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17:23  28 july  2021
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7 best alternatives to Google Hangouts

  7 best alternatives to Google Hangouts For people in the United States, a move to Google Voice makes sense, but the free version of Google Voice isn't available everywhere. Here are some additional options to explore.Google Voice as a classic Hangouts replacement presents a bit of a challenge. Put simply, classic Hangouts phone calling worked in the U.S. and Canada, but free Google Voice numbers and features were available only in the United States. That means people in Canada who may have relied on the classic Hangouts phone call feature unfortunately can't switch to the free version of Google Voice.

Google builds its bug-bounty program comprehensively after ten years. Via various gamification elements, the attractiveness for participants should be increased.

Google renoviert sein Bughunter-Programm. © Google Google renovated his bughunter program.

find developers and developers vulnerabilities and other vulnerabilities or errors in Google's software, you can earn money about participating in an bug bounty program of the California Software Group.

29 million dollars paid in 10 years

After the program now has been running successfully for ten years, Google uses the anniversary for a comprehensive renovation of the service: "To celebrate our anniversary and make sure that the next ten years is at least as successful and collaborative Explore, we are pleased to announce the introduction of our new platform Bughunters.Google.com ". Over the past ten years, around 2,000 security experts and experts from 84 countries have a total of around 29 million US dollars for about 11,000 found bugs earned . This is divided into Google in an annex in the in-house security blog.

Fed up with Big Tech? Find out how to get your privacy back, explore alternatives to Google

  Fed up with Big Tech? Find out how to get your privacy back, explore alternatives to Google Big Tech has a big hold on our lives, and resentment is growing. If you've about had it, you have great choices outside of the Google sphere.Fast forward to now, and you can't go online or turn on the news without hearing about the control Big Tech has on our lives – and the growing resentment around it.

More items from games should make program more attractive

bughunters.google.com works as a through-renovated platform of the Vulnerability Reward Program (VRP) playful than so far. Gamification elements should make participation more attractive. So Google wants to provide about "more interaction options and a bit of healthy competition by Gamification , country-specific leaderboards, awards / badges for certain mistakes and more".

, especially the popular leaderboards are to become more appealing. These lists are used by developers as a reference for applications for tech jobs. As a special incentive, Google wants to distribute promotional items in the future for special occasions, so-called Swag (prey). That's why many program participants have always wished. Swag adds to the already deserved bug premium.

300K Americans may live with a chronic, deadly disease transmitted by the 'kissing bug.' What is Chagas and why are doctors missing it?

  300K Americans may live with a chronic, deadly disease transmitted by the 'kissing bug.' What is Chagas and why are doctors missing it? The key is to treat the infection early but many Americans are unaware they have it and a recent study suggests doctors are under-diagnosing it.Triatomine bugs, commonly known as kissing bugs, are vectors for a dangerous parasite that can cause a debilitating illness in humans called Chagas disease. If left untreated, the infectious disease can become lifelong and painful, and in some cases lead to death.

Google Simplified Submission and Publication

In addition, it will be easier to enable bug reports in the future. Instead of the previously different subprograms for Android, Chrome and others, there should now be only a joint form for submitting the found bugs. In addition, Google wants to better organize the publication of the found mistakes. After all, the sharing of the bug information of the community helps. Therefore, it must be as easy as possible, according to Google.

With the so-called Bug Hunter University , Google has started an educational offer, with the help of which the BUGHUNTER community can expand its own skills.

17-game seasons will upend NFL records. Here’s how to fix that .
When the NFL returns on Thursday night, it will, in many ways, look the same as it always has. Tom Brady will be great. Decades from now, however, Thursday will be the start of a line of demarcation in NFL record books. How will we react when, sometime over the coming years, Patrick Mahomes throws for 5,500 yards and narrowly surpasses Peyton Manning’s best-ever mark? What about when Derrick Henry, or the next great bruising back, speeds past Eric Dickerson to the single-season rushing crown? There is no easy answer. But there needs to be a better one than there was the last time the NFL extended its season.

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