Technology On the eve of the take-offs, the first private passengers of Spacex are serene

07:20  15 september  2021
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NASA chooses Spacex for its mission to Europe, the icy moon of Jupiter

 NASA chooses Spacex for its mission to Europe, the icy moon of Jupiter © AFP Photo / Kim Shiflett / NASA A FALCON HEAVY rocket of Spacex company at John F. Kennedy Space Center, Florida, June 24 2019. NASA announced Friday to have chosen Spacex for its planned trip to Europe, icy moon of Jupiter. A beautiful $ 178 million contract for the company of ELON MUSK billionaire. It's a Space X rocket that will take the next American astronauts to Europe, Jupiter icy moon.

A la veille du décollage, les premiers passagers privés de SpaceX sont sereins © Patrick T. Fallon On the eve of the take-off, the first private passengers of Spacex are serene

the weather seems cooperative, the passengers are ready to leave: The first Spacex spatial tourists have presented a serene face Tuesday, on the eve of their take-off for an outstanding trip of three days in orbit around the Earth.

"No douility, impatient to leave!", Assured the American billionaire Jared Isaacman, questioned his state of mind at a press conference at the Kennedy Space Center of Nasa, Florida.

In the background, behind the four passengers of this mission called inspiration4, sat down the huge Falcon 9 rocket in which they must board, on the mythical launch area 39a from which the first men were moving on the moon.

Advertising Satellite: Soon you can buy advertising in All - with Dogecoin

 Advertising Satellite: Soon you can buy advertising in All - with Dogecoin The Canadian Geometric Energy Corporation wants to advertise on a satellite in all with Spacex-Support. The spots should be paid with crypto currencies like Dogecoin. © Spacex Start a Falcon 9 rocket from Spacex. early May, shortly after Spacex boss Elon Musk had sent the Dogecoin course on descent , the Canadian company Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC) draws attention with a Dogecoin-funded satellite project , where she works with Spacex .

"If there is tone, it's good toulee," Hayley Arnesaux, 29-year-old medical assistant. "I just look forward to being tomorrow."

Chris Sembroski, ancient 42-year-old American air force, even compared the experience at a motorhome trip - the dragon capsule in which they will live only 8m high over 4m in diameter . "You wrap up (a sleeping bag) not to float one in the others during the night!" He joked.

All assured to get along well, even if they did not know each other before the start of their training, only about six months ago. Jared Isaacman, who has chalved the mission at his expense, has indeed chosen three anonymous to join him.

"Since the announcement, every day has been the most beautiful day of my life," said Sian Proctor, 51-year-old Earth Sciences Professor, who will be the first African-American providing the pilot position. Spatial flight.

Emine, she told having discussed with the former first lady of the United States Michelle Obama on the phone Tuesday. "We had a great conversation, those who stay in you for all your life."

Takeoff must take place from 20:02 (00:02 GMT Thursday).

For the moment, the weather looks favorable, said Benji Reed, responsible for inhabited flights at Spacex.


Inspiration4 benefactor-commander under quarantine with COVID-19-positive family .
US-SPACE-EXPLORATION-INSPIRATION4-CORONAVIRUS:Inspiration4 benefactor-commander under quarantine with COVID-19-positive family(Reuters) - Days after completing his historic ride into space as part of the first all-civilian crew to reach Earth orbit, billionaire e-commerce mogul and mission commander Jared Isaacman is back at home, and unexpectedly back in quarantine.

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