Technology "unrestrained maternity": Trigema boss group criticizes Daimler sharp - and praises Tesla and Elon Musk

01:25  15 july  2021
01:25  15 july  2021 Source:   businessinsider.de

Elon Musk responds to Beneil Dariush

  Elon Musk responds to Beneil Dariush Beneil Dariush vented some frustration regarding Tesla on Saturday night.Dariush’s post-fight interview was an odd one. In the center of the cage, opposite Joe Rogan, Dariush first dedicated his victory to Jesus Christ (which is pretty common). Then, Dariush shouted out victims of ‘Marxist ideologies’ and said he understood their pain.

Only last month, Wolfgang Grupp, owner and managing director of the textile company Trigema, had critical to innovative work concepts such as free time division and duzen in the Company expresses .

Now the entrepreneur has again emerged with clear words about the automotive industry. like Grupp in an interview with the "Wirtschaftswoche" challenge , he does not hold anything from the Swabian car maker Daimler and its corporate strategy. Praise he had instead left for the electric car manufacturer Tesla .

Daimler has recalculated

as a "unrestrained maternity" Group designated the speculation of the managers at Daimler as well as the numerous acquisitions of AEG, Fokker or Chrysler. Since the group has been known since the 1970s, that the future of the economy must be independent of the oil, he showed no understanding.

ELON MUSK. A cryptomonnae against the Tesla's pattern has just been created

 ELON MUSK. A cryptomonnae against the Tesla's pattern has just been created © Michele Tushi / Reuters ELON MUSK on Tesla Construction Megasite in Gruenheide, near Berlin, Germany, May 17, 2021. A group of specialists has recently launched His own cryptomonnaie after being shocked by ELON MUSK and what they feel being a handling of the billionaire regarding the course of certain virtual currencies. Baptized $ Stopelon, she quickly seduced investors and has reached a $ 30 million capitalization. His creators hope to take control of Tesla.

Grupp, who has stabilized his company for many years at a sales level of around 100 million euros, hold little of growth at any price and rather put on innovation .

The US-American e-auto-producer Tesla is better than Daimler, not least because of the sincerity and personal standing for the company , explained to the "Wirtschaftswoche".

Musk assumes full responsibility for his company

according to the Trigema boss as entrepreneurs liability and responsibility in the first place. Grupp himself has not submitted a negative balance sheet for 50 years and his textile company work with 100 percent equity and without bank loans.

A similar claim also representes Tesla boss Elon Musk, who sells all its homes and invested its entire private assets in his company. Musk is exactly like Grupp to 100 percent entrepreneurs and carry full responsibility.

Dogecoin Price Spikes After Elon Musk Tweets About the Meme Crypto Again

  Dogecoin Price Spikes After Elon Musk Tweets About the Meme Crypto Again The Tesla and SpaceX CEO said he chose Dogecoin over other cryptocurrency tokens because it "has dogs and memes."On Monday, Musk, the billionaire CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, tweeted a link to the Dogecoin community forum on Reddit, along with a message telling prospective developers to submit their ideas there if they wanted to "help develop Doge.

According to Grupp, many economic problems could be prevented if these values ​​were held up in the economy of each, according to the entrepreneur in the "Wirtschaftswoche".

This article was already published by Business Insider in July 2020. It has now been checked and updated.

100 years Trigema © Christoph Schmidt, Picture Alliance via Getty Images 100 Years Trigema

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