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02:50  17 august  2021
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Poker is one of the most popular games enjoyed both online and in a casino. It sits up there in terms of substantial player bases with blackjack, online slots, and bingo.

According to World Poker Tour, there are 100 million poker players globally, and 60 million of those play online.

It is culminating in online poker, the preferred way to play.

Since the technology for online poker is every improving, it is safe to say that we will likely see continued growth.

But exactly why is online poker the supreme form of play?

Skill levels

No matter your level of skill, you will be welcome at big online casinos like 888poker online.

They offer a huge range of rooms, allowing new players to practice at their own pace.

As well as offering a massive catalog of blog posts that can give you all the hints and tips you will need to have a successful poker career.

No tells

Over time you will learn to use breathing techniques to keep your tells and other body language to yourself. It takes practice to keep all of your micro-expressions to yourself.

When you play online, this is something that you have time to learn.

In the early days, you can notice all of your facial expressions and note when they occur. Are you furrowing your brown on a ‘bad’ hand? Are you doing a slight nod when you notice you have a ‘great’ hand?

These are all things that, when you are playing online; you don’t need to consider.

Although, you might need to consider that the use of cameras, virtual reality, and other technology might impact that in the future.

Having obvious tells can make casino-based a little bit tricky when more experienced players can spot them.

Big Bonuses

If you’ve checked out some land-based casinos, then you are familiar with not getting random bonuses and free chips.

And when you joined or went for the first time to the land-based, you most likely did not enjoy a massive deposit match either.

This is where online poker shines. Depending on the company you choose to join, you can see up to 200% of your first deposit matched.

Not only that, but they often offer a range of exciting offers by way of customer retention. Signing up for the newsletter will ensure that you get all of the best offers direct to the inbox.

Online poker is one of the best ways that you can maximize your bankroll.

You may be invited to select VIP games, high-roller tables, and more. You can also try out a range of different skill tables, including tables for new players that are more relaxing and with a low buy-in or free


If you have a long commute and take public transport, the convenience of being to play whenever and wherever is a big deal.

You can play on your terms and not when the land-based casinos are open.

Most online casinos now offer a mobile app that works on smartphones and tablets; you simply need to download the app and log in. It’s already ready when you are - provided you have cash in your account.


Keeping a low profile isn’t just for celebrities and the famous. You might just want to keep your winnings and success under wraps.

There is a famous case where a Swedish player took the online poker world by storm. He played aggressively and had a few big wins. Now knows to be Viktor Blom, he was known online only as isildur1.

Big-name players both feared and wanted to play against him, just for his online reputation.

Poker is a social game, and online casinos have taken that into account. With chat lobbies, and in-game chat possible, you can build an online community - even while anonymous.

Letting your play style do all the talking.


Land-based casinos have a limited amount of space, which means they have a limited amount of available tables at any time.

When you arrive at a land-based casino on a busy evening, you might be waiting a while before you get to take a seat.

While the online casino has an unlimited amount of tables and a more comprehensive range of games that you can play.


A crucial part of honing and learning in the early days of playing poker is making notes. You may make notes on a playstyle or take note of what a particular player is doing.

It is much easier to take notes when you are playing online. There will often be space within the screen to make your notes, and if not, you can have a pen and paper to hand.

Making notes when playing online is less conspicuous than taking them in person at a table - while other players watch.


If you have been playing poker for a while, you might be ready to branch out - and make use of what online poker can do.

If you have more than one screen and are comfortable making multiple decisions on different games, then multi-tabling is for you.

You’ll simply join multiple poker tables and have one on each screen.

Playing multiple tables isn’t for newer players as it required extreme concentration on two (or more) games at once.

Although, it is an ideal way for you to push your focus and decision-making skills to the limit once in a while.

With bigger bonuses, helping you maximize your poker time, and the ability to play when and where you like - it’s hard to see how land-based casinos can compete.

There are even some suggestions to see cryptocurrency and online casinos combine to offer players even more lucrative gameplay.

One of the most popular ways to add cash to online casino accounts is via PayPal; with the recent development is the online payment service wants his team to expand over 100 blockchain experts, online poker might be about to get even more enjoyable.

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