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These are Hollywoods's most famous sibling pairs

 These are Hollywoods's most famous sibling pairs to participate in "bares for rares" he was on shopping trip: Klaus Schell comes with a plate in the show he only bought for a reason. © ZDF "Bares for Rares" trader Wolfgang Paouritsch does not recognize the alleged similarity to Susanne Steiger. Most sellers come to " Bares for Rares " to get rid of unpleasant heirlooms.

Sometimes it's time to separate from a beloved family back - but not at any price. For example, Rentner Ursula Doeing had decided to offer a brooch for sale, leaving the piece of jewelery in front of her walk to the TV show: 4,500 euros wanted to achieve them based on this evaluation. That would have been worthwhile - But unfortunately nothing has been .

Bares für Rares: Wegen falscher Schätzung: Verkäuferin lehnt Händlerkarte ab © ZDF / Guido Engels BARES FOR RARES: For Wrong Estimation: Saleswoman Leans Dealer Card from

"BARES FOR RARES" -STAR Sven Germank has an eye for treasures and in the video below, he now shows his Greatest: his wife.

"Bares for Rares " expert does not provide a quarter of the hoped for

the " bares for rares " expert. Heide Rezepa Zabel (56) took a closer look at the heirloom, according to "kino.de" and was quite done: the brooch came from the 1960s and convinced optically with their flowery motifs. Also valuable white gold was processed, but a built Opal turned out to be real. The result: 1,000 euros should be Ursula Doouble due to the material value for saleswoman.

"Bares for Rares": Banause "Waldi" blasphemes about artwork - but the price gives the saleswoman quite

 In this artwork, the "bares for rares" dealers will not agree: While Wolfgang Paouritsch is enthusiastic, Walter "Waldi holds "Lehnerz with his opinion not behind the mountain. © ZDF "Bares for Rares" dealer Walter "Waldi" Lehnerz is not to delight for the rhombus. The 54-year-old itself paints. is the art or that's the way? If it goes to " bares for rares " retailer Walter "Waldi" Lehnerz, the answer would clearly come up with.

Saleswoman Ursula DoeInck renounced dealer card

Of course, 1,000 euros are a lot of money, only compared to the hoped for 4,500 euros you are not. At Ursula Doison, the disappointment was so great that they renounced their dealer card. The amount was too low to give the heirloom from the hands. But how could it come to the enormous difference?

Lover Prize in Retail is the wrong scale

for Dr. med. Heide Rezepa Zabel was found quickly: The 4,500 euros had to act an absolute lover price, which ideally would be to achieve the retailer. When passing on an acquisition like Susanne Steiger (38) from the dealer team of "Bares but Rares", of course, the profit margin must be deducted. "You can not expect any retail prices here," says the expert.

In addition, in the specific case, it is anything but easy to find a buyer who was ready to pay such a high amount for the piece of jewelry.

"Bares for Rares": Postcard by WM-Hero: Father and daughter make the business of their lives

 "Bares for Rares" makes football fans take up: A postcard of WM-Hero Max Morlock is for sale. The owners can hardly believe their luck. © ZDF Michaela and Wolfgang come with one piece to "Bares for Rares", which will delight every football fan. "I can not do anything with it," says the daughter. years old she was careless in the drawer: Michaela and Wolfgang Traeg come with an exceptional postcard to " Bares for Rares ".

Ursula DoeInck had to turn back on the way home. But her disappointment will surely put himself soon, she has lost nothing at the end. At "Bares for Rares" you have to be just on everything - to experience always weekdays from 15:05 clock in ZDF.

in the video: dealer Susanne Steiger reveals how she came to the junkshow.

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