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Every Monday we look to an urgent topic of the working world in the career briefing for our pro member. Today it's about unpleasant job interviews. The impulse give BraintEaser.

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Dear Readers, how was your worst job interview? Was there a croped boss? Did you wait for you forever? Or was you tormented with bizarre questions? As good as everyone and every working person has probably learned about such experiences in his working life in the course of an application process. Above all, strange behavioral and logic issues are always reported more frequently. An example: "How is the giraffe in the fridge?" The simplest answer is: "Door on, giraffe in." This question, which most people probably know as a joke issue from childhood, will report according to Personnel managers used. The goal: HR managers use these confusing tasks to check creative and analytical thinking. But how meaningful these so-called brainteer are really? BraintEaser often say more about personal the answer is not easy. Because actually, there are such and such questions. While the question of the giraffe in the refrigerator probably can be stamped as stupid as stupid, as there is probably no job in which the answer expresses something about the abilities of an applicant or a candidate, this can look different in the so-called primary pizza exercise . Auditors such as McKinsey and PWC Questions

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according to: "What can be the reason that the sales of the pizza service, great pizza" breaks down the turnover, although the concept has not been changed at all? "Who is now advised has lost. What the personnel managers test in case studies is rather whether queries are asked. Here is whether applicants are able to learn more about a problem and thus come to the core of the thing.

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that in most cases no meaningful or work-relevant Skills were compared by the brainteer used, but an increased level of narcissism and sadism was decisive for the use of the question. You wanted to exercise power and see an applicant sweat. More about

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What should be applying to do so if you even get into such a conversation? My tip: stay calm firstly. BraintEaser count, as already mentioned, to the behavioral and logic questions. Even if the meaning of the question will not be clear, then job seekers can at least true their face by not falling in hustle and bustle. Reaching in stressful situations is always an advantage. Basically, there is no personal answers here anyway. Who can improvise drafts on Brainteaser, has already won a lot. Who then even analytically and creative, has the nose in each case. And who then says he feels this questioning technique as uncomfortable, and then draws a negative conclusion to the possible corporate culture, is probably not wrong: you do not have to join all nonsense!

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