TechnologyWhat is VPN & Why Should You Use It?

13:34  24 august  2021
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If you access public Wi-Fi, you might wonder how its internet service provider (ISP) would use your data. Sometimes you might also want to unblock the content on Netflix and other popular streaming service providers. Using a VPN is your best bet in such cases.

A VPN bounces your data to another server through a safe tunnel. This way, it encrypts your data and allows you to browse the Internet securely. These days, you can choose country-specific VPNs. So, whether you want to use a Canada IP address or the IP address of any other country, you can choose your option.

What Is A VPN?

A virtual private network turns a public internet connection into a private network. By doing so, it provides privacy, anonymity, and security to users. It also makes users’ online activities untraceable and creates a virtual IP address for a device. All these actions become possible as the data from a device bounces to a secure network on a VPN.

Reasons To Use A VPN

If you consider the definition of a VPN, it becomes crystal clear that you can use it in many ways. Whether you are worried about your browsing habits or wish to make secure transactions, you can rely on it to secure your data and veil your activities on the Internet.

Here are some prominent reasons to use a VPN.

  1. Secure Public Wi-Fi

    With public Wi-Fi, you can access the Internet on the go. For this reason, nowadays, public networks have become a convenient means for many activities on the Internet. These include checking/replying to emails, exchanging messages, or watching a video. Some users even go to the extent of using it for making transactions.

    All these activities necessitate you to log in to your accounts. There are chances that a stranger with malicious intent could get into your device or use the data linked with your accounts.

    A VPN hides your identity by concealing your browsing history, passwords of your user accounts, and payment information. In other words, it gives you complete security even when you are online on public Wi-Fi.

  2. The Anonymity Of Browsing History

    Other than strangers, sometimes your ISP may also peep into your activities. Upon detecting a data-intensive activity on their network, they may slow down your internet connection speed to prevent congestion. Be it watching a video or downloading a file, or any other activity, slow internet speed can be a source of both inconvenience and annoyance to both of you.

    A VPN creates an end-to-end encrypted network so that your ISP doesn’t track your activities online. This means that you get anonymity to engage in all kinds of online activities without slowing down, no matter how much data they consume.

  3. Overcoming Geo-restrictions

    Subscribing to a streaming service lets you stream audio or video content in your location. A subscription to the services of a popular streaming service provider, such as Netflix, and being in your location means you can enjoy your preferred sporting and multimedia content. But what happens when you go to another location?

    Most providers have licensing agreements due to which they stream a specific piece of content to the users of select locations. This means that a piece of content available in a particular location may not be available in another location. If you go to a location where a provider’s streaming service is not available, you could be at a disadvantage.

    There are ways to address this problem, though. A VPN service can help you with it. By bouncing your data and redirecting it through servers, it creates a virtual IP address. It hides your actual location and gives the impression to a provider that you are in a location where their streaming services are available.

  4. Protection To Devices

    Going online without any security puts your device at the risk of being hacked by cybercriminals. They generally target the path that your device uses for sending and receiving data. They do so to get into a device on a network.

    A VPN service deters cybercriminals or hackers from targeting devices by protecting the data sent and received by a device.

  5. Internet Freedom

    Are you under the surveillance of government agencies? A VPN service, which does not log your data, can help you overcome the monitoring of governmental agencies. This way, you can enjoy internet freedom even as you are under the strict monitoring of such departments.

  6. Discount On Air Tickets And Online Shopping

    The fact that you would want discounts on online shopping and air tickets is a no-brainer. With a VPN for online shopping, you can mask your actual location by using the virtual IP address of another location. This will give the website trackers the impression that you are in a location where their offers and discounts are available.

Final Thoughts

There are several benefits of browsing the Internet through a VPN. You might want to reap these benefits while browsing the Internet. Using a VPN is legal in most countries which constitutes a good reason for using it. If you haven’t used a VPN yet, think about using it now!

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