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16:35  01 september  2021
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Responsible students pay a lot of attention to their workplace. It can greatly motivate us or, on the contrary, distract us from learning. Let’s face it: it is difficult to concentrate when the desktop is a mess, and stacks of magazines or sweets attract you more than math homework.

The same is true about our computer - it also has to be properly organized for us to study harder. Of course, some programs are simply irreplaceable. With a user-friendly interface, you can easily finish assignments on time without being distracted. In this article, we have collected tips on how to turn your Windows PC into the most comfortable learning environment.

Download Pomodoro Timer

We often lose track of time sitting in front of a screen. Checking email inbox, going through new YouTube recommendations, browsing Facebook notifications - all this could take half the time you planned to devote to learning. In this case, Pomodoro's time management technique is an excellent solution.

How does it work?

  • Make a list of tasks;
  • Set a timer for 25 minutes and start working;
  • Later, you will have a 5-minute break;
  • After every 4 sessions you will have a half-hour break.

The software has a lot of advantages. You have less risk of distraction, plus you can get more done in less time because the frames are tough.

Another great thing is that you can adjust the technique to suit your rhythm and needs (prolong the study sessions or break if you are going for lunch). The Pomodoro Technique is most likely to work for you if you are to finish a rather monotonous activity - for example, writing a coursework.

However, sometimes even being extra organized doesn’t help to get good grades.

Lots of things influence our productivity: relationships with friends, family business, health issues, etc. Probably, the best solution is to find a professional coursework writing service and free yourself from stressing over grades and deadlines. Outsourcing school papers is getting more popular these days as the number of tasks we face each day increases.

Grammarly as a Windows Program and Browser Extension

When we are tired or in a hurry, we can make mistakes that we simply don’t notice. As a result, important papers contain errors that, unfortunately, can decrease your grade. To always write correctly, download Grammarly.

When used as an app, it finds mistakes in the file you uploaded. And as an extension, Grammarly monitors everything you write in the browser, be it an email, something on social media, or any other website. When you make a mistake, the Grammarly icon turns red. Then you need to click on the word to see the correct spelling.

Google Plugins Can Save You Time

Our email inboxes always have something to surprise us: promotional emails, endless newsletters, reminders from social networks, and invitations to events. But before you dive into them for an hour or more, note that there are plugins that allow you to do all the necessary things without having to go to the mail.

  • Google Mail Checker is an amazing option if you want to avoid the risk of installing third-party extensions;
  • Checker Plus for Gmail allows you to reply to emails without logging into your mail;
  • With Notifier for Gmail, you can read emails, reply to them or even block them right inside the plugin;
  • Mailtrack for Gmail lets you know if the recipient has read your email.

Google Keep

If you are used to taking notes only on your phone or journal, it's time to try taking them on your computer. With Google Keep, you can write down anything – list of books or homework, plans, photos, and voice memos. Moreover, you can share everything recorded with your friends. What's also interesting is that Google Keep will automatically convert voice memos to text.

Other benefits include:

  • Editing notes together with your friends in real time;
  • To find the note you need, just enter your query in the search box;
  • Google Keep is available on the web page, and thanks to synchronization, your data will be on your phone, laptop, etc, no matter what device you use;
  • Setting up a reminder for a particular task.

Say Bye to Ads

You are looking for information for a report, and annoying ads pop up on web pages over and over again? Block them with one of the ad blocker plugins.

  • Ghostery is an extension that blocks services that collect user data;
  • Adblock Plus is the most famous ad blocker tested by millions of pleased users all over the world;
  • uBlock Origin protects you not only from unwanted ads, but also from the collection of data by third-party services.

Block Social Media While You Are Studying

Many extensions allow you not to visit sites that consume time and energy as if they were a black hole. One of them is Self-Control, designed to block all unnecessary web resources.

It's simple to use: you add certain sites to the "black list" and set a timer. But, before you click "OK", note that even restarting your computer and deleting the extension will not help.

StayFocusd is another option. It works differently: here, you don't need to add specific sites to the list. All you need to do is set a time limit for using a site (say 20 minutes for Twitter or 30 minutes for Facebook). Half an hour later you will lose access to it.

Use the Right Music

Some students are more productive when the right music is turned on, be it Chopin, Celtic sounds, or Lo-Fi beats. Listening to them on YouTube may not be convenient because of the ads and pauses, so why not start using Spotify? Although you need to pay for using it, there are so many fantastic playlists that it’s really worth it. The music will set you in the mood and bring the energy you need to manage it all.

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