Technology New Relic open sources Pixie, its Kubernetes-native in-cluster observability platform

01:25  05 may  2021
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Two months ago, Kubernetes observability platform Pixie Labs launched into general availability and announced a .15 million Series A funding round led by Benchmark, with participation from GV. Today, the company is announcing its acquisition by New Relic , the publicly traded monitoring and observability platform . The Pixie Labs brand and product will remain in place and allow New Relic to extend its platform to the edge. From the outset, the Pixie Labs team designed the service to focus on providing observability for cloud- native workloads running on Kubernetes clusters .

At New Relic , we believe an open source , community-driven approach is the best way to address observability challenges. Today’s announcements solidify our commitment to open observability for all: New Relic is a platinum member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). CNCF is part of the Linux Foundation and promotes the collaborative development of open source , cloud native computing and serves as the vendor-neutral home for many of the open source projects that are defining industry best practices, including Kubernetes , Prometheus, and OpenTelemetry.

The good news is that cloud computing, Kubernetes, and cloud-native computing have combined to make software development faster and more powerful than ever. The bad news is that keeping an eye on all that is harder than ever. That's why New Relic's contribution of Pixie, its Kubernetes-native in-cluster observability platform, as a new open-source project to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) under the Apache 2.0 license is good news.

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Kubernetes: The smart person's guide

Kubernetes is a series of open source projects for automating the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Find out why the ecosystem matters, how to use it, and more.

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Today, New Relic , Inc. (NYSE: NEWR), a leader in observability , announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Pixie Labs, a next generation machine intelligence observability solution for developers using Kubernetes . Pixie dramatically simplifies the process of troubleshooting and live The anticipated addition of Pixie will expand New Relic ’s opportunity to serve the rapidly growing Kubernetes market, and drive the acceleration of observability across organizations of every size. Modern developers are adopting Kubernetes as the de facto standard for managing containerized

Pixie Labs specializes in the Kubernetes environment and was founded in 2018 by CEO Zain Asgar, a former engineering chief for Google AI, and Ishan Mukherjee, who previously worked at Amazon and Apple. The startup has worked on simplifying troubleshooting and live debugging applications in Kubernetes New Relic intends to merge Pixie technologies with New Relic One to improve existing Kubernetes observability features, including Kubernetes Cluster Explorer. In a blog post announcing the agreement, Asgar said that the move will also allow Pixie Labs to release an open source and

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Pixie is a new observability platform for cloud-native applications. With it, developers can see all of their applications' metrics, events, logs, and traces with a single shell command. With Pixie, you don't need to add instrumentation code, set up ad hoc dashboards, or move data off of the cluster, to see what's going on. This will save you valuable time so you can work on building better software instead of better ways of monitoring it.

The program is deployed as a set of Kubernetes services within the monitored cluster. Pixie, in short, is a native Kubernetes program. Its Pixie Edge Modules (PEM) are deployed as DaemonSets. Within your clusters, PEMs leverage Pixie's eBPF program to collect network transactions and system metrics with no code changes.

Cisco launches Cisco Plus, a step toward network as a service

  Cisco launches Cisco Plus, a step toward network as a service According to Cisco, Cisco Plus will offer as-a-service models for its compute, networking and storage hardware. When coupled with Cisco's expanding software portfolio, most of the company's products will ultimately be as-a-service. What Cisco is ultimately going for is network-as-a-service, a cloud model for its routers and switches combined with compute and its observability platform. Cisco Plus is an option for customers that are expanding Cisco purchases for data center and hybrid cloud implementations, said Kip Compton, senior vice president of operations and strategy at Cisco.

New Relic announced it is in the process of contributing an observability platform that runs natively on Kubernetes to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Announced during an online KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2021 event, New Relic also revealed it has joined the governing board for the CNCF as a platinum member. At the same time, New Relic is also committing to expanding an existing alliance with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to make an instance of Pixie available as a service on a public cloud. Pixie employs the extended Berkeley Packet Filter (eBPF)

Build on New Relic . Explore open source projects. Full-Stack Observability . Visualize, analyze, and troubleshoot your entire software stack in one curated, unified platform . Move faster than ever with New Relic Explorer. Catch sudden changes before they’re problems with New Relic Lookout. Combine RUM, synthetic, and native app monitoring to proactively ensure uptime and performance

Mark Carter, Amazon Web Services (AWS) general manager of observability services, added: "With eBPF, a new instrumentation capability in Linux that is supported by the Pixie Platform, developers and operators can take advantage of a new observability superpower."

This is very handy. As Bill Staples, New Relic president, blogged: "The dynamic, distributed nature of these [cloud-native] environments presents a new set of observability challenges. We believe an open-source, community-driven approach is the best way to address these challenges." Therefore, by using OpenTelemetry as the instrumentation standard, both analysis and troubleshooting are made much easier.

Staples continued: "With one command, you can light up your entire cloud environment and get telemetry immediately. We believe all developers should get access to this phenomenal developer experience that reduces friction to observability and saves valuable time that you can use for developing better software. To make that happen, we are also devoting a majority of Pixie's engineering resources to this open-source project."

VMware expands cloud workload protections for containers and Kubernetes

  VMware expands cloud workload protections for containers and Kubernetes The new Carbon Black Cloud capabilities are designed to help InfoSec and DevOps teams work together to spot problems before applications are deployed into production. The improved security lines up with the rise in containerized applications. According to Gartner, by 2025, more than 85 percent of global organizations will be running containerized applications in production.

New Relic ’s Kubernetes cluster explorer provides a multi-dimensional representation of a Kubernetes cluster from We recommend that Kubernetes observability begins with these five practices To make sure Kubernetes does its job properly, you need to confirm the health and availability of pod deployments. With Kubernetes volume monitoring in New Relic , you can monitor your volumes

New Relic , a company that is synonymous with application performance monitoring (APM), has undergone a complete transformation to become an end-to-end observability platform company. Kubernetes , the open source container management platform , abstracts physical or virtual machines to expose an infrastructure layer optimized for containers. Modern applications targeting Kubernetes are composed of multiple smaller units called microservices that are packaged and deployed as containers.

Looking ahead, Zain Asgar, GM of Pixie and New Relic Open Source at New Relic and CEO and co-founder of the recently acquired Pixie Labs, said: "Open source is a defining value for New Relic and Pixie, which is why we are standardizing our observability offerings with OpenTelemetry and are in the process of contributing Pixie as an open-source project. We have seen the positive impact of open governance on open source projects first-hand, and we look forward to supporting this initiative on an industry-wide level through our [new] Platinum membership in CNCF."

Pixie Open Source will also now run on AWS as a secure, production-ready, AWS-supported distribution of the OpenTelemetry project.

Priyanka Sharma, CNCF general manager, welcomed Relic to the group: "We are pleased to welcome New Relic as a Platinum member and to add Zain Asgar to our board. Zain and New Relic's commitment to furthering our mission and supporting our community will go a long way. We look forward to their nuanced expertise and perspective on observability in particular."

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Microsoft buys Flatcar Container Linux creator Kinvolk .
Microsoft has acquired Kinvolk and plans to bring the team to Azure to work on Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Arc and other hybrid container platform capabilities. " He added that the Kinvolk team will continue with their existing open-source projects, including the evolution of Flatcar Container Linux. Burns said that Flatcar Container Linux already has a sizeable community of users on Azure, along with other clouds, and on-premises. Kinvolk also did some early work with CoreOS (the company, not Microsoft's Windows Core OS platform), as well as the Lokomotive and Inspektor Gadget projects.

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