Technology United States: At the request of the Trump Government, Apple seized Democratic Parliamentary Data

14:25  11 june  2021
14:25  11 june  2021 Source:   ouest-france.fr

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Etats-Unis : à la demande du gouvernement Trump, Apple a saisi des données de parlementaires démocrates © Roberto Vivancos / Pexels United States: At the request of the Trump Government, Apple seized data from democratic parliamentarians according to the Information from the New York Times, the US Department of Justice has made the data from Apple from two democratic parliamentarians, as well as members of their families, in 2017. These seizures were in the framework of the investigation. Leakage of information classified on contacts between the Trump administration and the Russian government.

new case involving the former US government. The US Department of Justice has captured with Apple during the Donald Trump Presidency data from two Democratic parliamentarians about the House of Representative Intelligence Commission and their employees and members of their families, by New York. Times. Assignments to obtain the communication of these data referred Adam Schiff, representative of California and at the time the main democratic member of this commission that he currently chairs, the American daily reported on Thursday.

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These seizures intervened in 2017 and early 2018, while the Department was investigating classified information leaks on contacts between the Trump administration and the Russian government, continues the newspaper. The representative Eric Swalwell said Thursday to CNN that he was the second Democratic Representative of the Commission. "I was notified (...) by Apple that they had grasped my data. It's bad," he said.

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according to the New York Times, prosecutors of the Ministry of Justice then led by Jeff Sessions have made unusual efforts to find the source of leaks. They targeted parliamentarians' data as well as their staff and families, including a minor, because, according to the newspaper, they thought they used the devices of their collaborators or children to hide contacts with journalists.

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Finally, none of the data collected or other evidence has linked parliamentarians or the intelligence board to these leaks, says the daily. But the investigation was restarted a year later by the Minister of Justice Bill Barr. The Ministry of Justice and Apple have not made any comments on this information.

Such data entries are rare outside the surveys of corruption cases. Mr. Schiff, without confirming having been a target of the investigation, claimed investigations to the Inspector General of the Ministry of Justice on "this and other cases that suggest an instrumentalization of the law enforcement by a president. corrupt". Mr. Trump "tried to use the department as a baton against his political opponents and the members of the media," said Schiff in a statement. "It is more and more obvious that these requests have not fallen into the deaf ear".

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Nancy Pelosi, the Chairman of the House of Representatives, also asked for investigations, qualifying "appalling" The New York Times article in a statement. For her, "these actions seem to be a new flagrant assault against our democracy launched by the former president".

The Ministry of Justice had imposed on Apple a non-disclosure instruction, which has expired this year, and the parliamentarians were not aware of the investigations until the IT group notifies it last month, according to the New York Times. Adam Schiff, who had brought the record of the first file in dismissal of Donald Trump at the end of 2019-early 2020, long-standing fight former Republican President, a "dangerous" man according to him.

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