a service, visually monitor the health of the system, perform audit tasks and integrate with other components, MinIO said.

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Finally, the SUBNET Health tool automates the root cause analysis of technical issues by conducting a thorough inspection across drives, network, CPU, memory, operating systems, containers and MinIO software components. SUBNET Health is designed to operate in both online and air gapped environments.

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"Collectively, these features allow customers to rapidly adopt even the most advanced MinIO capabilities while providing a roadmap for increased automation as they scale their deployments and workloads," MinIO CEO and co-founder AB Periasamy said in a press release. "SUBNET Health is a critical component of MinIO's hybrid cloud strategy and provides customers with the confidence to run on any hardware, in any environment and on any cloud."

The three new tools are all licensed under GNU AGPL v3 as open source software. MinIO said it can provide exceptions to the obligations associated with the AGPL v3 through a commercial license, while such license holders can gain access to the MinIO Subscription Network (SUBNET). This service includes 24/7/365 direct-to-engineer support, access to the Panic Button, SUBNET Health, architecture, performance and security reviews and other benefits.

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