Technology SSD with up to 4 terabytes: Sony donates PS5 More storage space

15:00  15 september  2021
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Sony has announced a global playstation update, thanks to the user: inside the PS5 can expand the internal storage space of your console by up to four terabytes.

PS5: Bis zu vier Terabyte zusätzlicher SSD-Speicher möglich. © Sony PS5: Up to four terabytes of additional SSD memory possible.

The PS5 offers players: inside only around 667 gigabytes internal storage space - too little for intense games of multiple load games. Since April, PlayStation users can start: Inside new, memory-eating games via USB, starts directly from an external hard disk or SSD. However, the solution has not yet proved to be very practical. With the global update announced for Wednesday, memory issues should belong to PS5 and PS4 of the past. Because Sony shuts off the internal SSD slot.

Sony turns handheld console vita the cock from

 Sony turns handheld console vita the cock from on the playstation for the pocket divorce the ghosts. Sony has now published the last games for the unloved child. The Deadline for Game Developers clearly points to the end. © Taner Muhlis Karaguzel / Shutterstock The title selection of PS Vita stood in call, very "nieschig". Japanese games were strong in the majority. Actually, Sony wanted to say goodbye much earlier from the portable Playstation, but the outcry of the community was great. But the group can not be stopped by his plans.

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ps5: until Add to 4 Terabytes Additional Storage

This allows users to install internal SSD hard drives now. Their potential additional storage space amounts to 250 gigabytes to four terabytes. So far, the extension was only participants: in a beta program possible. The installation of the SSD should be so easy that you can make it yourself - if a few important things are considered.

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In a blog entry, Sony Specifies Concrete specifications for the SSD and the installation : First, an M-2 SSD should be used, a so-called High Speed ​​Solid State Drive, which needs to meet some minimum requirements. Thus, the sequential reading speed should be at least 5,500 megabytes per second. The SSD should be a maximum of 25 millimeters wide and 11.25 millimeters thick. The length can be between 30 and 110 millimeters. In it, however, the additionally necessary heat sinks should be included.

games Play and save

Page1 Afterwards, PS5 and PS4 games and media apps can be stored and played directly on the additional memory. This is especially beneficial for large games such as Call of Duty, FIFA or Destiny 2, which can already prove 200 gigabyte storage space during complete installation.

With SONSY SONDY update, the library now displays the current PS4 and PS5 versions of Games well recognizably separately. Further changes are available in the Control Center, with the social features and trophies. In addition, the PS5 supports 3D audio sound for integrated TV speakers. The acoustics can measure users: inside according to Sony with the microphone of your dualSense wireless controller.

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