Technology Officially: Tesla Cybertruck is only produced from 2022

15:51  08 august  2021
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photos on Google Maps Show Tesla Gigafactory in Grünheide from the inside

 photos on Google Maps Show Tesla Gigafactory in Grünheide from the inside © Google Maps / Bogdan Czyński The Tesla Gigafactory in Grünheide - from the inside. On Google Maps photos have appeared that show the inside of the Tesla Gigafactory in Grünheide. These and other pictures suggest that robots and systems are already tested. Only a few days ago, the Brandenburg regional environment of Tesla had officially granted approval, to test machines in the Gigafactory in Brandenburg Grünheide . The tests should not be a trial operation, as the authority stressed.

Still in July, Tesla boss Elon Musk had stated that the production of cybertruck will start until the end of the year. Now comes from the official fine print a production start in 2022.

Tesla Cybertruck. © Tesla Tesla Cybertruck.

When Elon Musk had introduced the exceptional vehicle called Cybertruck 2019, he issued a schedule, who said that the fully electric pickup truck will come to the market until the end of 2021. In the meantime, Musk had relativized the time to the extent that at least until the end of 2021 should be started with production. He had reaffirmed this planning on the occasion of of the presentation of the quarterly results in July .

Federal regulators warn of risks to firefighters from electrical vehicle fires

  Federal regulators warn of risks to firefighters from electrical vehicle fires Lithium-ion batteries pose a unique threat, and most first responders are not prepared.On April 17, when firefighters responded to a 911 call at around 9:30 p.m., they came upon a Tesla Model S that had crashed, killing two people, and was now on fire.

batteries and body: The problems of Cybertruck

At the same time he had pointed out that there were still considerable obstacles. In particular, the problems with the mass production of the new 4680 battery cell would have to get under control. This is not possible, Cybertrucks could only be produced in small series, which could lead to that could literally cost a cybertruck up to one million US dollars .

earlier before, Musk had made difficulties publicly who explain to the production of the exoskeleton body from Stahl . It is a completely new manufacturing process with very own challenges for the company. However, all that seemed no reason for adapting the official time rail.

The exoskeleton of the Tesla Cybertruck. (Image: Tesla)

Tesla owners can now get 'FSD' premium driver assistance for $199 per month

  Tesla owners can now get 'FSD' premium driver assistance for $199 per month Tesla just introduced subscriptions for its premium driver assistance package for $199 a month, rather than $10,000 up front.Marketed as Full Self-Driving capability (or FSD), the driver assistance system does not make Tesla's electric vehicles safe for use without an attentive driver behind the wheel.

small print does not lies

But now there is an official confirmation of the shift - if only in the fine print. If you look at the footnotes on the website of the electric pickup, finds the statement that a configurator for the different variants and options of the cybertruck will be unlocked when the production date is closer to 2022.

After current planning, the cybertruck is produced in the US-Austin US plant in the state of Texas, the so-called Gigafactory 5. The Gigafactory 5 is also to introduce the main production facility for Teslas entry into the truck market, the Semi-Truck will. The factory is still under construction and should be completed by the end of 2021.

race for e-pickup entry is narrower

in the race The electric pickups loses Tesla with its previous slight advantage over Ford. The car manufacturer also plans an electric version of the most popular US pickup at all, of F-150. He should also come to the market in 2022, but only to the center, and is widely used as benchmark, where all other pickup manufacturers will have to be measured.

Teslas's latest subscription coup could be used for the Gamechanger industry

 Teslas's latest subscription coup could be used for the Gamechanger industry The price of Teslas AutoPilot is perceived by many customers as too high. Now the electric car new has improved and offers a subscription model. © Provil by Finanzen.net Spencer Platt / Getty Images • Tesla switches rental option for autopilot functions free • After 50 months more expensive than with one-time purchase • Strong revenue ahead Teslas AutoPilot functions can now rent Tesla drivers now .

Rivians E-Pickup R1T. (Photo: Rivian)

According to the current state, Rivian will probably make the race around the first electric pickup, which actually rolls on the streets. The Rivian R1T should be delivered in the launch edition originally from July 2021. Meanwhile, the manufacturer is from September. Remains to be seen if there is at least general engine to keep his forecast. The car maker had also announced to deliver first units of electric lobster 2021.

Tesla remains at the Cybertruck in a favorable segment

even the Pickup Truck Ford F-150 popular in the US is electrified. (Photo: Ford)

An advantage that Tesla will remain according to the current state of knowledge is the fact that the cybertruck is expected to offer proportionately favorable entry into the e-pickup segment. Already from $ 40,000, there should be a feature variant of the futuristic companion. The Rivian R1T starts $ 70,000. Ford also paves a starting price of around $ 40,000 with the electrovianty named F-150 Lightning . The fully electric lobster is even above the Rivian with a starting price of around $ 80,000.

GMC brings with the Hummer eV a fully electric truck on the market. (Photo: GMC)

How Elon Musk announced some time ago, there should be modifications at the original design before the production start . It is possible that Tesla will still be more competitive against Ford by the price point.

Elon Musk announces: comes the cheap Tesla without steering wheel and pedals? .
The enthusiasm of the Tesla chief Elon Musk with regard to autonomous vehicles is well known that he is already playing with the idea of ​​allowing the steering wheel and pedals completely in the new, favorable model 2, but then surprises something. © Provided by Finanzen.net Andrew Burton / Getty Images • Autonomous Driving Heart Affairs of Musk • Cheap Tesla could already come without steering wheel and pedals • FSD beta software update is likely to be significant for success that the e -Auto

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