TechnologyHashbon vs Coinpayments. Which is the best crypto payment gateway to accept Bitcoin?

14:20  21 july  2021
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The sphere of finances is among those spheres that have been immensely transformed over the last decade and is still being transformed. Now both private users and businesses have a lot of choices for payments and storing their funds.

With the rise of digital currency which we know as cryptocurrency, businesses have started to make investments in it and use it as a payment method with many advantages like the ease of use, rapid transfers, low risks of frauds, etc. Here is some more about the pluses of having cryptocurrency and using it for business operations.

Pro #1. Low transaction fees.

If we compare an average service for crypto payments and exchange to those running on fiat currency, it’s easy to notice that the latter charge considerable amounts of money when you use their services.

However, both big and small businesses can benefit from no-fee trading on crypto services or enjoy the minimal fees that let you enjoy good spins-offs.

Pro #2. Crypto payments are really fast.

Traditional banking operations stand no rivalry with crypto payments. While the first type requires hours and, often, even days to wait, crypto services result in instant transfers.

Pro #3. There is more security.

Thanks to the technology of Blockchain tracking, you can be calm about transferring costs since it leaves no chance of financial fraud and makes all of your assets available just after the operation. Plus, only you can access the wallet with crypto.

Why Is It Profitable to Work With Payment Aggregators?

To understand the mechanism of working with crypto in Ecommerce better, we suggest that you have a look at special tools designed to make your crypto transactions optimized. Crypto payment aggregators allow you to receive fast payments from clients, get the best deals for your business, and increase the security and speed of every operation your trade is involved in.

What is especially attractive in such aggregators is containing only the best prices and exchange rates for decentralized finance. They make it all convenient so that you can complete your moves in one place without searching for exchanges on your own. The trading experience is fully transparent and opens up opportunities to create strategies for a company to buy, sell, exchange, or take loans in the comfortable volume, frequency, and at good rates.

Comparison of Coinpayments & Hashbon

To make operations with crypto for businesses even easier, the idea of a cryptocurrency payment gateway was developed. Such gateways allow merchants to accept crypto payments from customers and, what is their biggest plus, can adjust to the needs of every business.

Hashbon and Coinpayment are among the leaders in the sphere that are used as popular services to accept crypto payments all over the world.

Let us dive into their similarities and differences.

Coinpayment Fees vs Hashbon Fees

The most drastic difference that you might notice first as a business owner, besides Hashbon’s zero commission, is that Coinpayment offers settlements in fiat currency only for an additional fee and does it via some third parties (which you, surely, can’t control) whereas Hashbon provides a full access to every euro you charge. Besides, Hashbon gives more freedom to business owners as it gives you control over commission: in such a way, you can decide if the commission is for the buyer or the seller. So, if you like to be your own boss and not settle for anything less than absolute comfort, Hashbon is a brilliant option.

Hashbon and Coinpayment: Ease of Use

Another significant point we couldn't miss comparing is the user interface that plays a major role in the success of financial transactions. Hashbon allows identity verification taking just a couple of minutes and boasts a simple interface in 5 most widely spoken languages, according to your location.

In contrast, Coinpayment supports 12 user languages (including English) and is smoothly integrated with many plugins which makes it user-friendly too. However, the fact that its verification process is much more complex makes us give out preference to Hashbon in this parameter.

In case you’re interested in other crypto payment gateways and are looking for a few places to try, visit this detailed guide featuring 10 best gateway options for today. There you can find relevant info about withdrawal and deposit fees, as well as gateways’ reputation and currencies they support.

Coinpayments Hashbon
Transaction commission 0,5 % 0 %
Conversion commission coin TX fee + third party’s conversion fees 1 %
Direct bank settlement No To bank account (SEPA), 1%
Volatility Risk for merchants yes no
Supported coins 2000+ 30+
Auto conversion + +
Massive payouts + +

What is more, Hashbon is specifically focused on B2B and B2C as a safe environment for businesses to accept Bitcoin payments and payments with Altcoin as well including Ethereum and Litecoin. Still, the majority of payments in business are made in Bitcoins while other coins are available for smaller businesses.


Having made a mini-research of the two best cryptocurrency gateways’ functions, it is still hard to define one of them as an absolute winner. Both of them are inherently logical and convenient to use. They allow excellent functions like automatic conversion, secure transfers, integration with bank accounts, and careful verifications.

Still, we find Hashbon a little bit more preferable for the Ecommerce use and think that one could benefit from its no-fee cryptocurrency transactions. This is a welcoming feature that also makes it easier for smaller businesses to try the crypto payment gateway. Over 11,000 holders have chosen Hashbon projects with its opportunities for profitable investments and exclusive features.

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