Technology Google Top 3: These are the most soughtest hairstyles of Stars

16:40  16 september  2021
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As soon as the hairdressing date is, you are looking for the latest hairstyle trends and trendy hair colors of the stars. Are you known? If you are looking for Google as well, you are not alone. On the contrary: Most of them first click on the number 1 of the search engines, because they also scan inspiration platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram.

Das sind die gefragtesten Frisuren der Stars Getty Images © Getty Images These are the most soughtest hairstyles of Stars Getty Images

The website Tajmeeli has the worldwide English-language searches of the Google users (the number of search results is of course much higher) of the last twelve months analyzed to the Internationally sought-after hairstyles of female stars to give you.

Saved by the Bell's Tiffani Thiessen Critiques Her Most Famous Hairstyles

  Saved by the Bell's Tiffani Thiessen Critiques Her Most Famous Hairstyles Saved by the Bell's Tiffani Thiessen Critiques Her Most Famous Hairstyles : Video Next brings Us to the star’s nostalgic up-do featuring face-framing tendrils. “Oh, yeah, the up-do,” Thiessen laughs, reflecting on the red carpet event from 1990. “I still have that dress in my closet. The dress was a little risqué. I felt like I was showing a lot of my back.” Perhaps, most iconically, she debuted blonde hair in 2001. “I fell in love with it, she said. “I loved being blonde. I kept it for quite some time, and then I ended up going blonde again for my wedding.

The top 3 of the most sought-after star hairstyles 1st place 1: Billie Eilish

at the top is singer Billie Eilish, whose hair was searched for around 188.400 times last year. The musicidol has become known with neon green highlights , which has exchanged it in the past year against an platinum blond Shag . In fact, there were around 60,000 searches for "Billie Eilish Green Hair" over the past 12 months alone. Certainly: The 19-year-old inspired us to trust at the hairdresser more and to try out eye-catching hair color combinations. Bravo!

2nd place: Selena Gomez

On the deserved second place follows Selena Gomez with its enviable beautiful mane. Hair experiments are also not awarded the 29-year-old: from Cool 70s bangs , over the 90s praise or even an Mullet - Each hair style looks straight a grandiose. No wonder so that the trademark of the singer and actress, her dark hair, was searched for 175,200 times last year. Where a total of 51,600 search queries were specifically after "Selena Gomez Short Hair".

Place 3: Ariana Grande

on the third place Landed Ariana Grande: After her hair, a total of 170,400 times have been searched in the last twelve months. And that, although it is known especially for a hairstyle: her characteristic high ponytail . Maybe therefore, about 34,800 times was searched for "Ariana Grande Hair Down". After all, everyone would like to know how the 28-year-old looks with open hair.

to know interesting: In the evaluation, the most popular hairstyle types for each celebrity were broken down. With more than half of the search queries, after a short haircuts, was grounded.

These hairstyles allow Herzogin Kate Strentier vs. Modern action .
each look, which Herzogin Kate is sold out in the zero comman. The beautiful Britin is really all! Nevertheless, there are some hairstyles , which are less flattering for Kate. We show you which Styles the Duchess strictly and even more older - and which hairstyles are better. © Getty Images Important part of Duchess Kates Noble Looks: The right hairstyle. Some hairstyles leave younger, but others are also older at a glance: hairstyles, the Duchess Kate Strentier vs..

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