Technology Google ends push for Chrome address bar to only show domain name

05:50  11 june  2021
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How to check a Chromebook auto-update expiration date before you buy

  How to check a Chromebook auto-update expiration date before you buy New or used, check this date. And if you already have a Chromebook, you should check it, too.Google has been working on extending these dates and, as of November 2020, it announced new models would have longer lives, which roughly translates to anywhere from 7 to 8 years or more. However, the date varies from device to device and isn't necessarily determined by when the device was released or by when you bought it.

URLs can be manipulated to make people think they’re visiting a legitimate site. Google has long wanted to solve this problem, and Chrome in version 86 will test just showing the domain in the address bar . Google ’s issue comes down to how “URLs remain the primary way users determine the identity and authenticity of a site.”. This is despite the fact that people’s perception of them can be easily manipulated by including the legitimate domain as part of a very long address that just gets skimmed over.

Whether that means that Chrome will only show the root domain by default in the future is not clear at this point, but the likelihood that it could happen is there. Most advanced users may prefer to show the full address all the time, and most probably don't mind the hiding as long as there is an option to permanently display the full URL in the address bar . Anyone with an functioning brain can see that the end -goal for Google is removing URLs as a concept so that all Internet consumption is basically siphoned through google .com. Basically a fucking Yahoo index from the 90s.

graphical user interface, text, application: Farewell, not so sweet prince. Image: Google © Provided by ZDNet Farewell, not so sweet prince. Image: Google

Google has reversed course and ended its experiment to only show Chrome users the domain name of the site they are on.

Kicked off in August, the experiment randomly assigned users to test whether it could help users spot phishing sites.

"Delete simplified domain experiment," Google engineer Emily Stark wrote in a Chromium commit.

"This experiment didn't move relevant security metrics, so we're not going to launch it. :("

Starting with Chrome 90, if a user did not specify the protocol to be used when accessing a site, Chrome would try first using HTTPS, before falling back to HTTP.

Google releases Chrome 90 with HTTPS by default and security fixes

  Google releases Chrome 90 with HTTPS by default and security fixes Chrome 90 has arrived with new privacy features and fixes for 37 security flaws.Chrome engineers flagged the HTTPS feature in February and Google has been testing it in Chrome 90 previews in the Canary and Beta channels. Additionally, Chrome 90 blocks downloads from HTTP sources if the page URL is HTTPS.

If logged in, address bar should show only domain name . Then If you logged then automatically redirect to your domain name only . but call the your default controller in background process. Important: need to be placed at the end of routes.php file because of wild card precedence.

I am struggling using my address bar to search with Google being the main search engine I use. However, I would prefer to use Google Search Engine as it would be much more convenient for me. My Google Chrome has also gained a different appearance both on the window itself and the new tabs window. Not sure what it is exactly but I can tell there is quite a bit of a difference than what I was using prior.

Earlier this week, Android Police spotted that Google had killed off its augmented reality Measure app. Heading to its listing without being signed into an account that has the app installed returns a "Not Found" error, while users that previously installed it can continue to see its listing page.

  Google ends push for Chrome address bar to only show domain name © ZDNet

"This app is no longer supported and will not be updated," the page states. "Users who previously installed this app can continue to use it on compatible devices."

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